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Fed up with the same old blondes with busty women? Then experience the charm of the petite oriental beauties! Lifelike Asian sex dolls are a good choice for you to explore fresh cultural stimulation. Asian sex dolls, also known as Japanese sex dolls, are made based on the characteristics of Asian beauty.  These cute Asian sex dolls have built-in metal skeletons that allow you to make all kinds of moves that will make you blush! The high degree of customization allows you to have a unique one.
You may have heard of Japanese Geisha, with white and delicate skin, delicate faces, delicate noses, smart eyes, small cherry mouths, and a petite body with oriental charm. Imagine when you hold her in your arms, gently stroke her white and silky breasts, suck on her pink nipples, and slide your other hand along her thin waist to her ass, tight "Petals" are waiting for you to explore...
The realistic Asian sex doll expresses this exotic oriental charm to the fullest! She belongs to you, let's explore the charm of this oriental beauty!

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Asian Sex Dolls Things You Should Know

Asian Sex Doll

Sex dolls have recently seen a boost in sales and technology. Unlike most sex toys which replicate just the genitalia, sex dolls are models of an entire person. While most of these sex dolls are not modeled on real people (like Asian sex dolls), some people might customize them for their partners, especially those in long-distance relationships.

Asian sex dolls, with their curvy bodies and cute faces and voices, are the new hot thing in the market. Consumers have drooled over these Asian hotties and bought not just one but multiple Asian sex dolls because an obsession with this good should not be limited to a few. For hentai sex dolls, one can really say you are missing out on some hot and steamy sexual experiences.

You can visit our blog for more details about Asian(Japanese) sex dolls.

A Brief History Of Asian Sex Dolls

With the growing taboo on sex over exploding populations, more and more men are moving towards finding pleasure in a sex doll instead. There's a growing online community that is all about Asian sex dolls.

They discuss everything- from consumer advice to how to take care of your doll, from people sharing their personal experiences to people advising on giving your Japanese sex doll its persona. Asian sex dolls have taken the market by storm and have become a brand in itself. These dolls are not limited to a masturbation toy, but offer a whole sexual experience.

Why Are Sex Dolls so Popular in Asia?

  • Bring your fantasies to life. The taboo with sex not only keeps Asians away from sex but also from talking about it, making it almost impossible for them to enact their fantasies with their partner. A Japanese sex doll set to change that you can fulfill your wildest fantasies without feeling judged.
  • A work of art. In many Asian communities, sex toys, in general, is considered a work of art and even worshiped sometimes. A Japanese sex doll takes it up a notch. Some people are known to have multiple Asian sex dolls, which they not only use to pleasure themselves but also take care of their Japanese sex doll's pleasure as if it was a real person.
  • Asians' alternative to adultery. Many companies advertise these Japanese sex dolls as an alternative to adultery. You may not always get everything perfect with your partner, but that shouldn't restrict you. You need not go out and cheat on your beloved while still quenching all your wild fantasies.
  • The obsession of Asians with sex dolls goes long and hard; people are willing to spend twice their incomes to get an Asian sex doll, and they most definitely do not stop at just one doll. This is the most definite sign for you to get your own Asian sex doll for some real hot experiences.

Taboos Regarding Sex Dolls in Asia

Asians, unlike their cave paintings, can be pretty close-minded when it comes to sex. It is not something considered to be done for pleasure but only for reproduction. Amongst all these restrictions on sex, Asian sex dolls have found it quite challenging to be accepted in the mainstream media. It is still considered a hush-hush topic where such purchases are made in secret. It becomes pretty tricky for enthusiasts and even regular customers to be open about their want and need for Japanese sex dolls.

Apart from this, there is also this shame attached to owning a sex toy or even using it with your partner. But your Asian sex doll is there to boost your confidence and even practice some wild moves and positions. It makes you feel good and confident in your sexual prowess. Asian dolls also make couple sessions quite exotic.

How to Dress Up Your Asian Sex Doll?

Cosplay is one of the significant reasons Asians buy Japanese sex dolls. You can dress up and style your Asian sex doll however you like to fulfill whatever fantasy you have in mind.

  • Dressing your Asian sex doll like an anime character. Since anime characters come with their own story and personality, this allows you to enter into roleplay and take your sexual experience to another level.
  • Traditional attire for some conventional fun If traditional attire turns you on, you can choose any traditional apparel, make-up, and jewelry to make some rooted love with your Japanese sex doll. This is especially popular with Asians overseas looking for a sexual getaway to home.
  • Uniforms and Formals formal attire is always suitable when you are looking for something spicy. It is rebellious and always calls for some dominating action. You can dress up your Asian sex doll in office attire along with formal wigs and go for some boss-secretary fun.


Japanese sex dolls have revolutionized the Asian sex doll industry. These hyper-realistic dolls not only come with holes and crevices but complete personalities, which can help the sex feel less plastic, and the natural feel and safe TPE just make all of it a whole lot better.

Our store, Realdollshub, offers a wide range of sex dolls and customizability to personalize and enhance user experience. Debunking popular beliefs that this is not just a toy for single men, your Asian sex doll will bring your wildest fantasies to life, no matter who you are.

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