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latest sex doll

If you want to stay on top of the latest sex doll trends and own the newest sex dolls available in the market, then you've come to the perfect place!  This page shows the new sex dolls just released by the majority of sex doll brands on the market. Follow this page to stay up to date on the latest sex doll styles, sex doll technology, and sex doll options available. Understand the latest sex doll trends and sex doll industry news better than anyone else!

Realdollshub will update the latest sex dolls on the market daily to ensure that you can get the latest and most unique experience and companionship as quickly as possible to ensure you'll have a brand-new sex doll that no one has ever owned!

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New Launch Sex Dolls: Rock Your Bed!

newest sex doll

The sex doll industry is probably the most alive right now. With so many options already around, it doesn't stop churning out new and even more exciting sex dolls right and left. The darkness has lifted, and people have started seeing value in these new sex dolls, and this has only encouraged stores like Real Dolls hub to cater to each and every need of their customers. With these new sex dolls, there also come new, exciting features and countless customization options. One no longer has to seek companionship in this cruel world. Now you can simply go online and custom order the companion and partner of your dreams.

What Makes These New Sex Dolls Special?

These newest sex dolls come with some new and fantastic features which can help you feel a more real connection with your newest sex doll.

  • New gel-filled butt and breasts: A definite treat for everyone, now all new sex dolls at Real Dolls hub come pre-filled with gel for some extra realistic feel. Now your newest sex doll can quite literally bounce, shake and wiggle.
  • Standing feet without Screws: Nobody in the heat of the moment would like to screw anything except the soft and tight vaginas of their newest sex dolls, let alone the screws on their feet. So Real Dolls Hub brings you the new kind of feet which will help your doll to stand alone without any screws. Just a few weld marks on the ankles do the job.
  • Over 15 different options for customizations: Be its skin color, eye color, toenail color, fingernail color, wig style, areola color and size, labia color, or pubic hair, every type of customization that is humanly possible is available for your new sex doll. This helps you personalize your new sex doll just for yourself. If that was not enough, you could even opt for freckles and a bikini sunburn in your new sex doll.
  • Auto-sucking Vagina: You are attracted to your newest sex doll; now your penis, too, will be sucked in for some heavenly pleasure. This new feature accounts for some mind-blowing orgasms: it's like getting a blowjob while penetrating your favorite new sex doll.
  • Built-in Tongue: You must have missed some making out with your sex doll. It's not the same without a tongue. Worry no more! Now the new sex dolls have an optional built-in tongue for you to tangle yours with.

So, now you don't have to deal with the stress of matchmaking anymore, and with your sex doll, it never gets boring; there will always be something exciting and new to do. And trust me, your best new sex doll will always be up for it! This is your cue to get your hands on one of these feature-packed newest sex dolls and climax away.

Best New Sex Dolls for You

Real dolls Hub is one of the most popular and trusted brands. We have regularly updated their catalog to bring you the best new sex dolls at your fingertips. In our new releases section, you can find over 100 new sex dolls to choose from, each one unique in her own way.

Here we list some of the best new sex dolls for you from the Real Dolls Hub:

  • Aerith Sex doll: Aerith from Final Fantasy is one of the best new sex dolls at the Real Dolls Hub. It offers a wide range of customizability with over nine extra head options. Aerith sex doll, comes home with a personality from the game. She will be great for some role-play action borrowed from the game Final Fantasy- however, with Aerith, no fantasy will be the final fantasy!
  • Flat Chested Sex doll Assos: Her chest may be flat, but she will jump up your heartbeat as she bounces on your penis. With her killer, sassy vibe and yet cute face, she will add some spice to your life as you taste her built-in tongue. There are multiple color options- even a blue one for some avatar fans out there! Not just this, Assos comes with over 20 different head options, touch-sensitive moaning, two skeleton options, over 15 wig styles, and, best of all, some hyper-realistic body paint. All of this will combine for some toe-curling action on the bed.
  • Tall sex doll Scarlett: Now Scarlett, with her bitchy face and sassy personality, comes with an auto-sucking vagina. She's tall, with her huge breasts and sexy legs, waiting for you to teach her the alphabet of orgasms. Just like others, there are numerous options for customizability, and complementing her personality, the most options in nail color.

The list doesn't end here; there's a wide variety of some of the best new sex dolls available at Real dolls hub waiting for you to choose from. So wait no more and get your own new sex doll, companion, experiment, or whatever you may want to call it- and you will see it will rock your life in bed with her newest features and ever-so-sexy body.

newest sex dollnewest sex doll