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Month-End Bonus: The Latest Silicone Doll is Here!

Apr 30, 2024

The whole month of April is very lively! Not only have there been many brand upgrades with updated options, but many new faces are joining our sex doll family. Moreover, we also bring you many discounts, making the burden of buying sex dolls lighter! However, this may have been a quiet week, but there are still new dolls coming online, and quite a few of them. What a great way to end the month with a bonus! Especially the SE Doll is a surprise, with quite a few new dolls launched online. There are also some limited-time offers waiting for you. Next, join us to see what interesting news this week has.

SE Doll

SE is very surprising this week. It has updated 5 new silicone dolls in one go, which are full of vitality. They are Skyler, 161cm/5ft3 tall; Avery, 153cm/5ft3 tall; Hannah, 161cm/5ft3 tall; Peggy, 163cm/5ft3 tall; Harper, also 161cm/5ft3 tall. Each doll is beautiful and full of personality. Although they are released together, there are obvious differences. Especially Hannah, her unique American makeup is eye-catching, and her huge breasts and butt look full of temptation. I think this new version is better than their content, and it is also completely new in style. They are all made of TPE material to create a lifelike face and body. At the same time, softness and safety are maintained. This content update is perfect for those who pursue ultimate realism and have sensitive skin.

Zelex Doll

Zelex updated a new face GE95 this week, named Realistic Sex Doll Delia, height 175cm/5ft74. It still comes from their signature series - the Inspiration series. It can be seen that they are very satisfied with this series. Almost all the content updated in the past two weeks is consistent with it. In addition, their SLE series is also very popular and is also popular among users. Delia has a new change in makeup. The use of small smoky makeup makes her look a bit like a disobedient little wild cat. It inadvertently inspires men's desire to conquer and is full of charm. Sexy body curves are hard to resist. The addition of a movable jaw means an additional desired release channel. If you have a strong interest in oral sex, Delia will let you experience the feeling of flying again. But overall I don’t think there is much change from the inspiration series they have released in the past.

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So, that wraps up this week’s news! It does seem a bit calmer than the past few weeks! But the addition of SE makes this week’s content lively and rich. The 5 different styles of dolls are a surprise, and Zelex once again shows their vitality. Overall, it’s a pretty good ending to the end of April! Not to mention some discounts are waiting for us! Please continue to follow us to bring you the latest sex doll news. . .

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