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As the leading provider of sex dolls, Realdollshub is proud to offer a collection of sexy and stylish wigs to enhance your doll's appearance. Our premium quality wigs come in a wide range of styles and colors to give your doll the look you desire. Whether you want to give her a long, luscious mane, or a bold and daring pixie cut, we've got the perfect wig for you.

Our sex doll wigs are made with high-quality synthetic fibers that look and feel just like real hair. The fibers are soft and silky to the touch, giving your doll's hair a natural-looking shine and texture. Plus, our wigs are easy to care for - simply wash them with mild soap and water, and they'll be as good as new.

At Realdollshub, we understand that your sex doll is an investment, which is why we offer only the best quality wigs that will last for years to come. We believe that every doll should have the opportunity to look their best, which is why we offer our wigs at an affordable price.

So, whether you're looking to spice up your doll's look, or simply want to add a touch of elegance, our sex doll wigs are perfect for you. Shop our collection now and experience the ultimate in sex doll luxury. Your doll will thank you for it.


Learn About the Wealth Of Customization Options: Sex Doll Wigs

The Importance of Sex Doll Wigs

When it comes to sex doll wigs, a picture full of infinite creativity and a unique visual feast will come to mind. Everyone knows that beautiful hair is a very important and indispensable part of people. It can not only beautify our external image but also enhance our temperament to a certain extent. When we see a beautiful woman with beautiful hair, we can't help but wait and see and even marvel. The same is true for sex dolls, a beautiful and perfect wig can always be one of the important factors in the love or choice of a sex doll!

Why Are Sex Doll Wigs So Popular?

Why Are Sex Doll Wigs So Popular? Nowadays, in the sex doll industry that has developed and grown rapidly, we can obtain a variety of sex doll wigs from different channels, and realize rich customization needs of wigs, so as to meet the unique needs of sex doll lovers and preferences. Whether you want to choose a custom wig color, style, or hair length for your doll, you can easily create your own unique doll through the doll wig customization options. This not only makes your doll look more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing but also enhances their personality. If you want to add a unique charm and style to your doll, even a playful and delicate sense of cuteness, a fashionable and fashionable shape, etc...... an exquisite sex doll wig will be one of your best considerations. Realdollshub provides you with a wealth of customization options for sex doll wigs to meet your different matching needs.

Pros of Sex Doll Wigs

  • High-quality synthetic fiber wig is durable and wrinkle-resistant, suitable for intimate interaction, and not easy to fade or change color. You should know that sex doll wigs are made of high-quality synthetic fibers, which are more durable and stronger than natural fibers and can effectively resist stretching and abrasion for a long time. So its service life will be longer. You don't have to worry about the doll's wig being a one-time consumable. Moreover, the synthetic fibers are also highly wrinkle-resistant, so you won't deform her hair after your intimate interaction with the doll, and it can still maintain its original softness after repeated washing. High-quality synthetic fiber wigs have better resistance to the intrusion of sunlight and chemicals, can resist strong direct sunlight for a long time, and do not easily fade or change color even in the face of strong light. If you have a soft spot for doll hair with light shades of hair or other bright colors, you can buy a high-quality wig for your doll at realdollshub to create the most realistic look.
  • Synthetic sex doll wigs are affordable, offering attractive looks and versatile options for lovers on a budget. Since synthetic sex doll wigs are more affordable, this is a very good choice for sex doll lovers who want to dress up dolls on a budget. Because this type of doll wig is made of synthetic materials, it is very practical compared to natural wigs, which is really hard to say no to. While they're relatively inexpensive, they offer a great look and texture that will make your sex doll even more appealing. There are still options for adding beauty and variety to your dolls on a budget.

