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Are Silicone Dolls More Durable than TPE Dolls? Key Comparisons You Need to Know!

Jan 5, 2024

Are Silicone Dolls More Durable than TPE Dolls?

Are silicone dolls more durable than TPE dolls? Yes, it is true in most cases. Its durability has also become one of the important reasons for its popularity, and many people will pay for it. But it is very expensive and not so friendly to some people whose income is not that considerable. Even during the New Year sales season, the price of silicone real doll will not be less than $2,000. This is a big expense and does come with some burden. Therefore, when faced with a choice, some people will prefer TPE love doll. Their prices are relatively cheap, and many doll shopping platforms are currently on sale. For example, in Realdollshub, you can buy some TPE dolls for even 1,200 US dollars. Even though it may look so cheap, it has quality and durability beyond the price. Although it may not be as durable as a silicone doll, it is enough to last you a long time if you take good care of it. For some people who are on a tight budget, this is the king of value for money. Of course, if you don’t care about price at all, then feel free to take your pick! In the final choice, whether you choose a silicone or TPE doll, you hope it can become your loyal companion and meet your needs. Please continue reading to discover the differences between silicone and TPE dolls to support your choice!

The Difference Between Silicone Dolls and TPE Dolls

As we all know, with the advancement of the times and the development of technology, sex toys can be seen everywhere today. Among them, the products closest to real people are silicone dolls and TPE sex dolls. Both touch and experience are no different from those of real humans, so they are becoming more and more popular and accepted, recognized, and used by everyone. This is a very good choice for many people. You don't need to face the complicated procedures in reality to get your partner. So what's the difference between them? The two materials have a lot in common. The touch is close to real human skin, with strong plasticity and natural stability. In the initial stages, the material used for the simulation dolls was silicone, but later it was discovered that TPE materials were softer and cheaper. Now, TPE dolls are the mainstream products on the market.
Silicone: Silicone is a thermosetting elastomer. The density of silicone is higher than that of TPE, so it has better anti-aging properties than TPE, which is what we call durability. The high density of silicone gives it greater plasticity and greater room for weight reduction. Therefore, it is excellent in details such as body curves and skin texture. We can see many subtle details in the doll's face. pores and capillaries. But it will feel a little harder. In terms of the design of the frame and face, due to the plastic shape of the silicone material and the advanced frame, it can create actions and postures that are more conducive to shooting. Many silicone doll photo albums are very beautiful, and some people who love photography will mostly choose silicone dolls as models. Their faces are very delicate, their skin texture is prominent, their makeup is exquisite, their eyelashes and eyebrows are more refined, and their hair lines are realistic, more realistic, and beautiful. In addition, dolls made of silicone have no smell. But they are expensive, and this is the most obvious difference.
TPE: TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer material with the characteristics of high strength, high resilience, injection molding processability, environmental protection, non-toxic and safe, soft touch, and can be reused or individually molded. It should be noted that because of its excellent colorability, TPE material is easier to dye. Avoid dressing your sex doll in dark clothing when storing it. The elasticity of TPE is unmatched by silicone. It can freely arrange the different densities of each part of the physical doll body so that each part of the physical doll body has a real touch. For example, if you want the breasts to be soft, you can adjust them to be hollow when injecting the breasts, or you can use a solid structure and adjust the softness of the gel at the same time so that you can determine the roundness, stiffness, or fullness of the breasts of a physical doll compared to Silica gel restores better. However, due to its low material density, it is easier to break and more easily damaged when squeezed by sharp objects, so please try to avoid it.

Silicone Sex Doll Recommendations

Blonde Sex Doll Enid
Height: 172cm/5ft6
Minimum retail price: $2641
Recommendation index: ★★★★
Reason for recommendation: This is the latest SLE series silicone doll released by the top sex doll brand Zelex. To be honest, there is nothing bad about this series, every one of them is a treasure. It uses brand-new technology and materials. According to the person in charge of the brand, it is a "super-soft silicone" material, which brings an unprecedented tactile experience. It is softer than previous silicone and has excellent lifelikeness. The realistic texture feels like touching real skin, making it impossible to tell the difference between real and fake. However, Enid is a bit expensive and is not a budget-friendly option for some people.

Life Size Asian Sex Doll Bonita
Height: 165cm/5ft4
Minimum retail price: $2,070
Recommendation index: ★★★★★
Reason for recommendation: Bonita has a very obvious Asian style, cleverly integrating oriental elegance and modern fashion, which is eye-catching. It is still produced and released by Zelex, once again showing its exquisite craftsmanship. Fair skin and a long skirt match well, outlining a perfect and attractive figure. Compared with Enid, the price of this sex doll may be more affordable.

Life Size Asian Sex Doll Suki
Height: 153cm/4ft11
Minimum retail price: $1920
Recommendation index: ★★★★★
Reason for recommendation: As a doll made of all silicone material, Suki’s price is relatively friendly and very cost-effective! Also very obvious Asian style. The face shows the unique innocence and cuteness of a girl. She has a very hot and sexy figure. Who can resist this contrast? This contrasting dual quality intertwines to create a unique and irresistible charm. Whether you prefer pure and cute or sexy and hot, Suki can find her unique place in your heart.

TPE Sex Doll Recommendation

Big Boobs Sex Doll Vivian
Height: 162cm/5ft4
Minimum retail price: $1,799
Recommendation index: ★★★★★
Reason for recommendation: Bronze skin paired with western cowboy-style clothing is very attractive, and the curly hair exudes a unique and charming temperament, which is free and different. No one can resist such a special partner, not to mention a pair of oversized breasts. What's more, it's also reasonably priced. If you are on a tight budget, this would be a good choice. In addition, due to the TPE material, Vivian is very soft and lifelike in terms of touch and texture, providing an unparalleled experience!
Sakura Haruno Sex Doll
Height: 159cm/5ft2
Minimum retail price: $1,320
Recommendation index: ★★★★★
Reason for recommendation: Inspired by Haruno Sakura, a character in the famous anime Naruto. One of its most striking features is its short pink hair, which is full of personality. Haruno Sakura's personality is both firm and gentle, and she shows tenacity and growth in the story. Her inner tenacity and determination are always full of energy and courage. This unique and powerful image has not only won many fans in anime but also inspired people to be brave at all times. Because of this, Sakura sex dolls have also gained many ardent fans.
Cammy Sex Doll
Height: 157cm/5ft2
Minimum retail price: 1399
Recommendation index: ★★★★
Reason for recommendation: This product is released by the well-known doll manufacturer FunwestDoll and is consistent with their brand style. The facial features are very delicate, lifelike, and European and American style, but there are also some cute and pure elements in it. Their exquisite skills are displayed in every aspect. The height of 157cm is a great choice for some people who are not very physically strong. This doll is like a companion full of charm and personality. Whether it is for collection or to add interest to life, she can become a dazzling choice in your life.

In Conclusion

When comparing the durability of silicone dolls and TPE dolls, silicone dolls are more durable in most cases and become one of the popular choices. However, its expensive price is not suitable for everyone, while TPE dolls are relatively affordable. Although they may not be as durable as silicone dolls, TPE dolls are the best value for money when you are on a budget. Silicone has better plasticity and durability, while TPE is softer and relatively cheap. When choosing a doll, whether it is silicone or TPE, you expect it to be your loyal companion and meet your needs. The two materials are similar in feel, moldability, and stability, but silicone doll are more durable due to their high density. Plus, we recommend some great sex dolls in this article to help you make an informed choice! We look forward to bringing home the right partner for you in the new year and experiencing those sweet feelings together that you have never experienced before.

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