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How Do I Clean a TPE Sex Doll?

May 7, 2024

How Do I Clean a TPE Sex Doll?

How do I clean a TPE sex doll? The cleaning method is similar to that of silicone sex dolls. You must prepare mild water, soft towels, baby powder, and other tools. Use the hand-held shower head to clean the doll's body and use a vaginal douche to clean the private parts. You can wipe it with a wet towel to better and thoroughly clean the joints. Please use doll-specific cleaners and avoid using products containing alcohol or corrosives. Otherwise, the skin of the TPE sex doll will be damaged, causing irreparable consequences. Finally, dry it with a towel and place it in a cool and ventilated place until the moisture in your love doll's body completely evaporates. At the same time, we can also use some baby oil to make the skin silkier. To keep our dolls with us for a longer time, timely cleaning is one of the aspects that cannot be ignored. It’s also a top choice for improving our overall sensory experience, a key technique for achieving sexual pleasure. Because the TPE material has very soft characteristics, it is almost close to the touch of human skin. Therefore, we need to be extra careful not to come into contact with sharp objects when cleaning or using them, as this will cause permanent damage to the doll! So next, through this article, we will introduce to you in more detail what you need to prepare before cleaning a TPE sex doll, the cleaning process, cleaning matters, storage environment, etc., to help you better take care of your partner!

What Should I Prepare Before Cleaning a TPE Sex Doll?

Warm water: Warm water at 30 to 40 degrees is very helpful for cleaning dolls. Avoid using water that is too hot or too cold, as this will not only damage the doll's texture but also affect its overall beauty. Please pay attention to this if you are a first-time player using and cleaning dolls.
Doll-specific cleaner: Cleans stains and bodies more thoroughly, is friendly to sex doll skin, will not cause any adverse consequences, and will not cause harm to human health. Therefore, it is crucial to purchase a doll-specific cleaner. Avoid using cleaning products containing alcohol and caustics, which can cause irreversible damage to your doll.
Vaginal douche: Cleaning the vagina of a sex doll is a difficult process. If you don't use a vaginal douche, it will be difficult for us to flush out the secretions inside. This will cause mold and bacteria to grow on the doll's body, and will also be harmful to human health. In addition, the vaginal irrigator is also helpful for you to clean the more private parts such as the mouth and anus of the doll, making the whole process easier.
Microfiber cloth/soft towel: Help you better wipe the residue on the face and body of the TPE sex doll. Repeat this process 3-4 times to ensure that you clean the doll. Can also be used to dry your doll.
Cotton swabs: It is very convenient to clean the face of a sex doll, especially around the eyes, corners of the mouth, etc. Using cotton swabs can help you clean away some tiny residues more conveniently.
Baby Oil/Baby Powder: After cleansing, apply baby oil all over your body and let it absorb overnight. Baby oil is very important for keeping your sex doll’s skin silky and smooth, and it’s essential to use after drying! If you still feel a little greasy before storing, use baby powder to keep it dry and make it more comfortable during use!
Doll hanging rack/doll storage box: used to store your sex dolls and save more space for home entertainment. At the same time, your privacy is kept safe and no one will discover your little quirks.