Choosing Your Sex Doll Wig

  • Choosing a special wig for your own doll is a fun and exciting process that can add a unique fashion personality and special charm to the doll. Abundant wig customization options to satisfy your fantasies about dolls. You can customize different colors and styles according to your preferences. Whether it is your favorite gentle black long straight, sexy curly hair or full of personality short hair and anime sex doll wigs full of two-dimensional style, we can satisfy you.
  • It can perfectly reproduce the realistic hair texture of a real person. Its high-quality synthetic fiber material and exquisite technology make the sex doll wig fit the scalp very naturally and keep beautiful for a long time. It looks indistinguishable from real hair, and the realistic and soft touch continues to attract many people to customize and buy. Best of all, when you stroke the doll's hair, it's as smooth as touching the hair of a real goddess.

How to Wash and Care for Sex Doll Wigs

  • Cleaning: After a passionate and intimate interaction with the doll, the doll's hair may be messy or stained with post-battle liquid. You can use a comb and fingers to comb and organize the doll's hair first, and then do some simple cleaning. Pay attention to the gentle action to avoid your doll's wig being pulled and broken, which may affect some of the doll's beauty.
  • When washing sex doll wigs, please avoid washing the doll's hair directly with boiling hot water, because high-quality synthetic fiber head wigs are not as tough as real hair, let alone resist hot water washing. You can use warm water to soak the doll's wig first, and then gently rub the doll's wig with your fingers to avoid damaging the sex doll wig.
  • Care: After cleaning, please dry the doll's hair with a soft towel, then gently arrange and comb it with a comb, and place the doll in a dry and ventilated place to let the sex doll wig dry naturally. Remember, Please do not use a hair dryer or be directly exposed to strong sunlight, which will not only cause damage to your doll wig but also may damage your doll.
  • Of course, when arranging the doll's wig, you can use a curling iron or a hair straightening iron to redesign your doll's hairstyle according to your preferences and needs. But it should be noted that before using such tools, make sure it is in a low-temperature state, and make sure that the doll's hair is completely dry, otherwise, this will shorten the service life of the sex doll adder.

How to Wear a Wig on Your Doll

If you don't know how to put a wig on your doll yet, here's how to do it:
  1. Preliminary inspection: Gently open the doll's wig packaging bag and check the condition of the wig to ensure that the sex doll wig is in a soft state.
  2. Adjust the inner strap: Note the adjustable stretch strap inside the wig, put the buckle of the strap in the middle, and make small adjustments on both sides as needed to get a balanced fit.
  3. Front placement and rear fixation: Place the wig close to the doll's forehead to determine the proper position. Then, gradually secure the back of the wig to the back of the doll's head, making sure the front is stable to ensure a seamless fit.
  4. Ensure the fit of the wig net: After confirming the correct position of the wig, carefully check both sides of the wig net to ensure that it is close to the doll's head to prevent the wig from not fitting properly. The wig net can be fine-tuned if necessary, but avoid pulling too much to prevent damage. If the effect is not as expected, you can remove the doll wig and repeat the above steps.
  5. Verify Adjustment Straps: Check the stretch straps thoroughly to make sure they are not loose or causing the wig to fall off easily. If the strap is too loose and the wig is prone to slipping off, remove the wig, readjust the strap, and follow the steps above to ensure a secure fit.
  6.  Combing and final styling: After completing the above steps and confirming that the wig fits securely, gently comb the wig to make the hair look smoother for a more natural effect.

Kind Tips:

Note: There are two types of silicone doll heads, namely hard silicone heads and soft silicone heads. The hard silicone head is suitable for implanting wigs, while the soft silicone head and soft TPE material doll heads are not recommended for implanting hair, which may cause the doll deformed head.

Buy Wigs For Your Doll Now

We know that different people have different preferences for the choice of sex doll wigs, so we continue to innovate, carefully design, and provide a wealth of wig styles, these advancements meet the growing needs of doll lovers and also enhance the overall experience. The wig that is close to the touch of a real person will bring you a more realistic experience. Each wig is an expression of craftsmanship and a unique personality, giving them a full and rich shape. So, if you've been looking for fresh, diverse, and high-quality sex doll wigs, delve into realdollshub today and discover an unparalleled selection of beautiful wigs and doll styles.

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