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Realdollshub is a professional sex doll store authorized by a well-known doll brand. We provide over 1500 realistic TPE and silicone sex dolls and sex doll customized services, including popular anime sex dolls, male sex dolls, and mini sex dolls. Whether it's a life-size sex doll or related products like extra sex doll heads, lingerie, or cosplay costumes, we can always fulfill all your fantasies!

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As a professional sex doll vendor, we have been providing high-quality sex dolls and considerate services for many doll lovers. Realdollshub has been recognized by mainstream doll factories on the market which have high expectations of us. We are honored to be trusted by these mainstream high-end sex doll brands, and we will continue to provide the best quality products and services to all doll lovers! Realdollshub is always your reliable love doll agent!

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All ready sex doll photos are from real orders and real customers. Photos and videos confirmed with you by email before ship. Realdollshub guarantees what you see is what you get. Let us know if you want to see more actual sex doll pictures.
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  • Dec 1, 2023 Lifelike! Discover The Alluring Sex Doll Head That Are Stunning

    Exploring the mysterious charm of sex doll heads: How to enhance the experience of the world of sexual fantasy? From cleaning and maintenance to personalized selection, sex doll heads bring unparalleled visual and erotic experiences. These exquisite designs are not only the perfect combination of technology and aesthetics, It is the key to a new realm.

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  • Nov 30, 2023 Beginner's Guide: How Should I Choose My First Sex Doll?

    Personalization allows you to create a unique and perfect companion. Whether you're looking for companionship, erotic exploration, or intimate interaction, these dolls have you covered. We'll answer your questions about poses, sizes, and material differences to help you learn more about this fascinating field!

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  • Nov 29, 2023 Should Not be Missed! Important Reasons Why Big-Ass Sex Doll Are Popular

    Explore the world of sex dolls, with a variety of fascinating choices. From the big-butt sex dolls that men love to various personalized models, each style can inspire inner desires. Unlike ordinary choices, plump butts give men comfort Feeling, and special pleasure...

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  • Nov 28, 2023 When a Unique Alien Sex Doll Appears on the Doll Market, Will it Arouse Your Interest?

    Explore a mysterious and whimsical world! The sex doll market is ever-changing, ranging from common models to stunning alien and fantasy characters. No longer limited to realistic beauties or teenage models, there are now elves, aliens, vampires, and other characters from fictional worlds such as comics and fairy tales. . .

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  • Nov 27, 2023 Black Friday Special Week! Brand New Sex Doll & Limited-Time Promotion Online!

    Get excited for the annual Black Friday shopping festival! Many sex doll brands have released amazing offers and the latest silicone dolls, allowing us to enjoy discounts, find our ideal partner, choose our favorite style and features, and add fun and companionship to our lives! Come and see what interesting news we have this week!

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  • Nov 24, 2023 What's it Like to Have Sex With a Full-Size Sex Doll?

    Discover the realism of a full-size sex doll! With their amazingly realistic look and feel, silicone dolls are a popular choice for those looking for the ultimate experience. These high-quality dolls are made from medical-grade materials to simulate the feel and look of a real person, with special attention to Soft and comfortable details.

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  • Nov 23, 2023 Pull Your Trigger! Choose an Affordable Asian Sex Doll

    When choosing a love doll, just like choosing fashion clothing, the key is to find a style that matches your personal preferences and fantasies. Some people love Asian sex dolls, which are designed with the characteristics of oriental beauty as inspiration, with delicate skin color, exquisite facial features, and a figure full of oriental charm.

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  • Nov 23, 2023 How to Use the Lifelike Sex Doll that are so Popular Among Adult Products?

    Sex dolls, like real partners, add spice to a stable relationship and make alone time full of pleasure. The realistic touch seems to recreate the figure of a beautiful woman, creating a satisfying and immersive experience.

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"TPE" which stands for "Thermoplastic Elastomer". A new kind of plastic material that absolutely safe for humans. Extremely soft and comfortable to cuddle up. Lifelike real TPE sex dolls are the choice of most sex doll lovers. TPE dolls are a lot cheaper than silicone dolls, yet they have the same realistic feel. If you are a beginner at sex dolls, we recommend you start with TPE dolls. You won't disappoint.
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The luxury series of sex dolls. For a realistic sex doll experience, silicone dolls feature an extremely accurate face and bone structure. Their sexual parts, such as breasts and vagina, are often made with softer material, and their facial features tend to look more beautiful. You can even see the skin spots and blood vessels because silicone material can be molded and sculptured finer. They cost a little more and are generally more rigid.
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You wanna have a sex doll with hyper-real facial detail, a soft and smooth body but at a low price at once? The hybrid doll is definitely your best choice! The silicone head has exquisite permanent makeup, real skin texture and can be manually hair transplanted according to your preferences. Combined with the soft TPE body, you can not only enjoy the realistic face but also the comfortable touch that TPE brings to your body. It is simply the best combination in the world!

How does sex dolls feel like?

The touch of the sex doll's skin is as soft as a baby, especially after applying talcum powder, it is just as silky as milk! You can even smell a faint fragrance after bathing her. Big breasts, thin waist, long legs, always stimulate your senses and fantasies. The sex doll can take various poses according to your preferences, whether it is passionate sex or sitting still, she always can bring you different enjoyment!

How to have sex with a sex doll?

Hugging & Kissing: We take pleasure in providing the highest quality sex dolls to help you realize your desires. Our sex dolls are composed of medical-grade TPE and silicone, which are both soft, plump, and highly lifelike.
Vaginal Canal: The highlight of the encounter is vaginal sex! The vagina is made to resemble that of a woman, and you may choose your favorite from the many possibilities offered. Why not slip your rock-hard dick inside and experience the sensation?
● Mouth: What about ahead? For a genuine oral experience, sex dolls are made to have a realistic mouth with teeth, a tongue, and a deep throat. A lifelike sex doll might genuinely suck you like a real lady, with a sprinkle of premium lubrication is much better.

● Anal: We will not forget about the anal lovers! Your ultimate sex doll comes with an anatomically realistic, incredibly tight anus. It's a completely different experience than the vaginal, but yes, You can slap the big ass shaking in front of you during sex.

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