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ZELEX Sex Dolls

ZELEX Doll is one of the hottest sex doll brands right now! Founded in 2013 with a complete service team of design, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. ZELEX sex doll combines traditional wax sculptures with 3D digital modeling technology to give the love dolls angelic faces and devil bodies! 

ZELEX Doll's three major product lines are all very popular among doll lovers! These include the "Beauty Series", all heads and bodies using real-life model scans. In addition, the "Inspiration Series" is equipped with the industry's first movable mandible and a complete and soft oral design, making it the first choice for oral sex lovers! The newly launched "SLE Series" further improves the softness of the doll's whole body based on previous products! It can be said that it has the lifelike durability of a silicone sex doll and the softness of a TPE sex doll!

 The detailed treatment of ZELEX silicone dolls is fantastic as well. The surface of the doll is printed with skin texture and blood vessels, and with delicate makeup, it will bring you a visual climax! In addition, ZELEX's silicone and TPE sex dolls use non-toxic platinum silicone materials imported from the United States, which can also be used for sensitive skin! All doll's interiors fill with foam to achieve weight loss, and that is for free! 

Realdollshub is the authorized vendor of ZELEX Doll,  if you have ever fantasized about owning a supermodel girlfriend,  we will make your dream become reality.

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Everything About Zelex Doll!

zelex doll
  1. About ZELEX Doll:
  2. Top International Standards
  3. ZELEX's Authorized Vendor
  4. ZELEX Doll Ready to Go
  5. Hyper Realistic Detailing
  6. The Inspiration Series
  7. Automatic Suction Vagina
  8. Built-in EXP Metal Skeleton
  9. Gel Filled Breast
  10. Hard Silicone Head VS Soft Silicone Head
  11. ZELEX Free Gift Package
  12. ZELEX Doll Unboxing Guide
  13. Rich customization services
  14. Various Body Types

About ZELEX Doll

Have you ever fantasized about having a supermodel girlfriend?ZELEX Doll will make your dreams come true! Established in 2017 and located in Suzhou, China, with a 3000 square meter production and R&D base in Zhongshan City, ZELEX is a top-tier entity doll company that integrates design, production, and R&D. ZELEX specializes in providing wax-level, high-quality silicone, and TPE sex dolls to doll enthusiasts worldwide.

zelex doll

In terms of design, from3D scanning, sculpting, painting, and photography to styling, everything is completed by the artist's design team. Their gorgeous faces and hot figures are comparable to world supermodels! The realism of their silicone dolls can even rival that of real people, with visible skin texture, veins, and pores, among other features.

ZELEX Doll's excellent foundation and high-end positioning have won wide recognition in the market and achieved excellent results with over 1000 monthly shipments. Therefore, if you are looking for ahigh-end silicone sex doll, ZELEX is definitely your first choice.

Top International Standards

ZELEX's design team has represented China in designing 1:1 wax figures for foreign celebrities even surpassing the level of Madame Tussauds wax museum. During the production process, ZELEX's factory insists on using only high-cost food-grade platinum silicone as raw material, which is safe, non-toxic, and odorless, and meets European and American safety certification standards. It can be said that ZELEX is the top representative of contemporary real sex doll designers and manufacturers! You can check the Trustpilot zelex sex dolls reviews for more details.

zelex doll

ZELEX's Authorized Vendor

Realdollshub is the authorized vendor for ZELEX Doll, and we have always been committed to providing the latest and highest quality authentic ZELEX Dolls. We frequently launch various promotional activities related to ZELEX Dolls, such as free second heads, gell-breasts or buttocks, and articulated fingers for holidays or sales seasons like Valentine's Day. We promise that you can always buy authentic ZELEX sex dolls at the most affordable prices on! And you are welcome to do Price Match with us at any time.

zelex doll

ZELEX Doll Ready to Go

The photos above are from our real customer orders that shoot from the doll factory. There are no PS or special treatments in order to show you what the real ZELEX Doll really looks like and ensure what you see is what you get. In addition, after the doll is produced, we will send you photos and videos of your doll via email for confirmation asap. We will arrange for delivery only after you are satisfied and have confirmed that everything is correct.

zelex doll

Hyper Realistic Detailing

The high-end positioning of ZELEX dolls is derived from their attention to product details. The realistic texture, veins, and pores that are clearly visible on the silicone doll's body achieve an ultra-realistic visual effect just like a real person! If you are someone who seeks most realism in your play. Then ZELEX's supermodel's molded body doll can definitely satisfy you and allow you to experience what is the top sexual experience.

