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Realdollshub is a professional sex doll store authorized by a well-known doll brand. We provide over 1500 realistic TPE and silicone sex dolls and sex doll customized services, including popular anime sex dolls, male sex dolls, and mini sex dolls. Whether it's a life-size sex doll or related products like extra sex doll heads, lingerie, or cosplay costumes, we can always fulfill all your fantasies!

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The new sex doll era has arrived?! ZELEX just releasedthe latest Inspiration Series full silicone sex doll! What's new?! True restoration of oral structure! Durable human-like skin details! Softer breasts! Kneadable butt! Removable vagina! This is how silicone sexdoll be like! (Only for 170cm/5ft7 silicone dolls currently.)
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Get ready for a detailed unboxing of the Seraphine Sex Doll, a lifelike creation from the renowned brand Starpery, inspired by the popular League of Legends character, Seraphine. 👉 In this video, we'll show you everything you need to know about this doll, from what's included in the box, to the thoughtful gifts that come with it. We'll also give you an up-close look at the doll's realistic and soft features, as well as demonstrate how to properly install and dress her up. Make sure you stick around till the end for a surprise! If you're a fan of League of Legends or just a doll enthusiast, you won't want to miss out on this amazing unboxing experience. Our video will take you on a journey through the intricate details of this exquisite doll, and you'll see firsthand the level of craftsmanship that goes into each one. From the doll's stunning features to the high-quality materials used, we'll give you an in-depth look at what makes the Seraphine Silicone Doll so special. So sit back, relax, and join us as we explore the world of Starpery's Seraphine Real Doll. And don't forget to hit the subscribe button to stay up-to-date with all our latest content and unboxing videos! PS: The default $1749 package is a soft TPE body with a realistic hard silicone head. If you pursue realism and details, it is recommended that you upgrade to a full silicone body. -------------------------------------------------------------- 🔔 Thanks for subscribing! About us: 🏆Realdollshub is a pro sex doll vendor that provides you with more than 1000+ high-end TPE/Silicone sex dolls, male sex doll, sex robots, anime sex doll, mini sex doll, sex doll torso, and silicone sex doll to choose from! Realdollshub is an authorized vendor of top sex doll brands such as WM Doll, Game Lady Doll, Zelex Doll, Irontech Doll, etc. Whether it is the hottest silicone sex doll, male sex doll, anime sex doll, or mini sex doll
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League Of Legends Cosplay Jinx Sex Doll & Vi Display by Funwest Doll. Lifesize Jinx & Vi TPE Real Doll/Figure Display! #jinx #vi #leagueoflegends #jinxcosplay #vicosplay #funwestdoll #realdollshub Funwest Doll Jinx sex doll is 1:1 production according to the game character Jinx in the popular video game League of Legends. Funwest Doll JInx sex doll is made of medical grade TPE material. Jinx sex doll has soft gel-filled boobs, plump ass, and smooth touching skin! Jinx sex doll come with super realistic body detailing and face make up. Even the pores of the skin and the blood vessels on the body are clearly visible! The Funwest Doll 1:1 Jinx real doll is available for sexual function as well! She got a soft open mouth head is optionable and good for oral sex. The alloy skeleton, jaw and finger bones allow the Jinx real doll to pose in different ways you like. Just like a real person. Jinx love doll will bring you an amazing sexual experience! The Funwest League of Legends 5 Jinx sex doll is your good choice whether it is for collection or sexual use! -------------------------------------------------------------- *Check out our site for more amzing sex dolls* 👉 -------------------------------------------------------------- 🔔 Thanks for subscribing! About us: 🏆Realdollshub is a pro sex doll vender that provides you with more than 1000+ high-end TPE/Silicone sex dolls, male sex doll, sex robots, anime sex doll, mini sex doll, sex doll torso, and silicone sex doll to choose from! Realdollshub is an authorized vendor of top sex doll brands such as Funwest Doll, WM Doll, Game Lady Doll, Zelex Doll, Irontech Doll, etc. Whether it is the hottest silicone sex doll, male sex doll, anime sex doll, or mini sex doll, you always can find it at! Shop the best sex doll at! Contact us: 🌐 Website: 📱 WhatsApp: +86 191-5494-6268 📞 Phone: +1(361)813-0910 💌 Email:
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Tifa Mouth Open Soft Silicone Sex Doll, FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE Tifa Cosplay 1:1 Life-Size Figure/Garage Kit! Game Lady Tifa Sex Doll with 167cm/5ft5 silicone body. The full silicone body come with ultra-realistic details, skin textures, blood vessels and ultra-soft breasts and buttocks! Except for the ultra-realistic detailing. The mouth open Tifa doll come with complete oral structure and Oral Sex function. The soft-headed version of Tifa is made of soft silicone material, with thrush and sticky eyelashes, a movable chin (open mouth, close mouth), with a complete oral structure, the deepest part of the mouth is soft silicone, which will not directly touch hard and hard during oral sex The teeth of the Soft Tifa head are also made of soft silicone, and the oral cavity is a horizontal channel, so during oral sex, the eyeballs will not be squeezed and deformed. ***For more information please visit*** 👉
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Are you also curious about what the hottest Tifa sex doll actually looks like?This is a video of Final Fantasy Tifa Lockhart Sex Doll Unbox & Using Guide! 👉 Check out the new Game Lady Doll FF7 cosplay Tifa sex doll unbox video!
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Aerith Sex Doll FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE, Game Lady 168cm/5ft6 Full Silicone Aerith Real Love Doll. Life-size Aerith Soft Silicone Figure/Garage kit. ***For more information please visit*** 👉
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FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE Tifa Sex Doll, Game Lady 168cm/5ft6 Life-size Silicone Tifa Real Love Doll ***For more information please visit*** 👉
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Scrolling the internet as many of us do and I come across a company named real dolls hub. This company makes life size dolls and they made a tifa and aerith life size dolls which is crazy. The real kicker is that the dolls in question are adult dolls. Realdollshub have made tifa and aerith dolls and its insane! The prices of the dolls can exceed 3000 usd. I should at that this is not affliated with square enix. Should people be upset with these type of items that borrow the likeness of tifa lockhart and aerith gainsborough? ►End Screen Music by Rifti Beats ► ►Follow my twitter to stay updated ► ►Join The Discord ► ►Subscribe to Channel ► #finalfantasy7 #ff7remake #tifalockhart #aerithgainsborough #finalfantasy #realdollshub
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All ready sex doll photos are from real orders and real customers. Photos and videos confirmed with you by email before ship. Realdollshub guarantees what you see is what you get. Let us know if you want to see more actual sex doll pictures.
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As a professional sex doll vendor, we have been providing high-quality sex dolls and considerate services for many doll lovers. Realdollshub has been recognized by mainstream doll factories on the market which have high expectations of us. We are honored to be trusted by these mainstream high-end sex doll brands, and we will continue to provide the best quality products and services to all doll lovers! Realdollshub is always your reliable love doll agent!

