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Reviews (1)
  • G****k
    Great product for a good price, but there’s a few things to note. While the standing feet are a great option, it doesn’t really work. At least for me it doesn’t, if you put some socks and shoes on then it kinda does. But would recommend leaning against something, or just not stand at all. For gel breasts it’s important to note that gravity affects it pretty harshly so would recommend you get support for them. Overall a great product and feels great. I am very happy with her, and would recommend anyone thinking about it to just get it.
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Thank you very much for your sharing! Yes, you're absolutely right. Even though the doll can stand on its own, we don't recommend letting her stand alone. It's better to have her lean against an object, and prolonged standing is not advised. These insights are very helpful for other buyers. Thanks for your support!