zelex doll

The Inspiration Series

This is a brand new high-end silicone doll series launched by ZELEX. The main innovation is that all the dolls come with an adjustable, soft, and complete oral structure. They are also filled with gel in their breasts and buttocks to provide you more realistic touching feeling. Multiple options of integrated detachable channels for you to choose from, including different styles of labia and vagina. Worth mentioning is ZELEX's Inspiration Series, which uses a brand new makeup sealing technology. Even when cleaned with alcohol or soap, the makeup won't easily come off, greatly extending the lifespan of silicone sex dolls. In addition, ZELEX has also introduced various rich and practical functions, such as automatic suction of the vagina and the option for a TPE body, to provide you with a more realistic and perfect experience. The hottest 2B sex dolls are also made by Zelex!

zelex doll

Automatic Suction Vagina

If you ask what is the greatest invention of the 21st century? That must be an automatic suction vagina! The moment you enter her body and turn on the button, believe me, your soul will be sublimated in this attractive black hole that stretches and tightens~ Who dares to say that the physical doll is just a cold corpse? This indescribable beauty must be experienced yourself!

zelex doll

Built-in EXP Metal Skeleton

The dolls with the ZELEX exclusive EXP skeleton can achieve a shy posture thanks to their increased joint mobility, particularly in the shoulder which allows for retraction. Additionally, their ball-and-socket joint enables free movement of the head, giving them a more lifelike appearance. The double-jointed elbow and spherical wrist joint also allow for more natural and versatile movements. Finally, the lumbar joint has been re-adjusted to provide stable support while also allowing for ease of twisting movement. Overall, these advancements in joint mobility give the ZELEX Dolls a more human-like range of motion and enhance their overall realism. Additionally, it has a stronger weight-bearing capacity, so you don't have to worry about crushing her sexy little waist. Missionary? Doggy style? Whatever you like, she can do it with you unconditionally!

zelex doll

Gel Filled Breast

Gell-filled breast is not a fresh upgrade function of sex dolls nowadays, but what's worth mentioning is that ZELEX Doll has more jelly filling than ordinary dolls. And the "skin" wrapped around the chest is only 4mm thick, which is undoubtedly a big improvement in the softness of the doll's chest! Ever had marshmallows? Yes, you can imagine it's a similar touch.

zelex doll

Hard Silicone Head VS Soft Silicone Head

The hard silicone zelex sex doll head is extremely realistic and provides top-notch makeup effects. But its material is hard, making it impossible to open the mouth. Unlike traditional hard silicone heads, the soft silicone head is softer and has a channel in the mouth, making it the best choice for oral sex enthusiasts. However, the corresponding realism will slightly decrease, and it cannot undergo hair transplantation due to being too soft. In addition, if you are pursuing the ultimate realism, we recommend hair transplantation with real human hair! Don't forget to find the best sex doll wigs for your doll!

zelex doll

ZELEX Free Gift Package

ZELEX understands what you really need. When you purchase aZELEX silicone doll, you can pick an extra free soft silicone head (oral sex is available). Additionally, there are some extra commonly used tools and accessories for sex dolls, such as two neck screw links, a comb, a vaginal cleaning device, a piece of lingerie, a heating rod, and a pair of gloves. Of course, Realdollshub will also offer you an exclusive VIP gift package containing several pieces of beautiful sexy lingerie, stockings, and other small accessories!

zelex doll

ZELEX Doll Unboxing Guide

The long-awaited ZELEX love doll has finally arrived after enduring a lengthy wait! It is certainly exciting, but don't rush to attack immediately! It should be noted that physical dolls are generally not light, although many doll lovers now have weight reduction functions. However, a doll of about 170cm can still weigh around 35kg. Therefore, to prevent damage to your waist and back, please refer to the picture above and use the correct posture of the princess hug to start your happy life!

zelex doll

Rich customization services

ZELEX Doll's dolls provide a wide range of customization options for everyone, from body shape, and skin color to nail color and pubic hair. There are also many stunning designed head sculpts for you to choose from. Each ZELEX Doll is one-of-a-kind, always allowing you to have your own exclusive companion. However, please note that the automatic vaginal suction and gel-butt functions are currently only available for bodies that are 170cm, 165cm, and X165cm. Also, not all head sculpts have the functionality of opening the mouth and moving the jaw. Please read the instructions carefully or contact our customer service representatives before placing an order. You should care your sex doll and read this guide.

zelex doll

Various Body Types

ZELEX provides a variety of body shapes for you to choose from, which can be matched with your favorite head sculpt. But it should be noted that some special head shapes are only suitable for the corresponding body. Because you don't want to see a weird situation like a big head on a small body. For details, please refer to the head carving chart and measurement chart above.

zelex doll
zelex doll body types

*Please Note: All dimensions are measured manually, please allow if there is a slight deviation.

zelex doll
zelex doll

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