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Mai Shiranui Sex Doll: The Hot Character From King of Fighters Comes to Reality?

Sep 28, 2023

Get to Know Mai Shiranui and Mai Shiranui Sex Doll

Do you still know nothing about Mai Shiranui silicone doll? This is indeed a bit difficult to understand for some friends who are not interested in games. Next, explore with us! Mai Shiranui is a captivating and spirited character from the world of video games, known for her exceptional martial arts skills and undeniable charm. She first made her mark in the iconic "Fatal Fury" series, where her agility and graceful fighting techniques quickly gained her a legion of fans. With her fiery personality and eye-catching outfits, Mai became a staple character in the beloved "The King of Fighters" franchise, solidifying her status as one of the most iconic figures in the gaming world. Her fans appreciate not only her impressive fighting abilities but also her confident and independent nature, making her a beloved character for gamers around the globe. 

Mai Shiranui is one of the most famous sexy female characters in the game. Holding a fan is Mai Shiranui's signature move, and of course, another unforgettable feature is her plump figure and huge breasts. Therefore, Mai Shiranui sex dollscame into being, bringing virtual game characters to us. The characters or costumes of the game characters are realistically restored at Mai Shiranui is one of the most famous sexy female characters in the game. Holding a fan is Mai Shiranui's signature move, and of course, another unforgettable feature is her plump figure and huge breasts. Therefore, Mai Shiranui silicone doll came into being, bringing virtual game characters to us. This life-size realistic silicone doll reproduces the character or clothing of the game character 1:1, and the iconic red clothes are hard to ignore. Not only can you have a more intimate interaction with her, but it can also be used as a collection. This is indeed a very good collection! Can't put it down. Please read on if you want to know more about Mai Shiranui real doll!

Get to Know EX Doll, The Maker Of Mai Shiranui Sex Dolls

As the top manufacturer in the industry, EX Doll has rich experience and strength in manufacturing high-quality silicone dolls! He became a rising star! Their exceptional attention to detail and unparalleled originality set them apart from other brands, making them the first sex doll company to launch in China. It creates many different sex dolls for everyone to choose from. In addition to the very popular King of Fighters Mai Shiranui real doll. Among them, there are many dolls that are loved by sex doll enthusiasts, such as the Realistic Asian Sex Doll Jie, which is an incredible new doll that is reproduced 1:1 by a real person. When I saw this doll, I couldn't help but marvel, because she is so beautiful and lifelike, even the veins on her ankles and fingertips are clearly visible! Unbelievable! One drawback is that it's a bit expensive, but I'd say it's well worth the money! In addition, EX Doll also offers four different series - Utopia, Ukiyo-e, CyberFusion, and RealClone - to meet various needs, if you are interested, please click here to learn more!

Mai Shiranui Sex Doll Features and Materials

  • EX Mai Shiranui sex doll has exquisite details and high-end materials. It is loved for its perfect 1:1 reproduction of character characteristics. As the best-selling doll, Mai Shiranui love doll has always been known for its exquisitely detailed design and high-quality materials and is loved by many sex doll enthusiasts. Mai Shiranui sex doll is 167cm tall. Its facial contours and expressions are lifelike, and its small cherry mouth is very attractive and sexy. The characters in the game are perfectly replicated 1:1. Whether it's the deep eyes, strong nose, or rosy mouth, every detail has been carefully crafted to capture the charm and characteristics of the original character! The most important thing is her huge breasts, which not only attract many fans but also give them a very recognizable feature. This feature makes Mai Shiranui real doll unique on the market, making them a popular choice for many gaming fans and collectors.
  • Mai Shiranui's real doll is made of full silicone to ensure durability. Provide a realistic experience and achieve double enjoyment! Mai Shiranui sex doll is made of high-quality silicone material. This carefully selected material not only ensures the durability and durability of the doll and provides an unparalleled experience, but also makes the doll look very similar to the avatar in the game, as if the character in the game appears in front of you across the screen! This high-quality material also ensures that the Mai Shiranui love doll is easy to clean, allowing it to maintain a like-new appearance, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game world while maintaining the doll's attractive appearance at all times, dual vision and experience at the same time conduct!

Want to Know Some Great Deals On Mai Shiranui Sex Dolls?

  • Cleaning Pump: Mai Shiranui sex doll has a set of eye-catching items to help you get to know and enjoy her better! Includes a simple and effective cleaning pump that can quickly and effectively clean the body and interior of the doll after use. And having a cleaning pump can also provide an all-weather cleaning solution for the doll. No matter when, we can always help you and your doll in time!
  • USB heating rod: A USB heater is a must-have choice in winter. It allows you to enjoy a warm environment at any time, no matter where you are. More importantly, the function of the heating rod can make the doll closer to the temperature of a real person, ensuring that there is no difference between the doll and the real world when entering the doll. Who can refuse such a realistic experience?
  • Comb: We will also be equipped with a beautiful comb that will help the doll maintain excellent appearance. After intimate interaction, please help the doll tidy up its beautiful appearance to ensure that it is in perfect condition every time.
  • Blanket: A soft blanket will provide you with warm comfort and make you feel at home on a cold night, and is perfect for wiping your body after an intimate interaction with your doll!
  • Clothing: Finally, we will give away a set of clothing from the original game character so that the doll can continue to retain its charm and restore the game character even more! Likewise, having this in your collection would just be the icing on the cake!
These items are not only practical but also attractive, making your daily life and intimate interactions with your doll more comfortable, warm, and stylish.

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Choose Realdollshub and all dolls will be shipped privately! Ensure that every consumer can enjoy a safe and comfortable shopping experience. Discreetly packaged to protect sensitive information! Make your shopping more private! And the important thing is, all products come with free shipping! We have always taken consumer satisfaction as our mission and strive to meet and cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind gift or pursuing your own personal style, we'll do our best to make you feel engaged and satisfied.

Mai Shiranui Sex Doll Ordering Process:

1. Select all DIY customization options, such as whether hair transplantation is required, whether the doll needs to be able to stand and whether additional doll heads are needed;
2. Add to the shopping cart, fill in the delivery and contact information and check out;
3. After receiving the order, your doll will start production, and the entire production process will take about 2-3 weeks;
4. After production is completed, the staff will send you actual factory photos of your doll to confirm you whether it can be shipped;
5. After confirmation, air freight logistics will be arranged immediately and a tracking code will be provided (the package will be delivered by UPS or FedEx);
6. Free shipping on all orders! Confidential packaging, no one will know what's in the package except you!

Warm reminder: Customized dolls will be delivered within one month, but exceptions may occur due to holidays, weather, or uncertainties! Please don't worry.

Clean and Store Your Sex Doll

  • Proper cleaning of the doll: After using the doll, please use mild soapy water and a mild wet towel to wipe the doll's body. You can use the cleaning pump we provided to rinse the outside and inside of the doll. Please do not rub the doll's body hard. After rinsing, please place the doll in a dry, ventilated, and cool place until the doll's moisture is completely evaporated.
  • Store the doll properly: You can wipe the body of the doll with talcum powder or baby powder before storing it to help keep the doll in the best condition. You can use a doll storage box to store full-size dolls, which is more convenient. It is very suitable to be placed under the bed or in a storage room. It not only ensures a clean and comfortable home entertainment space but also protects your privacy and security! Note: Do not let your doll wear dark clothes for a long time before storing it to avoid the doll's body being stained!

Buy Mai Shiranui Sex Doll Now!

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