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New Brand CLIMAX & Latest Silicone Doll

Mar 23, 2024

It's been a while since the last news release, and it's been a relatively quiet week. Fortunately, things have gotten warmer this week. Maybe spring has arrived, showing a feeling of joy and positivity. It does feel very comfortable and relaxing. This week we saw the addition of the new sex doll brand CLIMAX Doll, as well as the release of many new silicone dolls, there are quite a lot of them, and the photos look very attractive! And the variety is very rich, each one has its characteristics. So, join us as we browse this week's news.


CLIMAX officially joined our team this week, once again injecting new energy and creativity into our Realdollshub. It uses high-quality materials to create many exquisite heads and realistic bodies, and its lifelike appearance is full of attraction. Another top sex doll brand has emerged. The different styles of dolls are dazzling, adding more choices and possibilities. Although it is a new brand, it can be seen that its strength is still strong. In addition, they also released 16 new love dolls this week, which is quite an astonishing number. Each doll's face is designed very delicately, especially Meru, which I think is very unique. A bit like the evil witch described in a storybook? All in all, it's very unique, and the tongue extending outward is also very charming, although its breasts don't look big.

FunWest Doll

FunWest launched two new dolls this week, Avatar Sex Doll Kylie and Big Boobs Sex Doll Rose, which have the same height of 157cm/5ft2 and TPE material. Therefore, the price is very cheap and affordable. Both are $1,399, again adding options for those on a budget. Kylie's blue skin is full of mystery, but her face is still delicate and beautiful. And its breasts and butt look big, but its slender waist is obvious. Rose has maintained the consistent style of their brand without much change. The highlight of these two dolls is that they are extremely cost-effective, providing more choices for consumers who pursue high quality and low price.

Starpery Doll

Starpery unveiled a new doll named Jin this week, with a 163cm C cup new body and a silicone head + TPE body design. He has a very obvious Asian style, with yellow hair and skin, and his figure is not that exaggerated. I think it's very similar to the new Asian Sex Doll Xue that was released not long ago, except that the makeup here is lighter. Jin shows a gentle and natural beauty, which seems to be a true portrayal of an Asian woman. Unassuming yet charming, this may be one of her attractive features.

Irontech Doll

Irontech launches six new love dolls this week. They are Elf sex Doll Echo, Blonde Sex Doll Gia, Blonde sex Doll Jaime, Japanese Sex Doll Janica, Japanese Sex Doll Juana, and Asian Sex Doll Josie. They have different styles, especially Echo’s face, and clothing. I think it’s eye-catching. The green clothing and elf ears match well. The openable mouth design means additional channels for venting desire, which is an excellent choice for those who like oral sex. In addition, Irontech also highlighted the materials and craftsmanship of these new dolls. Committed to improving users' overall experience and providing more satisfaction and sexual pleasure.


ZELEX has updated its SLE series with a new doll called Cyrilla, 175cm/5ft74 tall. Wearing a more sexy leopard print tube top skirt and stockings, full of temptation. Does its face look familiar? Yes, I think it is very similar to Daisy from the best-selling Inspiration series. The skin color also has some similarities, as if she is her sister. But Cyrilla's face is shorter, rounder, and softer. It exudes a gentle and charming atmosphere. All in all both dolls are worth buying, they always deliver the best and never disappoint.

SE Doll

SE seems to be staying active, releasing two new dolls this week. They are Big Boobs Sex Doll Harper, height 168cm/5ft6, and Asian Sex Doll Queena, height 157cm/5ft2. We can see their big breasts in the photos. The TPE material design gives them a soft and elastic touch and also includes more realistic facial features and body proportions. It brings richer choices and a higher level of enjoyment to users.

So, that wraps up this week’s news! We have seen the addition of the new brand CLIMAX, which has brought new vitality and made us full of expectations for future development. As well as new love dolls, the number is quite impressive. But in terms of design and production technology, they have maintained their consistent level, and even performed better! It’s great to see so much activity as spring approaches! Hopefully, this momentum will continue and bring more surprises and innovations to our industry. Looking forward to the next news continue to witness the prosperity and development of the industry! Stay tuned as we bring you the latest sex doll news.

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