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New Dolls and Latest Promotions At the End of October

Oct 24, 2023

Hi, long time no see everyone! September is coming to an end soon, and in the blink of an eye, we are reaching the end of October, about to enter the cold winter. At the same time, the latest news comes from the doll industry. As we continue our October journey, we are lucky enough to have another amazing week ahead of us! This week, many doll manufacturers have released new dolls and the latest promotions, making everyone more excited to welcome the arrival of winter. Next, let’s take a look at some interesting news that happened this week.

SE Doll

This week, SE is as exciting and surprising as ever! Two new dolls have been released - Big Brest Teen Sex Doll Kerry and Big Brest Milf Sex Doll Natalie, which are fully prepared for the arrival of Halloween. It is obvious just by looking at Natalie's face and costume. Both new dolls are made of medical-grade TPE material, which is very safe and durable. It also makes them look very realistic and soft, which is reflected in their huge breasts. Players who like big breasts are in luck! Kerry also looks very cute in a cute and cute white sportswear. The girly theme is very nice!

JiuSheng Doll

JiuSheng brought surprising news this week, releasing a new doll - 168C silicone body + new head No. 80 Miho. It’s the style of Asian girls that I like very much. It looks very realistic and gentle, especially the clothes she wears, which match her face very well and are very charming! I think the high-quality silicone material will be closer to the feelings of real people during intimate interactions, which makes me a little excited.

MLW Doll

Wow even! As a leading doll manufacturer, specially designed for the discerning fan of Asian love dolls. It seems that we have not seen any news about them, and this time they finally ushered in a new life. MLW released a new doll this week, Small Boobs Sex Doll Tina, 148cm/4ft9 TPE body with silicone head. What’s even more amazing is that her dolls are very affordable and cheap! And she looks very much like a poor little bunny who wants to be protected!

Zelex Doll

Veteran players are no strangers to Zelex. This week, they released four new dolls, three sets of GE14 with different expressions (GE109 open mouth version). Let’s take a look at their differences! They are Japanese Silicone Sex Doll Rosalie, Orgasm Face Japanese Sex Doll Rosalie, Orgasm Face Asian Sex Doll Rosa, and Celebrity Sex Doll Sadie. Zelex focused on the dolls’ faces this time, and the design of the orgasm faces made them look more attractive.

FunWest Doll

FunWest released two very beautiful sex dolls this week, Asian Big Boobs Sex Dolls Lily and Luna. To be honest, I would not hesitate to pay for these two dolls. Their facial features are very delicately carved, a bit like princesses! But what's even more irresistible are Lily's big soft breasts and ass, which should be even more alluring when they shake. But for a promotional Halloween shoot, she does look very cute and sexy here, with beautiful colors and lighting. Luna's face is more majestic, especially her eyes, so beautiful!

Irontech Doll

Irontech released five new sex dolls this week and added data of TPE body 159cm plus, which is super awesome news. Look who they are, Realistic Asian Sex Doll Olivia, Japanese Sex Doll Quinn, Asian Sex Doll Sage, Asian Sex Doll Remi, and Realistic Asian Sex Doll Luna. They all adopt the design of a TPE head + silicone body, which looks softer and more realistic and feels good in hand... The price also won my heart!

Latest Promotions!!

The end of October not only ushered in many new sex dolls, but various doll manufacturers also released their latest promotions to summarize the past and welcome the time to come. Next, let’s take a look at the exciting promotions~

FunWest Doll

Introducing October promotions:
free finger bones
Free tongue fixation
free shrug
Free jelly boobs
Free random wigs

JiuSheng Doll

October event (all TPE dolls will not participate, event time: 10.1-10.20)
The default is EVO skeleton
Free finger bones
Free nail-free standing (silicone body)
Free stand with nails (TPE body)
Complimentary realistic makeup
Give a wig
Complimentary chest softening


Latest promotions for October:
1 X Free Gel Filler Breast
1 X Free Gel Butt
1 X Free Mobile Chin
1 X Free automatic vaginal sucking
1 X Free Humanoid Body Painting
1 X Free second head
1 X free pubic hair
1 X free-standing feet, no bolts
1 X Free eye set

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