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Customer Reviews (33)

  • Asian Sex Doll Suki - Irontech - 153cm/4ft11 Silicone Sex Doll
    IT 153cm S20 Suki silicone sex doll
    US$ 2367 US$ 2630
    First off, I can't recommend this company highly enough! Their customer service is top notch, they replied to my emails immediately and were always kind and helpful. I ordered this doll as a companion to feel a little less alone. (I don't date because of lack of trust in humans and physical trauma from my past.) As soon as I saw Suki I fell in love with her! Her cute little face just warmed my heart and I had to have her! Initially I was worried when receiving her photos after completion because she didn't seem to look the same as the model on the site. BUT I saw a review someone else posted about their doll, having the same concern and being wrong after seeing her in person so I gave it a chance. I had quite a long wait due to ordering her during the Lunar New Year holiday shut down and the fact that she's silicone and takes longer to manufacture, but she was WORTH IT! When she finally arrived I was blown away by how beautiful she is! She looks so real and is just absolutely perfect!!! She was packaged with great care and came with many gifts and extra clothing. Ultimately though, I dressed her in my hoodie and she's the absolute cutest in it! Thank you RDollsHub for making her so perfect!
    Service:Perfect! Thank you very much for your patience. We care about every customer's real experience as we state in the company description. We care what you care about. Thank you again for choosing Realdollshub! Appreciate it!
  • Asian Sex Doll Zelie - Zelex Doll - 170cm/5ft7 Silicone Sex Doll
    Zelex GE109_1+170cm-Fair
    US$ 2070 US$ 2300
    My overall experience with RDH was excellent from start to finish. At all times, RDH was open in their communication and available 24/7 to help with any questions prior to my purchase. During production, RDH kept me informed about the progress and the doll was completed very quickly. I was extremely satisfied with the final result. The best thing about RDH is their promise and patience to you as a customer. They continually reassured me that the doll would arrive safely and they delivered. I couldn't recommend RDH highly enough, thank you.
    Service:Thank you so much! Your recognition is the driving force for us to move forward.
  • League of Legends Vi Sex Doll - Funwest Doll - 157cm/5ft2 TPE Vi Sex Doll
    FWD048 #029 157-C Sophiemina
    US$ 1599 US$ 1777
    ok so i ordered my vi quite a while ago unfortunately it was around the chinese new year so it took a little bit longer than usual to be completed, anyway as soon as the factory reopened things went quickly and smoothly.
    once the doll arrives i noticed that she is heavier than expected, so if you are on the weaker side you maybe should consider another doll with a reduced weight option. her body feels soft to the touch and actually kinda similar to skin, except of course that the doll is way colder. in terms of feeling i have to say that the doll feels pretty nice on the two lower entrances,but again very cold, the mouth is a little bit too small and almost uncomfortable (for me at least). in the pic she wears a t shirt i had lying around.. the vendor sent me a pack with lingerie and some sexy stuff i wanted her tobwear for the pics, but i'm simply to stupid to actually put the lingerie on with all the straps and super thin fabric.
    then i also want to adress the customer service here, everytime i had a question, doesn't matter how stupid it seemed it was promptly answered without making me feel dumb for asking
    Service:Awesome! Electric blankets and heating rods can warm up the doll real quick, recommended! Hope she brings you happiness~ Enjoy!
  • r****n
    There are many Marie Rose dolls on the market, but this version is best I guess. A satisfactory shopping!
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Awesome! We will continue to update more styles, please continue to subscribe and follow us. Thank!
  • Mama Sex Doll - Death Stranding - Game Lady Doll - Realistic Mama Silicone Sex Doll
    Mama Lady No.01_1+168A+Fair-P220316
    US$ 2799 US$ 3110
    I stumbled upon this doll on YouTube and was immediately intrigued. I reached out to Realdollshub's customer service team with a few questions, and I was pleasantly surprised with how patient and helpful they were. They took the time to answer all of my queries and made me feel confident in my decision to purchase the doll.

    When the doll arrived, I was thrilled to see that it looked just as amazing as it did in the factory photos. As a bonus, the package also included some cute underwear and other trinkets that added to the overall experience.

