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A New Silicone Sex Doll Will be Delivered in March, and Your Experience Will be Upgraded!

Mar 11, 2024

Long time no see friends, it’s our news time again! It seems to be relatively quiet from the New Year until now, with no particularly active brands. Of course, the excitement of the New Year still seems to be haunting us. Although everyone is still slowly adapting to the rhythm of work or study, we still found some interesting things to share with you. The only new doll brand launched this week is Irontechdoll Doll, but the quality is very high, and it seems to have caused some excitement. In addition, some doll brands have launched related spring activities. I believe we will be able to see more new sex dolls in a while. So, come with us to see what interesting news this week has!

Irontech Doll

Irontech launched 6 new silicone sex dolls this week, namely silicone 169cm wheat skin + ROS-S29, S44, S45, S46, S47, and silicone 166cm normal skin + (new head shape) S49 Tanya Easter. The previous five dolls have the same body, but the difference lies in the head. They are designed with different styles of faces and have their unique hairstyles. But I feel like they all tend to be the cool type. To be honest, I like the S46 doll named Polly, it looks very punk. Smokey eyes also go well together, very charming and attractive. There are obvious differences between Tanya and the previous five dolls. The fair complexion and childish face are in line with the characteristics of Asian girls. It formed a strong contrast with her huge breasts and ass.

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So, that wraps up this week’s news! It's been another pretty quiet week, with a lot of sex doll brands keeping quiet. Maybe you are preparing to hold back a big move? However, we also saw quite a few new dolls and some spring sales! Stay tuned as we bring you the latest sex doll news!

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