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Customer Reviews (323)

  • T****y
    Soooo sexy, love it!
  • J****u
    I saw the videos on Youtube and was amazed by the realistic workmanship! This ZELEX doll is indeed real, with the skin texture on the face clearly visible, and the breasts and buttocks also very soft. In addition, I am very satisfied with the removable jaw, which has soft structures, even the teeth! But the only drawback is that the waiting time is too long! Hope the delivery time can be shortened in the future. . .
    Service:Thanks for your feedback, delivery time for custom dolls is indeed an issue. However, all custom dolls are shipped by air freight, and we will continue to work hard to improve efficiency. We usually recommend the dolls in stock if you do not have customization requirements. Which will only take about 3 working days to delivery.
  • G****k
    Great product for a good price, but there’s a few things to note. While the standing feet are a great option, it doesn’t really work. At least for me it doesn’t, if you put some socks and shoes on then it kinda does. But would recommend leaning against something, or just not stand at all. For gel breasts it’s important to note that gravity affects it pretty harshly so would recommend you get support for them. Overall a great product and feels great. I am very happy with her, and would recommend anyone thinking about it to just get it.
    Service:Thank you very much for your sharing! Yes, you're absolutely right. Even though the doll can stand on its own, we don't recommend letting her stand alone. It's better to have her lean against an object, and prolonged standing is not advised. These insights are very helpful for other buyers. Thanks for your support!
  • D****l
    It's hard to make choice between ZELEX and Game Lady 2B. Because they seem to be of good quality. But I finally chose Game Lady. But it turns out that my choice was correct! I do not regret it. Thumbs up!
  • X****n
    Both the RDH team and the Starpery factory are truly exceptional in their work. While I typically refrain from leaving reviews, this situation warrants an exception.
    30 Days Ago
  • Young Sex Doll Emily - WM Doll - 172cm/5ft8 TPE Sex Doll
    WM172 D TPE+56a TPE
    US$ 2249 US$ 2499
    The communication and customer service were outstanding. The doll exceeded my expectations in terms of realism. Abby was super helpful and I'm truly grateful!
    30 Days Ago
  • Sex Doll Storage Case
    US$ 899
    Excellent! Just the right size to store my doll. It doesn't take up much space.
    30 Days Ago
  • D****k
    Been wanting to fuck this bitch for a long time, thanks to Realdollshub for making my dream come true lol. . You can buy with confidence, they are trusted sellers.
    30 Days Ago
  • B****e
    I absolutely adore my doll. They arrived safely and delivered everything I had hoped for. I will definitely be purchasing from Realdollshub again and highly recommend them to other potential buyers. However, there are numerous options when it comes to choosing a doll, so if you're new to this, I suggest doing your homework, asking questions, or checking out their FAQ page for more information!
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Thank you for sharing and supporting!
  • l****n
    Excelent product and service, nice!
    30 Days Ago
  • R****b
    This 2B silicone doll is absolutely fantastic and incredibly lifelike! It's worth every penny. And thank for giving me those amazing gifts. It's truly awesome..
    30 Days Ago
  • L****n
    Realdollshub resolved all of my concerns and their customer service was amiable. The Jolyne doll I purchased was of remarkable quality and offered at a fantastic price. Excellent product and shopping experience!
    30 Days Ago
  • N****k
    Great product.. Got it during buy 1 get 1 mini Tifa free period.. Slightly past the promo period but seller was great enough to include it for me. 1st shipment was a bummer.. The neck bolt was broken but seller was willing to send in the 2nd replacement body FOC while letting me keep the old one.. Great response, great seller, great service.. Hard to come by decent seller in SG nowardays.. Hopefully will be buying again soon..P/S: If only Aerith was born modern with a nice haircut instead of poor ancient..
    30 Days Ago
    Service:They are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing! We are sorry for the damage caused during the transportation, but we will do our best to protect the rights and interests of customers. Thank you for choosing Realdollshub again!
  • B****n
    I have to say that I really like her soft and elastic breasts and butt. It's a pity that changing her clothes is a bit difficult, and it needs practice. It is recommended to put some talcum powder on her before changing clothes to make it easier. And thank for the gift, love it.
    30 Days Ago
  • K****n
    This Makima doll touch incredibly soft, the fine makeup makes her look so real, and she features a granular passage in her mouth. Let's be honest, when I held her head, it immediately aroused me. Thank!
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Awesome! Enjoy~
  • A****x
    I finally received my doll, and I must say she exceeded my expectations. Her hands and feet are smaller than I had imagined, but I believe that adds to her overall charm as a cute girl. The softness and elasticity of her chest are remarkable, providing a truly lifelike touch! I appreciate the small gift that was included; I really like it. The only downside was the slightly longer shipping time.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The doll's lifelike features, especially the realistic texture and feel, make her a delightful companion. Despite the minor inconvenience of a longer shipping duration, the doll's quality and attention to detail make it well worth the wait. I highly recommend this doll to anyone seeking a truly authentic silicone companion.
    30 Days Ago
    Service:We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. There was a delay in delivery due to an error in unpacking the goods upon arrival. Thank you for your understanding, and we will continue to strive to improve our service.
  • D****l
    I'm delighted to share my buying experience with this best Nier Automata 2B silicone doll in the market. I compared several 2B dolls and different vendors before I placed the order. But this one is undoubtedly the highest degree of restoration and the most realistic. Thanks to Abby from realdollshub, who is very professional and patient to answer every questions! This lifelike masterpiece exceeded my expectations in every way! From its stunning attention to detail to the impeccable craftsmanship, this doll is truly one of my best collections.
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Thank you for choosing us! We appreciate it!
  • B****y
    The doll looks very lifelike, but she feels a bit heavy to me. However, if you don't want to move her a lot, you wouldn't have to worry about this issue. By the way, It's recommended to spray some perfume on her hair for an even better experience. Good product though.
    30 Days Ago
  • J****n
    I am excited every time I see her expression, The movable jaw is a great design, and the soft and lifelike interior of the mouth makes for an incredible experience.
    30 Days Ago
  • B****e
    Excellent! The gel breast is jiggly and film, just like the real one. Her soft lip helps me get in her mouth easily. Very nice job~
    30 Days Ago