The Process of Cleaning TPE Sex Dolls

Wig: Generally speaking, when cleaning sex dolls, we recommend starting with the wig. Take it off gently from the doll's head, and use detergent to slowly wash it along the direction of the hair. You also need to use a comb to comb it along when drying to prevent tangles. Please do not use a hair dryer or place it in a place where the temperature is too high, as this will cause certain damage to the wig.
Face: Use a cotton swab dipped in warm water to clean the residue on the TPE doll’s face. Do not use violence! Then use a soft towel to dry it to keep the sex doll's face clean and enhance the visual sensory experience. You don’t want to face a dirty partner, do you?
Body: Wet the doll's body with the shower head, apply doll-specific detergent, and rub gently and repeatedly until there is no stain left. Pay special attention to joints, such as elbows, knees, etc. Please be careful not to allow water to enter the body from the connection between the sex doll's neck and body, as this will cause irreversible damage to the doll's internal body parts and skeleton. What’s more, not only will this affect your overall experience, it will also put a dent in your wallet!
Vagina/Anus: Use the mild antibacterial soapy water in the vaginal irrigator to rinse the root canal until it is completely clean, and then rinse the root canal with the water in the vaginal irrigator to help you thoroughly clean the secretions from the doll's body and keep it clean and hygienic. Prevent mold and bacteria from growing and extend the life of your sex doll. At the same time, it also protects human health.
Dry your TPE sex doll: Use a towel to dry your doll, this is a very important step, so please don’t ignore it! The above cleaning process will help you clean the doll better and keep it dry. Even after you dry the doll, continue to place it in a cool and ventilated place and wait for it to dry naturally. Avoiding direct sunlight is an important part of preventing the sex doll's body from being damaged and maintaining its attractive appearance. Finally, apply a layer of baby powder all over the TPE sex doll to keep the skin dry and improve the feel, making the next intimate interaction between you and the doll more pleasurable and satisfying.

How Often Should You Clean a TPE Sex Doll?

Cleaning and removing factory residue before the first use and cleaning after each use are essential. It can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria promptly, thus extending the life of the sex doll and helping you obtain long-term sexual pleasure. When not in use, maintain regular cleaning and maintenance within 2-4 weeks. Move the doll's joints and apply a small amount of Vaseline on pressure areas such as knees, groin, and openings to maintain flexibility and try more positions. If you don't wash it, you will feel bored, dull, and uncomfortable during sex.

How to Store Your TPE Sex Doll?

The first choice is to avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humid places, which may cause certain damage to the body of the sex doll, thereby affecting the overall experience. Secondly, don't pose the doll when you're out and about, as the pressure on the TPE may cause it to tear over time. If you're not using her, return her to a neutral position with her arms at her sides and legs together. Finally, using a doll hanging rack or a doll storage box is a good choice. It can not only ensure your privacy and security but also save more space for home entertainment. For many people with limited space, it is well worth a try! Moreover, the sex doll storage box is equipped with locks and wheels, which is convenient for carrying the TPE sex doll when traveling or shooting. I believe it will be a very qualified model! Unlock more sex doll scenes and get more unique experiences. If you have some unique sexual preferences, this would be a great opportunity. In addition, you can also choose to lay it flat on the bed or in the closet. This method is very convenient and allows you to do something interesting with it at any time.


  • Whether drying or storing, please avoid direct sunlight or humid places.
  • Avoid contact with sharp objects or uneven floors.
  • When storing TPE sex dolls, avoid wearing dark clothes for a long time. This will cause your doll to be stained and difficult to restore to its original state.
  • Avoid any products containing alcohol or corrosives.
  • Don’t share your doll with anyone.
  • Never drag the doll with your hands or feet, always use the "bear hug" or "arm hug" technique to move your doll safely.

Proper Cleaning Prolongs the Life of TPE Sex Dolls

Cleaning a TPE sex doll is similar to a silicone sex doll. Prepare the necessary tools in advance, such as warm water, soft towels, baby powder, etc., and then clean them step by step, starting from the wig, face, body, vagina/anus, etc. Be sure to use a doll-specific cleaner. Use special detergents and vaginal douches when cleaning your doll's private parts. We recommend cleaning and removing factory residue before the first use and cleaning after each use. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help prevent bacterial growth and extend the life of your sex doll. In addition, when storing inflatable dolls, you need to avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity. At the same time, be careful to avoid contact with sharp objects, avoid wearing dark clothes for long periods, and avoid contact with any products containing alcohol or corrosive substances. More importantly, don’t share your sex doll with others. Cleaning a sex doll is important to maintain its look and feel, but also for the health and safety of the user. Hopefully, this article helps you better clean your TPE dolls.

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