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ElsaBabe was founded in 2017 and with the strong ability to develop, design, and produce real sex doll in the whole process. ElsaBabe's development team has 20 years of experience in 3D animation and game project production in Japan, Europe, and the United States. ElsaBabe's sex dolls are designed by a professional team led by the animation, hentai and game director of TOEI ANIMATION Japan. Whether it is from clay sculpture to 3D model, from hair design to clothing style, etc. are ElsaBabe's strengths. ElsaBabe is committed to bringing Japanese beautiful anime girls to the real world and to letting doll lovers get their favorite goddesses at the lowest price!

It is worth mentioning that all ElsaBabe anime sex doll is made of food-grade platinum silicone material. Safe and non-toxic, you can do whatever you want with her! !

If you are looking for premium and cost-effective hentai sex dolls & anime sex dolls, then you must not miss ElsaBabe!

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The Ultimate Guide to ElsaBabe Doll

ElsaBabe sex doll
  1. About Elsababe Doll
  2. Top International Standards
  3. Customer Feedback Pictures
  4. Different types of Two-dimensional Anime Sex Doll
  5. Cosplay Sex Doll
  6. Orgasm Face Sex Doll
  7. Elf Sex Doll
  8. Fantasy Beast Sex Doll
  9. 5 Different Breasts Types are Available
  10. 5 Types of Vagina Channels
  11. Movable Eyes
  12. Jelly Gel Breasts
  13. Rich Customization Services
  14. More Poses and Body Types Avaliable
  15. Elsababe Free Gift Package

About Elsababe Doll

Elsababe established in 2017. Its development team has 20 years of experience in 3D animation and game project production in Japan and Europe and the United States. Elsababe sex dolls are designed by the director of animation and games at Toei Animation in Japan, personally leading the team. Elsababe is dedicated to providing platinum-grade TPE sex dolls for doll enthusiasts around the world, aiming to bring the beautiful and cute anime-style sex doll girls to the real world.

From clay sculptures to 3D models, from hairstyle design to clothing style, from model texturing to Japanese-style makeup, the Elsababe team excels in every aspect. The hyper-realistic replicas make you feel as if you are in a fantastic anime world. Their petite and perfect doll-like figures, along with their flawless doll-like faces, make men all over the world crave them.

Elsababe's goal is to allow customers to obtain their dream goddess with the highest quality at the lowest price. You will feel the team's ingenuity in the subtle curves of the product design, and feel our meticulous care and attention to detail in the product experience. Elsababe's products are worth your expectation.

ElsaBabe Doll

Top International Standards

All of Elsababe's products are made with food-grade platinum silicone materials. This ensures the safest and most reassuring experience for our customers, as all of our products are certified non-toxic and completely safe.

ElsaBabe Doll

Customer Feedback Pictures

The above photos are all from the feedback pictures of our real customer orders. Without any PS processing, it is used to show you the most realistic appearance of Elsababe dolls, ensuring that what you see is what you get. In addition, after the doll is finished, we will email you the photos and videos of your doll as soon as possible for confirmation, and we will arrange delivery only after you are satisfied and confirm that everything is correct.

ElsaBabe Doll
ElsaBabe Doll

Different types of Two-dimensional Anime Sex Doll

Similarly, Elsababe dolls bring your favorite 2D sexual fantasy to life! We have many different types of fantasy sex dolls for you to browse, fulfilling your wildest fantasies. Choose from cosplay, elves, animal girls, and anime sex dolls with orgasmic faces!

Cosplay Sex Doll

The first type is the most popular cosplay sex doll, featuring well-known characters such as the Dragon Ball Android, the cute blue-haired maid Rem from Re:Zero, and ONE PIECE's Nami sex doll, waiting for you to explore!

ElsaBabe Doll

Orgasm Face Sex Doll

Passionate and captivating, in the face of such seductive and lifelike sex dolls, it's hard to resist! So you can enjoy a pleasant night with the voluptuous Suzumi, the young girl Hanasaki, and the Asian sex doll Yukina.

ElsaBabe Doll

Elf Sex Doll

Elsababe brings the dreamy fey dolls from your favorite fantasy movies to the real world. These dolls have beautiful long ears, flawless doll faces, and exquisite makeup. With their lithe, slender and flexible bodies, our fey dolls can transform into any woman you desire, anytime and anywhere.

ElsaBabe Doll

Fantasy Beast Sex Doll

These Fantasy Beast Sex Dolls are just like the sexy characters you see in video games. You can never meet these ladies in real life, only in your fantasies. Elsababe can provide you with fantastic Beast Sex Dolls, such as dogs, cats, and rabbits.. If you are interested in having sexual intercourse with animals, these Beast Sex Dolls can fully satisfy you.

ElsaBabe Doll

5 Different Breasts Types are Available

Elsababe Doll offers options for sex dolls with 5 different breast sizes, typically made from medical-grade platinum TPE material. The endless possibilities for pleasure depend on your specific preferences, allowing you to choose the doll you like and select the breast size that suits you best, creating a customized sex doll that is exclusively yours. And you have to know how to choose the perfect breast type for your sex doll.

ElsaBabe Doll

5 Types of Vagina Channels

Without a doubt, the sex doll's vaginal canal is one of the core functional areas of the product. Therefore, Elsababe has customized the canal to provide a variety of shapes, sizes, and types of luxurious and stimulating sex doll canals. You can experience a unique sense of passion and fantasy from the creative design of Elsababe's sex doll vagina. Pick a vagina that you like best, as indicated in the product description.

ElsaBabe Doll

Movable Eyes

The dolls under Elsababe all have movable eyes that look like the pupils of anime characters. Therefore, you can move her eyes to any direction you want.

ElsaBabe Doll

Jelly Gel Breasts

Jelly Gel Breasts is a very soft and lascivious version of breasts that have a very jiggly shake. The texture is soft and pliable, and it easily bounces back when pressure is applied. Its design is like real body fat, which means it has the most natural subtle movement during sexual intercourse. 

ElsaBabe Doll

Rich Customization Services

The Elsababe Doll company has a range of production technologies and design patents. In order to offer rich customization services that meet your specific needs, we provide options such as eye color, lip shape, and breast size. Additionally, we offer a variety of unique vaginal texture upgrades to choose from, so you can select your favorite shape and create a sex doll that you love and value as a collectible.

ElsaBabe Doll

More Poses and Body Types Avaliable

The skeleton is the core of a lifelike sex doll. The Elsababe Doll's flexible skeleton has amazing flexibility, allowing for more natural and human-like sexual positions. These dolls come in unique sizes, including 102cm, 148cm, 150cm, and 165cm. If you purchase one, you will have a lot of options to choose from. (Please avoid keeping the skeleton in a stretched position for a long time to prevent tearing.)

*Please Note: All dimensions are measured manually, please allow if there is a slight deviation.

Elsababe Free Gift Package

As of today, we are offering all customers who purchase an Elsababe Doll a free accessory gift package. The package includes seven items: one outfit, one set of underwear (black or white, randomly shipped), one bottle of lubricant, one box of body powder, one cleaning tool, and one wig. If you require any other accessories, please contact customer service to purchase them separately. Additionally, Realdollshub will also offer you an exclusive VIP gift package, which includes several beautiful pieces of lingerie, stockings, and other small accessories! We know you and we hope our dolls can brings you happiness! Enjoy!

Elsababe SexDoll
ElsaBabe Doll
ElsaBabe Doll