    Overall, I'm really happy with my purchase from Realdollshub. The customer service was top-notch, the product quality was excellent, and the little extras included in the package made me feel appreciated as a customer. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a high-quality silicone doll.
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Thank you for choosing Realdollshub and for sharing your positive experience. We're thrilled to hear that you were satisfied with our product and customer service. Your kind words mean a lot to us, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you again in the future.
  • League of Legends Vi Sex Doll - Funwest Doll - 157cm/5ft2 TPE Vi Sex Doll
    FWD048 #029 157-C Sophiemina
    US$ 1599 US$ 1777
    Great quality and nice service,recommend!
    30 Days Ago
  • J****n
    Just received my Evelynn Sex Doll and I already love it! The Gel-filled breasts feel super realistic and the doll matches the pictures exactly. The customer supporter is very good. They helped me with any problem I encountered and answered all the questions that I had about the doll. The shipping was very quick considering the circumstances of holiday season. If you are on the fence on buying this doll I recommend buying it, you will not regret it!!
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Thank you for your review! This will be the driving force for us to keep going! We hope to serve more doll lovers!
  • J****.
    Well, to be honest, I've been playing League of Legends for 6 years and my dream has finally come true! I love her boobs and I will never have enough! Seraphine, Evelynn, or other characters are definitely worth a try! Thanks for the lingeries and others gifts! I can play with that all day. Now, All I want to do is explore some new positions with her lol!
    30 Days Ago
    Service:So tempting! Appreciate your photography skills. Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit!
  • W****K
    The doll is amazing cute! Can be posed with a different style, but a bit heavy.
    30 Days Ago
  • w****s
    Have to say there is nothing more exciting than owning a mini Tifa! Although she is the scaled-down version, but the quality was not lag, at least I am not a gentle person! I prefer to choose the mini version because the biggest benefit is easy storage! And my roommate didn't know yet lol. I am looking for some clothes in her size. It would be perfect if realdollshub sells her clothes.
    30 Days Ago
  • P****l
    This is a relatively large purchase I made recently, so I decided to write a review, hoping to help you who are about to buy it.
    Quality: I upgraded her to a full silicone body. The whole doll is in perfect condition, just like the photos and videos they sent me, no damage or blemishes. As you can see, the body detailing is really realistic! You can even see her blood vessels, the texture of her skin, and the little spots. The doll's head is delicate! But when I combed her hair after installing it, I found a small amount of hair loss. After communication, they told me that this is a common problem in the industry, so when combing the hair of an implanted hair doll, you should grasp the upper hair with one hand, and then comb the lower hair with the other to avoid hair loss.

    Feeling: The touch of Gel-filled breast is so real, I guess it is no different from a real girl. I rub it vigorously but it is still in perfect condition. But the doll is kind of heavy, maybe it is too tall. If you are not strong enough, it is recommended to choose a shorter doll and easier to store.

    Service: The customer service team is very enthusiastic and responds to online messages and emails in time. I received a production completion confirmation letter with photos and videos of the doll taken by the factory almost two weeks after I placed the order. After confirming, you can reply to the email and let them ship your doll asap. Shipping time took one to two weeks. Generally speaking, it does not exceed one month from the day I placed the order to receiving the doll which is pretty acceptable.

    Summary: The doll is very realistic and of good quality, it should be genuine. The seller is easy to communicate with. And thank you for the lingerie gift pack, it is gonna be more fun with it, thank you!
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Thank you very much for your review and recognition! This will definitely help a lot of people who are ready to buy dolls, thank you!
  • Ro****N.
    Gorgeous, especially her makeup, looks the same as the game. In fact, realdollshub was not my first choice, because they were not the cheapest, but I notice all orders are shipping free worldwide and have no extra fee after I communicated with customer service. They also send me some free cosplay costumes and lingeries. Thanks! Appreciate it.
    30 Days Ago
  • Asian Sex Doll Mia - Irontech - 164cm/5ft4 Silicone Sex Doll
    IT 160cm S1 Mia full silicone sex doll
    US$ 2498 US$ 2776
    I like her big tits and ass, it feels so good to rub. Nice!
    30 Days Ago
  • B****N
    Honestly, I didn't expect the real thing to be so realistic, it's already beyond my expectations! I finally had sex with Ciri in the real world. By the way, just let you know that I chose a 166cm weight-reduced version body because to hold a doll of tens of kilograms is really a challenge for a thin man like me. But anyways it was a great shopping experience, worth recommending!
    30 Days Ago
    Service:The weight reduce body is a good choice indeed, and this is the trend as well. Thank you for your sharing!
  • M****l
    Received my tifa doll a couple months ago from the vendor. The head and body were shipped separately and arrived pretty fast. Tifa was a little heavy and it took me some effort to move her into the bathroom. Her skin feels soft and silky smooth to touch. It feels even better when I applied some baby powder on her body. This is my first doll to own and I am really thankful to all the help Abby has provided. Abby is patient offered me very detailed instructions on daily cleaning and caring for the doll. Definitely a golden user experience. Here is a photo of my tifa in case anyone need a reference.
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Thank you very much for your recognition of our products and services! We appreciate it! Your satisfaction is our pursuit, and we are sorry for the wait during the shipping process! We will sum up the experience and continue to improve the quality of service, thank you!
  • C****c
    Everything is exactly as advertised, the skeleton holds true, the doll feels good to the touch, and the weight is good.
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Awesome! Your satisfaction is our pursuit!
  • P****3
    Dope! r u sure this is not a real human being? Damn!!
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Thanks for your endorsement! We only supply high-end silicone dolls, which are super realistic.
  • Game Lady Doll Sex Doll Head
    Game Lady Heads
    US$ 998
    I already had two dolls, but Tifa and Aerith were so attractive which just can't be missed~ They also sent me two screws for connecting the head and body. Now I feel like I have four dolls at this moment, amazing.
    30 Days Ago
  • R****t
    In fact, I was already noticed when Tifa first came out to the market. But I didn't get enough money until they told me that I could pay in installments via Paypal So I just placed the order a few weeks ago. Then, she finally arrived at my house today, it was so exciting~ Just hope my neighbors didn't find out...  
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Grateful! Hope our doll brings you happiness.
  • V****s
    I got many friends who have owned this hottest Tifa life-like doll. It was also recommended to me by one of my video game friends at the time. When I saw his Tifa for the first time, I was shocked by the realistic workmanship! Then, I placed the order without hesitation. And yes! I wasn't disappointed when I received it, and now I feel like my dream has come true! lol
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Thank! Enjoy~