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End of January: New Game Lady Doll Character D.VA Sex Doll

Jan 27, 2024

It's great to meet you all again, January has come to an end. It's been a relatively quiet week as Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Doll manufacturers may have been immersed in the New Year atmosphere, but there are still some brands that decided to carry out last-minute promotions before then. Among them, the Game Lady Doll released the highly anticipated game character sex doll, D.VA from Overwatch (OW). Everything from the appearance design to the detail processing is exquisite, allowing players to feel the charm of this character more deeply. In addition, there are also some new brands releasing the latest sex dolls. Next, read this week's news with us!

Game Lady Doll

This week Game Lady Doll released a new game character, D.VA in Overwatch (OW). A blue tight-fitting combat costume perfectly displays the curves of its figure in our field of vision, looking very sexy and attractive. It is made of all silicone material because the facial details and body texture are very realistic. If you get close to it, you will see the tiny pores on the tip of its nose and the capillaries on its arms. For those who pursue realism, the lifelike D.A. is an excellent choice. Its breasts are not very big, but they are still soft and more wrapping. The perfect medium-breasted sex doll also allows you to experience incredible sensations. And, this is great news for gaming fans and collectors, make it your next top piece!

Irontech Doll

On the occasion of the New Year, Irontech is still quite active and always maintains the best update frequency! This week, nearly ten new sex dolls were unveiled for everyone to choose from. They are indeed so rich that it is difficult to choose. Maintaining their consistent style, very familiar face design. They are always good at magnifying the advantages of dolls, and every new photo is almost a masterpiece. The Asian Sex Doll Mara, height 162cm/5ft4; and Blonde Sex Doll Priya, height 162cm/5ft4, I like these two models very much, they look very attractive. But the price of each model is not cheap, and almost all of them adopt a full silicone design. You can make a decision based on your needs and actual income.

Real Lady Doll

Real Lady launched three new dolls this week. They are Big Ass Sex Doll Manon, Hot Blonde Sex Doll Margo, and Milf Sex Doll Minnie. They are all 170cm/5ft6 in height. Bronze skin is full of unique beauty and exotic style. Exudes a healthy and confident glow. Its plump buttocks design shows an unprecedented sexy charm, seeming to exude seductive charm. These three new Real Lady sex dolls are undoubtedly the perfect combination of beauty and exoticism. It provides a new choice for players who pursue unique and sexy dark-skinned girls.

Starpery Doll

This week, Starpery released a new BBW sex doll called Honey, which has soft breasts and a wide butt that is very attractive. It forms a strong contrast with its slender waist. No one would question it if I said I have a devilish figure! What's surprising is that Honey's bronzed skin looks like a beauty in a beach bikini who just got out of the bath! Although its height is only petite 148cm, it looks more than handsome here. If you have special needs, please choose from the rich and advanced customization options to add to its charm.

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So that wraps up this week’s news, as we saw many brands remain active at the end of the month, launching quite a few new sex dolls for everyone to choose from. It's not much, but it's enough. Either way, it’s been a good week! We look forward to bringing more exciting content after the new year. I hope everyone will have all the best in the new year! Please continue to follow us and we will bring you the latest sex doll information.

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