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Do Silicone Sex Dolls Need Lube? Care Tips to Stay Soft and Smooth!

Jan 9, 2024

Do Silicone Sex Dolls Need Lube?

Do silicone sex dolls need lube? Yes! This is the key to providing you with excellent service. We’ve mentioned in many of our previous articles the need to use lube when interacting intimately with a love doll. Whether it is a silicone doll or a TPE doll. Not only does this allow you to enjoy sex to the fullest, but it can also be the key to protecting your doll. Prevent its body from being torn apart and effectively avoid accidents. If you think that only real humans need lubricant when having sex, and dolls don’t, you’re wrong! It works better than you think, and sometimes you don't even feel like you're having sex with a doll. And just like using condoms, there's no shame in using lube. Not only that, it can also greatly increase your sexual experience, and you can choose to have adventures with any different styles of dolls. It can also be used during oral sex to make your sex session smoother, more passionate, and more challenging. For those who like oral sex, this is indeed an option not to be missed. No one doesn’t love this fantasy experience. You shouldn't feel embarrassed about using personal lubricant, and you don't have to feel embarrassed about using it. A sex doll is an investment that requires proper care and maintenance on your part to be durable and provide you with long-term companionship and support. Therefore, when we want a corresponding return on our investment, please read this article carefully. It contains a lot of key and useful information to help us treat our partners correctly.

What Lube Should I Use?

Knowing that you should use lube when having sex with a sex doll, you may have questions like, which lube should I choose? Which lubricant won't harm a doll? Lube can aid in sex with a sex doll. It can help you stimulate your doll's passion and get more incredible feelings. Of course, the lubricant of your choice should be used to enhance the overall experience. Our advice to you is that water-based lubricants (including aloe vera-based lubricants) are compatible with silicone toys. This lube washes off easily, is affordable, and won't damage condoms. Is a very ideal choice. Most personal lubricants are designed for humans and therefore are safe to use on sex doll skin, note this is only for love doll body skin! However, it is important to only use water-based lubricants with your silicone doll. You can use it without any scruples during sex or oral sex, which will greatly enhance your experience. You can use it for almost any sexual activity if you want! But do not use any oil-based, petroleum-based, or silicone lubricants as they can damage your doll. Causes irreversible damage, shortening the doll's life. It's not just sex dolls that can use oil-based lube, any silicone sex doll can! To have the best sex experience and extend the life of your sex doll, using lube is a key skill. Secrets to help you achieve long-term happiness. Please read on!

What are the Benefits of Using Lubricants?

Make your sex doll durable and provide long-lasting companionship. You know, there are certain differences between love dolls and humans, even though they are designed to be very lifelike. If you force yourself to have sex with her without lube, it can cause her vagina and anus to rip. At the same time, it can also cause damage to your reproductive organs and cause unbearable pain. This is not only irresponsible for the sex doll, but also irresponsible for your body! Therefore, lube is very necessary to ensure that you have smoother and silkier sex. It provides an effective protective umbrella for the doll and its owner. When used with a condom, you will gain unprecedented pleasure. Not only for the durability of the love doll but also for the physical safety of you and the doll, please use lube!
The lubricant is very easy to clean after use and will not harm the doll. This excellent lubricant not only allows you to experience unparalleled smoothness, but more importantly, it brings cleaning convenience. Cleaning a sex doll after use is incredibly simple and easy, even easier than the original. While it will not cause damage to the sex doll, it will also help you quickly clean its body and private areas. In addition, this can also save you more time and keep your sex doll in a clean condition like new. The great thing about lubricant is not only the smoothness it provides but also the easy cleaning experience it provides, allowing you to enjoy every intimate moment with your doll more fully. No more worrying about complicated work afterward!

What Brand of Lubricant Should I Choose?

The choice can be made based on personal preferences and needs. Generally speaking, just like eating and wearing clothes, we often need a process to find what we like. We need to constantly explore and adjust to find the one that suits us best. And along the way, we need to continue to fail and try a lot of different things. And for sex dolls, it's the same. At first, we may have been confused as to which lubricant to choose, but then we found a solution! You can refer to this. To find the ideal lubricant, we recommend that you purchase a small bottle of a water-based lubricant brand and try it out to find the one that works best for your doll, at least the one that you think will work best. Just like cosmetics, many cosmetics counters will give you some samples that you can try before deciding whether to buy them. You can try various lubricants until you find the right brand. Not every brand of lube is the same, and not every doll owner has the same experience. So, keep trying is the best way! In addition, lubricants are not a big expense, so please don’t worry too much about whether your wallet will be harmed. And don’t cause permanent damage to your doll by saving this little money.

Kind Tips:

In addition to not using lubrication, which can cause irreversible damage to a sex doll, the following actions can also cause damage to the doll. Please read carefully:
Never clean your love doll: We have also written a professional article before to help you clean your real doll correctly. This step is equally important. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will lead to the growth of bacteria and may cause the risk of infectious diseases. Odors, mold, etc. are all very annoying situations. It may even shorten the life of your love doll. It must be cleaned promptly after each use, even if it is not in use, it must be cleaned every 2-4 weeks!
Exposure to temperature extremes: Exposing your doll to extreme heat or cold for an extended period may damage the materials, which can cause the skin on the surface of the doll's body to crack. Doesn't provide a great look. Therefore, it is important to store your silicone sex doll in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If placing your real doll in a room with extreme temperatures is unavoidable, you will need to make sure the room is equipped with equipment such as a portable dehumidifier, air conditioner or heater, depending on the temperature changes.

In Conclusion

Do I need to use lube when having sex with a real doll? The answer is yes! Using lube not only enhances your sex experience, it also protects your doll. Make sure your doll is always in good condition to avoid damage and extend its life. It is recommended to choose a water-based lubricant to avoid damage to the silicone doll. Using Lubricant Sea brings many benefits, including making cleaning easier, providing a smoother experience, etc., which can enhance the overall experience and obtain an incredible experience, making every use as perfect as immersive. and emphasized the importance of proper maintenance of sex dolls. In addition, we provide advice on choosing a lubricant brand in this article, highlighting the suitability of different brands and encouraging you to experiment and find the best option for you and your doll. Finally, we need to carefully read the contents of the Warm Tips section. Some suggestions are given for prolonging the life of sex dolls, warning that inappropriate behavior may cause harm to sex dolls, such as not cleaning in time, exposure to extreme temperatures, etc. All in all, the use of lubricants plays a vital role in the care and maintenance of sex dolls. At the same time, the use of lubricants can also enhance the experience of using sex dolls. And following the correct usage can ensure that your intimate time with your doll is always fun and safe. Please stay tuned to Realdollshub for more tips on sex dolls!

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