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Are you suffering from waiting a long time to receive your doll? Are you still concerned about the cost of shipping and tariffs? I'm sure you're eager to get your sex dolls in a week! The "SEX DOLL IN STOCK" collection will be your perfect solution. These dolls were already made and transported to the Realdollshub warehouse. Simply make an order and it will be delivered within 2-7 working days! We carry the most popular sex dolls in stock in the United States, Canada, and Europe. In-stock sex dolls USA are only available for American customers; EU-stock dolls are good for most European countries like Germany and the UK.
However, these love dolls have already been manufactured. So, there are only a few options like eye color, and wigs are customizable. This is acceptable for customers who do not have high customization requirements and are not willing to wait a whole month. The point is these stock sex dolls are usually 10% cheaper than customized dolls! All brand new in perfect condiction! Our warehouse team will examine the dolls carefully and package them discreetly before shipping. 
Realdollshub will keep updating our stock to give you more choices! Please follow us and keep an eye out for our latest stock!

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  Get it Now! In-Stock Sex Dolls Delivered to You in 2-5 Days

Nowadays, with the popularity of adult products, sex dolls are also known and familiar to more people, and it also attracts a large number of sex doll lovers to join in, making sex dolls more and more popular. In general, there are generally two options for purchasing sex dolls: Custom Sex Dolls or In Stock Sex Dolls. Customized sex doll is order to make. You can choose advanced and rich customization options according to your preferences when purchasing, which will make your doll perfect. But this cycle can be erratic, sometimes it takes a few weeks to see your doll, and other times it can be a long wait of several months. (It depends on the difficulty of producing the doll, the efficiency of the manufacturer, and whether it is a holiday or other special circumstances.)

Pros Of Sex Doll in Stock

  • If you're still feeling anxious about waiting too long or worrying about high shipping costs and customs duties, Realdollshub recommends you choose in-stock sex dolls to ensure you get your doll faster. These sex dolls in stock are already made and shipped to the Realdollshub warehouse. You just need to place an order and you will receive it within 2-5 working days. You don't need to worry about whether the quality of the doll is deviated, we will check carefully before packing and shipping to ensure that your doll is intact and brand new until it is delivered to you. For people who want to get their dolls fast, choosing in-stock sex dolls is the best choice!
  • Choosing a sex doll in stock can bring convenience to some people who have difficulty choosing. If you are still hesitant and overwhelmed about how to customize the doll's head, then stock dolls are undoubtedly your best choice. Provide you with a more direct, fast and simple choice! despite this. The quality of the sex dolls in stock is still not inferior to that of pre-order dolls. We will provide the same manufacturing level, so you don't have to worry about whether the quality is passed. Wish you choose the most suitable partner for you in Realdollshub!

Cons Of Sex Doll in Stock

Since the sex dolls in stock are all finished high-quality dolls, we cannot provide you with rich customization services. You can't choose skin color, vagina type, implanted hair, etc. like custom dolls... It is recommended that you choose from the head, and wig when purchasing sex dolls in stock to ensure that you get a more unique doll!

Shop For Sex Dolls In Stock Near You

  • Sex Dolls USA
    The Realdollshub warehouse is located in Los Angeles, USA. Friends in the United States can buy immediately and enjoy the considerate service of fast and free delivery directly from Los Angeles. You just need to move your fingers, your doll will be delivered within 2-5 working days. Make sure your doll reaches you as quickly as possible, for those who want to have a doll urgently, this is definitely the fastest choice! Looking forward to your additional purchases to bring your beloved doll home!
  • Sex Doll Canada
    Realdollshub's second warehouse is located in Vancouver, Canada, and like Sex Doll USA, it will provide you with direct, fast, and free shipping. If you are right now at the height of your desires, don't hesitate! Please buy directly!
  • Sex Doll In Stock (Europe)
    Realdollshub's third warehouse is located in Germany, and Europe, and has various styles of sex dolls in stock. Whether it is Sex Dolls UK, Sex Doll France, or Sex doll Germany, it can be shipped to most European countries within 2-5 working days. It is worth mentioning that all the dolls in stock are made of high-quality silicone or TPE material, which not only retains the realistic appearance but also brings you a soft and realistic touch. So, friends in Europe can rest assured to choose the most suitable sex dolls in stock for you from Realdollshub!

Popular In-Stock Sex Dolls Recommendation

  • Inventory Tifa Sex Doll-Final Fantasy-Game Lady Doll
    Tifa is derived from the hot female character in the popular game "Final Fantasy". The height of 167cm ensures you have the best sex experience. The round breasts are in contrast to the slightly innocent facial expressions. Her bare waist outlines the graceful curves of her entire body. Lets you easily pose her in various poses. The default brunette wig matches her fair skin more. And the soft high-quality silicone used by Tifa makes it fully lifelike, you can lick, suck, and bite as much as you want! Tifa is ready to ship from the US warehouse at any time, isn't it exciting to have an intimate interaction with your favorite game characters?
  • Life-Size Asian Sex Doll Bonita - Zelex Doll
    Sophistication, fashion, and elegance are synonymous with the in-stock sex doll Bonita. The blond long hair in the middle is highly adaptable to Bonita's standard Asian face shape, making her look more charming and full of charm that only belongs to Asian women. Bonita's shaky bust and plump buttocks will let you experience a realistic and comfortable touch. A long red dress highlights her sexy figure. Imagine having sex with a high-end, stylish, classy sex doll, wouldn't it be rewarding? This doll will be your perfect companion!
  • Realistic Sex Doll Scarlett - Zelex Inspiration Collection
    The Scarlett with movable jaw has won the love of many sex doll lovers, providing a more safe and private outlet for your sexual desire. Scarlett's 170cm height and figure are very vivid and humane and are more in line with European and American aesthetics. You can put her in any pose you want. And the attributes of stock dolls make them super cost-effective. For those who want to save money but get dolls quickly, this is the best choice!

So, What Are You Waiting For? Buy In Stock Sex Doll Now!

Realdollshub offers you a varity of sex dolls in stock from different brands for you to choose from. We have sex doll warehouses in the US, Canada, and Europe. Dolls stocked in Realdollshub's US warehouses can only be shipped to customers within the US; EU stock can be shipped to most European countries. And it only takes 2-5 working days to bring your dream girl home! Buy early enjoy early! There are also many dolls that support easy customization. In addition to the existing dolls in stock, we will update the inventory list at any time. Please keep following us and we hope you can find your best soulmate in Realdollshub! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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