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Mini Sex Dolls and Why They're the Best Gift to Mankind!

Nov 15, 2022
mini Sex Doll

The advent of the covid pandemic was a deeply uncertain time in peoples' lives. It really separated us from our loved ones and partner(s), and no intimacy existed in the first few months. The relentless pursuit of intimacy is what probably led to the surge in the sale of mini sex dolls in recent times. The popularity of mini sex dolls has increased to an unmatched level now. The new generation wants a mini sex doll to fulfil their needs and desires. Mini sex dolls have become a part of every sex toy lover's collection.

What are mini sex dolls?

Mini sex dolls are lifelike figures made of silicone or TPE. A mini sex doll resembles a normal sex doll in every respect except that they are smaller in shape and size. A mini sex doll or a realistic mini sex doll generally ranges from 65-100 cm. They come in a lot of varieties. A mini realistic sex doll is short, firm and petite. You also get all the features and assets of a normal sex doll in a mini realistic sex doll, and it's easier to carry too.

Why are mini sex dolls so popular?

Mini sex dolls are the talk of the town now. If you own a realistic mini sex doll on today's date, you certainly know how to have fun in a realistic way. They are trending as:

  • Mini sex dolls are fancier than fleshlights - Yes, they are. Fleshlights are just masturbatory aids that do nothing for your visual pleasure. Mini realistic sex dolls give you the satisfaction of doing sex the old-fashioned way, and not just into a cup or an orifice. Use your sex doll (mini) as you please, the fun is never going to die out.
  • Mini sex dolls are great for beginners - If you are looking to own a mini sex doll or a sex doll for the first time ever, go right ahead. A realistic mini sex doll is really easy to use and can be easily maintained too. There's no lengthy set of instructions for mini realistic sex dolls.
  • Mini sex dolls are compact - A realistic mini sex doll is only around 1 metre in length. It is compact and lightweight enough to carry around on trips and vacations. You can even take your realistic mini sex doll on the plane and through security.
  • Mini sex dolls cost less - Yes, they are easier to store as well cost less than normal sex dolls. For people with low budgets or specific kinks, mini sex dolls are ideal.

Top 5 mini sex dolls that are currently trending

We recommend that you check out the following realistic mini sex dolls:

mini Sex Doll

1. Mini Tifa Sex Doll: This doll is arguably the queen of mini sex dolls or realistic mini sex dolls. The Game Lady Doll is one of the best mini realistic sex dolls which has been modelled on classic game characters to fulfill all your fantasies. Cosplay with this realistic sex doll (mini) as you please. You can choose from Tifa or Aerith. For all mini sex doll lovers out there, this sex doll (mini) has an upgraded alloy skeleton. You can clean this mini realistic sex doll using body wash or soap.

  • Price - 4/5 (a bit expensive as compared to others)
  • Looks - 5/5 (genuine looks)
  • Personality - 5/5 (has realistic hair, etc.)
  • Built - 5/5 (has considerable flexibility)
  • Overall - 5/5

mini Sex Doll

2. Mini Marie Rose Sex Doll - This realistic sex doll, available at Realdollshub, is available with some rich customisations. This mini realistic sex doll even has a vagina to make your experience really pleasurable. Choose from a differing set of areolas available at Realdollshub, and customise it accordingly. It measures roughly 85 cm in height and is perfect for carrying with you. This realistic mini sex doll is modelled on the doll-faced superstar from Dead or Alive. Customers went especially wild after the launch of this mini sex doll.

  • Price - 4/5 (high-end mini sex doll)
  • Looks - 4/5 (looks could be better)
  • Personality - 4/5 (has removable eyes, and orifices)
  • Built - 5/5 (allows for a wide range of motion)
  • Overall - 4/5

mini Sex Doll

3. Mini Sex Doll Joyce - This mini sex doll retails on Realdollshub for $1449. It is extremely flexible and made from TPE. The skin on this mini realistic sex doll feels more real than ever. You even choose from a wide variety of toenail colours and skin colours available on the website of Realdollshub, if you want to own this mini sex doll. You get a USB heater and a set of clothes with this mini sex doll.

