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Latest Sex Doll & Summer Promotions

Jun 8, 2024

This week is still very active and lively. Not only are there many new sex dolls, but there are also many summer promotions online! Bringing new faces and discounts at the same time, I have to say, this is delightful news. Moreover, each sex doll has its characteristics and charm and looks quite attractive. If you are looking for a suitable sex doll as your partner, then this week's news will help you make an informed decision. So, let's browse this week's news and see what interesting news has come.


ZELEX, which has always been active, released 3 new sex dolls this week. The styles this time are better than before! They are Milf Sex Doll Imani, 163cm/5ft4; Small Tits Sex Doll Irina, 165cm/5ft5; Asian Sex Doll Snow, 170cm/5ft7. The new products are eye-catching, especially Irina, with pearl elements + lace underwear + red leather, full of retro style, very beautiful. The proud facial expression makes it as smart as a wild cat. Snow is more like a gentle girl, full of charm in silence. This week's new products are astonishing, I think it is much more exciting than the previous weeks.

FunWest Doll

FunWest unveiled their new doll this week - Blonde Sex Doll Skylar, 165cm/5ft4. Compared with the previous face, this doll has a more stubborn look, and the slightly smoky eye makeup is full of personality. The C cup breasts can be held in one hand, which is very attractive for users who prefer a medium body. More importantly, it is very economical and provides a more friendly choice. The characteristics of the TPE material give the doll more softness and realism, allowing users to feel a touch closer to real people during use.

Aibei Doll

Aibei released 4 new dolls this week. The styles do not look very different and are very similar to the dolls they released previously. The design of the silicone head + TPE body adds more realism. The face of the new doll has obvious skin texture and fine pores. The soft TPE body is very elastic and feels very good. The body curves are also in line with the current popular aesthetics, and the powerful muscle lines are full of health. In addition, the affordable price is also a point that users can hardly refuse.

Fanreal Doll

Fanreal launched 4 new sex dolls this week, Asian Sex Doll Yao and Asian Sex Doll Xue, both 159cm/5ft2; Blonde Sex Doll Maria and Best Blonde Sex Doll Della, both 155cm/5ft1. To be honest, these dolls are no different from the previous ones, and even have some of the same faces. Della looks a little different, with a more aggressive mature-type makeup. With her sexy body curves, she can satisfy users' desire to conquer.

Starpery Doll

Starpery released 3 new sex dolls this week, new head Lucretia 165cm G cup, new ROS head GiGi & New 3rd generation body 176cm C cup, Gemini Sexy Ladies 171cm A cup Hedy and 174cm C cup Lubby. Lucretia prefers the mature style, whether it is the face or clothing design, she is like a mature mother's friend or a warm-hearted neighbor. GiGi's short golden hair is full of personality, making it difficult to ignore its beauty, and her figure is also quite perfect! These new products not only have significant improvements in appearance but also have more refined details. It brings more comfortable and friendly choices to users.

Limited Time Promotion Available
FunWest Doll

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1 x FREE Fixed Tongue
1 x FREE EvO Skeleton
1 x FREE Extra Random wig
1 x FREE Realistic Body Painting

Fanreal Doll

1 x FREE Realistic Head Makeup
1 x FREE Realistic Body Makeup
1 x FREE Articulated Fingers
1 x FREE Hard Hand
1 x FREE Movable Jaw
1 x FREE Gel Breast
1 x FREE Ultra Soft Inner Vagina
1 x FREE Ultra Soft Butt
1 x FREE Movable Toes
1 x FREE Standing Feet without Bolts

Starpery Doll

1 x Free 2nd Head
1 x FREE Implanted Synthetic Hair
1 x FREE Full Movable Eyes with Veins
1 x FREE Gel Breast
1 x FREE Gel Butt (for silicone doll)
1 x FREE Realistic Body Painting
1 x FREE Articulated Finger
1 x FREE Hard Feet (for silicone doll)
1 x Free Standing Feet
1 x FREE EvO SkeletonFree W.R, 4.0 Upgrade (only 151 B cup, 171 D cup, and 172 F cup silicone doll available now)
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1 x FREE Gel Breast & Gel Butt
1 x FREE Realistic Body Painting

Well, that's the end of this week's news. We saw many new dolls and the latest promotions from sex doll brands. It was a very lively week, and the active atmosphere filled this June. During the welcoming season, we also brought discounts and brought more choices to everyone. Please continue to follow us and we will bring you the latest sex doll news.

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