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"TPE" which stands for "Thermoplastic Elastomer". A new kind of plastic material that absolutely safe for humans. Extremely soft and comfortable to cuddle up. Lifelike real TPE sex dolls are the choice of most sex doll lovers. TPE dolls are a lot cheaper than silicone dolls, yet they have the same realistic feel. If you are a beginner at sex dolls, we recommend you start with TPE dolls. You won't disappoint.
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The luxury series of sex dolls. For a realistic sex doll experience, silicone dolls feature an extremely accurate face and bone structure. Their sexual parts, such as breasts and vagina, are often made with softer material, and their facial features tend to look more beautiful. You can even see the skin spots and blood vessels because silicone material can be molded and sculptured finer. They cost a little more and are generally more rigid.
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You wanna have a sex doll with hyper-real facial detail, a soft and smooth body but at a low price at once? The hybrid doll is definitely your best choice! The silicone head has exquisite permanent makeup, real skin texture and can be manually hair transplanted according to your preferences. Combined with the soft TPE body, you can not only enjoy the realistic face but also the comfortable touch that TPE brings to your body. It is simply the best combination in the world!

How does sex dolls feel like?

The touch of the sex doll's skin is as soft as a baby, especially after applying talcum powder, it is just as silky as milk! You can even smell a faint fragrance after bathing her. Big breasts, thin waist, long legs, always stimulate your senses and fantasies. The sex doll can take various poses according to your preferences, whether it is passionate sex or sitting still, she always can bring you different enjoyment!

How to have sex with a sex doll?

Hugging & Kissing: We take pleasure in providing the highest quality sex dolls to help you realize your desires. Our sex dolls are composed of medical-grade TPE and silicone, which are both soft, plump, and highly lifelike.
Vaginal Canal: The highlight of the encounter is vaginal sex! The vagina is made to resemble that of a woman, and you may choose your favorite from the many possibilities offered. Why not slip your rock-hard dick inside and experience the sensation?
● Mouth: What about ahead? For a genuine oral experience, sex dolls are made to have a realistic mouth with teeth, a tongue, and a deep throat. A lifelike sex doll might genuinely suck you like a real lady, with a sprinkle of premium lubrication is much better.

● Anal: We will not forget about the anal lovers! Your ultimate sex doll comes with an anatomically realistic, incredibly tight anus. It's a completely different experience than the vaginal, but yes, You can slap the big ass shaking in front of you during sex.

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