  • Price - 5/5 (extremely well-priced)
  • Looks - 5/5 (looks could be more accurate)
  • Personality - 5/5 (has realistic hair, skin tone, etc.)
  • Built - 4/5 (could do with a bit more flexibility)
  • Overall - 5/5

mini Sex Doll

4. Anime Sex Doll Jasmine - An anime mini sex doll has always been demanded by fans of the genre. Now, this realistic mini sex doll is available on Realdollshub for $1649, including shipping. You can customise this according to your needs to fulfill your crazy fantasies. This sex doll(mini) even has audio moaning equipment that can be purchased along with the doll.

  • Price - 3/5 (expensive than other toys of its genre)
  • Looks - 5/5 (looks really real)
  • Personality - 5/5 (can choose from different options for hair, skin, etc.)
  • Built - 3/5 (lacks flexibility)
  • Overall - 4/5

mini Sex Doll

5. Mini Sex Doll Zahara - This flat chested silicone mini sex doll looks like everybody's crush. It retails for $1849 on Realdollshub, a certified website for mini sex dolls. You can customise the areola size and colour to suit your tastes and preferences. It is made from TPE material, so go ahead and use it to satisfy all your kinky fantasies. This mini realistic sex doll won't give you any allergies. This sex doll (mini) has a length of around 100 cm and is very comfortable to carry around. Use it however and wherever you want.

  • Price - 3/5 (very high-end product)
  • Looks - 4/5 (looks good and appealing)
  • Personality - 4/5 (can customise toenail, areola size, etc.)
  • Built - 4/5 (has good flexibility)
  • Overall - 4/5

What are the customisations available for mini sex dolls? You can customise your sex doll (mini) according to your specific tastes and preferences these days. You choose from a wide range of hair colours and types available on the websites. You will be blown away by the sheer number of colours they offer for the customisation of the areola of your favourite sex doll. Choose from different areola sizes, toenails, body types etc. Remember, a sex doll (mini) is only as good as your fantasies.

Choose a vagina type of your liking, or choose a labia colour if you want. Some toys even have the additional feature of freckles and bikini sunburns. Honestly, as a sex toy user, I was amazed at all the exact customisations available for my sex doll (mini).

The amazing upgrades that you add to your mini sex doll!

Your mini sex dolls can be upgraded as per your requests and preferences. Along with all the customisations for your mini sex doll mentioned above, Your realistic sex doll now comes with moaning and other customisable upgrades that are available on Realdollshub for an extra payment. If you want your experience to be as close to a real one, opt for the moaning or the dialogue upgrade. Your sex doll (mini) will make noises and also respond to you. If you are tired of the regular, fluffy breasts, opt for the gel-filled ones.

My personal experience with a mini sex doll

RealdollsHub is a very popular retailer of mini sex dolls and realistic mini sex dolls all around the world. Usually, when I order a toy from Realdollshub, I cannot wait to get my hands on it. I unboxed the realistic mini sex doll I ordered with great care. Of course, I cleaned it before locking my door and getting down to using it. Honestly, the mini sex dolls feel great to handle and us. I orgasmed almost thrice while using it. The different orifices and transplants make for an almost lifelike experience. The upgrades and customisations only help you fulfil al your deepest fantasies and kinks without feeling weirded out. Be sure to clean them after every use with soap and water and dry them afterwards. For storing purposes, store your sex doll (mini) in a cool, dry place.


To be frank with you, I was hesitant about using mini sex dolls. I was afraid they would not turn out to be as great as the normal ones. After having used quite a few, I can safely say that mini sex dolls are worth all the hype around them. They are 21st-century versions of sex dolls- convenient to use, compact to store and transport. They come in various sizes, so be sure to check that out. I always order mine from Realdollshub, a verified retailer of all kinds of mini realistic sex dolls the on the internet. They even offer free shipping.

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