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MOZU Doll is a famous manufacturer of anime sex dolls. They are well-known in the sex doll industry for their 2.5-dimensional sex dolls. It is a well-known brand for many anime sex doll lovers, and you can see this MOZU Doll on many sex doll forums. Because MOZU’s anime sex dolls are highly playable, their owners are imaginative and practical. They love to DIY and cosplay different anime or gaming characters for these lovely sex dolls. MOZU dolls adopt advanced manufacturing technology to produce TPE sex dolls with delicate skin and soft touch.

More importantly, animation doll lovers can also customize various images and other skills through, restore the image of well-known IP, and break the boundary between dimensions! If you are an anime doll lover or you are interested in anime sex dolls, you must not miss MOZU Doll. Feel free to contact us with any questions~

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Mozu Doll: Everything You Need to Know!

  1. Movable Jaws
  2. Breast Types
  3. Turnable Eyes Turnable Eyes
  4. Articulated Fingers
  5. Super realistic silicone doll details
  6. Rich Customization Services
  7. Mozu Free Gift Package
  8. Skeleton Range of Motion
  9. How to Install the Head of a Sex Doll
  10. How to Wear Wigs For Sex Folls

Mozu is based in Jiangsu Province, China. The company is dedicated to providing anime doll lovers with a variety of fantastic, exquisite anime sex dolls that restore the images of famous game IPs and break the borderline between subgenres. She can be Miku, a bikini-clad virtual character with a double blue ponytail, big eyes, angel face, or Melina, a famous game character from Elden Ring, or a curvy Asian sex doll high school girl with long black hair! A thousand different virtual characters for you to choose from!

mozu doll factory

As the official supplier of Mozu, we have a wide selection of the hottest anime sex dolls for you. If you like anime, you must have an anime sex doll just for you! Don't settle for worldly sex because you're afraid to express your desires. You should try to open up to them, take your time, and go for whatever you want to try!

mozu doll authority for realdollshub

Mozu's design team includes the industry's top sculptors, make-up artists, and mold makers. This manufacturer has a wide range of TPE head and body series and silicone sex doll head and body series, whose materials meet European and American safety certification standards. You can choose any material charge + body combination, an affordable and safe sex doll combination solution.

mozu doll certification standards

Movable Jaws

Mozu Doll offers one of the latest upgrade options with a complete oral structure, Real-Oral-Sex Mouth, aka ROS Mouth. The doll has human-like movable jaws on both sides of the cheeks, lips, tongue, soft teeth, and other details. You only need to wrestle the sides of the cheeks gently. Her mouth can be opened. Whether it's tongue kissing or oral sex, it's easy to satisfy you!

mozu doll Movable Jaws

Breast Types

Mozu Doll is passionate about providing the correct sex doll that perfectly meets your needs. This manufacturer has a B and D-cup and solid and gel-filled breasts as upgrade options. Whatever option you choose, it is still a perfect sex doll.

mozu doll b-cup & d-cup breast

Gel-filled breasts are the best option if you are looking for the most realistic female breast. They are designed to feel like the thickness of natural body fat, soft to the touch, and full of elasticity. Solid breasts are firmer and have a more natural feel than gel-filled breasts.

Mozu doll Gel-filled breasts

Turnable Eyes Turnable Eyes

The eyes of Mozu Doll's dolls are upgraded with turnable eyes, thick eyelashes, and vivid and flexible eyes, these innocent-looking but seductive eyes ...... Beware of being captured by her!

mozu sex doll Turnable Eyes Turnable Eyes

Articulated Fingers

Sex doll hand-finger bone support ushered in the latest upgraded version. Joint finger bones are more advanced than wire finger bones. With the number of finger bones close to the human body, it is designed to look more in line with the natural feel of human knuckles and is durable.

mozu doll Articulated Fingers

Super realistic silicone doll details

Mozu Doll has a wide variety of silicone sex doll heads and silicone sex doll body series, and if you want to upgrade your sex doll, you can spend a fortune to boost sex doll. Silicone sex dolls are considered the highest quality sex dolls available and look like the texture of real people!

Super realistic silicone sex doll details

Note: When you upgrade to a new silicone doll, please do not wash your beauty frequently with hot water!

Skeleton Range of Motion

Mozu Doll's alloy skeleton details are very realistic and almost identical to the trajectory of the actual skeleton. You can make the sex doll's arm in the movable track easily and freely switch the pose to make the posture more natural. But if you force twisting may be a risk of injury to the sex doll skeleton joints! Please try to ensure that the operation of a 90-degree angle.

Sex doll Skeleton Range of Motion

How to Install the Head of a Sex Doll?

Generally speaking, full-body sex dolls' heads and body parts are produced separately and assembled into shape. If you are not sure how to install the sex doll head, then you can try to do the following steps with me:

  1. Step 1: First, find the screws that fix the head of the sex doll;
  2. Step 2: screw the screw to the sex doll head interface;
  3. Step 3: the state of the set screw installation is completed, as shown in Figure 3;
  4. Step 3: The last step! Install the head of the screw against the space at the top of the sex doll's neck, and press down hard! You did it!

mozu doll

How to Wear Wigs For Your Love Sex Dolls?

Makeup your love dolls are very important! TPE sex dolls and soft silicone, such as love dolls, do not have hair implants on their heads because they are jelly-like and have smooth skin like a teenage girl. When you buy a doll, Realdollshub will send out a tailor-made wig with it, next we will teach you how to beautify your sex doll by wearing a wig:

  1. Step 1: First, you should find the front of the wig, which is usually short
  2. Step 2: find the direction, put on the wig, and adjust it to the correct height;
  3. Step 3: you will find a clasp on the wig. Fix the clasp on the back of the sex doll's head!
  4. Step 4: Tidy up the wig with the comb provided by Mozu Doll, then dress up the sex doll as you like with your favorite accessories!

How to Wear Wigs For Your Love Sex Dolls?

Rich Customization Services

Mozu sex dolls have various customization options, such as eye color, breast size, and lips. To customize any model doll, you can additionally choose the doll's head shape, add upgraded standing options and rotatable eyes, so your doll will be more lifelike, or even give your real love doll equipped with a mandibular mouth. It will provide you with the exquisite sexual pleasure you crave!

Mozu Free Gift Package

We provide a gift package of accessories for all customers who purchase Mozu Doll, with six kinds of accessories, a box of talcum powder, a cleaner, a comb, and a bottle of lubricant. If you need other accessories, please get in touch with customer service to purchase your own.

mozu doll

You can learn about sex dolls by height, weight, or vaginal depth level to find the specific Mozu Doll sex doll you want (for example, a 163 cm, 35 kg D-Cup sex doll).

mozu doll

*Please Note: All dimensions are measured manually. Please allow if there is a slight deviation.

mozu doll

mozu doll