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Sex Doll Hips

Sex Doll Ass is the butt area of a sex doll, with a sexy waist and hip curves. "Human beings are naturally attracted to buttocks," Jacob said. "For both men and women, this is a ubiquitous fantasy object. Most men find big butts very attractive. Regardless of the position, when you have sex with a big ass doll, the entire breasts and huge buttocks sway with your rhythm, creating a unique visual experience that arouses your desire.

If you have a crazy fetish for buttocks, we have the perfect round, square, and heart-shaped butt dolls for you to choose from. These sexy sex doll asses are made of silicone and TPE material. Realistic big butt adult toy with two vaginal and anal passages, providing realistic soft human touch and unlimited fun. Browse our sex doll butt series and find your perfect butt.


Sex Doll Ass: The Ultimate Guide to Enhanced Pleasure

It’s already 2023, and is there anyone who doesn’t know that the sales volume of sex doll ass ranks first in the industry? Then you are really out! As the sex doll industry is booming, suppliers are constantly innovating to meet the varying preferences and needs of consumers. The latest data shows that many people are interested in the huge butt of sex dolls. Therefore, in response to the needs of doll lovers, the more convenient function of sex doll butts has been launched to provide consumers with more diverse options., amazing sexual experience.

What is a Sex Doll Ass?

The ass of a sex doll is an important part of the body of a sex doll, usually referring to the ass area of the sex doll. Special designs and functions are adopted to bring unique sexual feelings to sex doll lovers, as well as provide better choices for people with sexual preferences. The buttocks of these sex dolls use different materials, shapes, functions, etc., making the buttocks very soft and elastic, presenting an impressive texture and an irresistible real appearance. It can bring you a more realistic sexual experience and provide more fun and satisfaction. In addition, for full-size sex dolls, the torso of a big-ass sex doll will move more easily and quickly, and it can quickly switch to different positions. You can enjoy the pleasure of slapping the doll's buttocks! This innovation adds more personalization options to the sex doll market, ensuring that every consumer can find the product that best suits their needs. Read on if you want to create more possibilities for your sex life.

Benefits of Buying a Sex Doll Ass

  • Save money for those on a tight budget! Buying just a sex doll butt can take a lot of weight off your wallet compared to a full-sized sex doll! This will be a good choice for some people who don’t have enough budget. Starting with a cost-effective sex doll ass and slowly transitioning into a sex doll expert is a great start for most people. The affordable huge soft buttocks can not only provide you with a better soft touch, and quickly relieve your eagerness to have sex but also won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Listen to me, this is awesome!
  • High-quality materials provide a realistic feel. These simulated butts are made of the most popular and safest materials on the market. Such as safe, non-toxic, and medical-grade platinum silicone and TPE materials. In detail, even goosebumps and veins are clearly visible! Sometimes, when you walk into the room and accidentally see a partially exposed ass, you may even wonder if there is really a real beauty hiding under the quilt. The realistic appearance ensures that the sex doll's buttocks provide you with an unparalleled realistic feeling. It feels as silky as real female skin. With one slap, the shaking ass was as elastic as jelly. And when you enter its vagina, you can clearly feel the shaking amplitude of this butt, bringing you unparalleled pleasure and fun. And a huge boost to your libido. For new players who are new to the world of big-butt sex doll torsos, buying a sex doll butt is a perfect choice. And with this medical-grade material, you don’t have to worry about causing any discomfort during intimate interactions with it, so please feel free to use it!
  • Convenient transportation and easier storage. The huge ass sex doll torso greatly reduces the stress of transportation and storage. Due to its lightweight split design, the overall weight averages only 12.5kg/27.6lbs. It is equivalent to the weight of an ordinary dumbbell. It's very easy to move or store. Additionally, sex doll butt storage will be easier than a full-size sex doll because it doesn’t take up much space and can be easily placed in place. You can easily place it under your bed, in your closet, etc. If necessary, you can also put it in the back seat of the car, ready to vent your desires at any time. This design takes your convenience and privacy needs into consideration while ensuring your sex doll ass can be easily and securely stored when not in use. Although it has many advantages, we cannot ignore some of its disadvantages, so read on for a more in-depth exploration of the sex doll ass!

Disadvantages of Sex Doll Ass

  • Experience has limitations. Due to its special design, only part of the torso is available to you. Limiting your ability to explore different positions and experiences during sex may reduce some of your pleasure and experience while having sex, potentially reducing some of your sexual pleasure and variety.
  • Insufficient DIY space. It cannot be better to dress up your sex doll’s butt. Generally speaking, the buttocks of sex dolls are exposed and cannot provide you with some erotic and sexy underwear to decorate them. As a result, it cannot bring a strong visual impact.

Best Sex Doll Ass Recommendations

  • Sex doll joint Lele QITA doll
    Made of safe, high-quality TPE material, it is safe, durable, and soft. The highly realistic and round buttocks ensure that you feel as good as a real person when you fuck her. And you can also suck and lick her vagina to make it smoother, ensuring that you can more truly feel the charm of the sex doll's ass when entering. In addition, Lele has two channels, the vagina and anus, which can provide you with an exciting ass sex experience. Her buttocks, vagina, and anus are highly realistic, and there are many bumps and ridges in the tunnel, giving you incredible experience.
  • Sex Doll Joints Caibin - QITA Doll
    She looks more pink and alluring, and the texture of her ass and the spots covering her labia are clearly visible, giving you a lifelike visual effect. The inner walls of Caibin's vagina are equally stunning, with a variety of comb-like friction and continuous striped textures that immerse you in it and even forget that you are just having sex with a torso sex doll. In addition, the huge ass sex doll's torso can better simulate the shaking rhythm of real people having sex, and the shaking is full of temptation. In addition, if it is winter, it is recommended to use an external heating rod to heat the passage for 10 minutes before use to further improve the experience of using the sex doll’s butt. After all, no one likes to enter another ice cellar in the already cold weather, right??

What Are You Still Hesitating About?? Buy Your Very Own Sex Doll Butt Now!

Realdollshub is committed to creating more products that meet the different needs and preferences of consumers. Whether it is a big-ass sex doll or a full-size sex doll, we can provide a range of different products to meet your needs. Designed to give you a more realistic sex feel, whether you want to cuddle and feel your partner's warmth and companionship, or explore a variety of sexual positions and activities, we've got you covered for the ultimate pleasure. Let these lifelike sex dolls and torsos enhance your pleasure, release your sexual desire, and experience the joy of lovemaking immersively. Find the partner that suits you best on realdollshub now!

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Sex Doll Ass

Sex Doll Ass