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New Sex Dolls Launched, More Choices Provided

Apr 23, 2024

As summer approaches in China, April comes to an end. The past few weeks have been lively, and summer has started early in many areas! The weather of more than 30 degrees also makes various sex doll brands extremely active, rushing to bring more high-quality silicone dolls to users before the heat gets hotter. Last week we not only saw many brand-new upgrades but also many new dolls, which were very colorful. This week is much quieter than last, but there are still some splashes, and many new dolls have joined! Next, join us to browse this week's news!

Zelex Doll

Zelex has been very active this week, releasing 5 new silicone dolls in a row. They are the doll named Blonde Sex Doll Nouvel in the Inspiration Series and the 4 dolls named Milf Sex Doll Oriana, Big Boobs Sex Doll Chloris, Big Boobs Sex Doll Orana, and Small Breast Sex Doll Offred in the SLE Collection. As we all know, these two series have always been their signatures. Featuring realistic and detailed faces and lifelike body details. In line with the aesthetics of the European and American markets, the sexy and plump body curves are also very attractive. Compared with the Inspiration series, the SLE series is softer and almost comparable to TPE materials. But the overall shape still maintains Zelex's consistent style, and there are no big changes.

FunWest Doll

When we think of FunWest, we always think of lifelike dolls and their exquisite makeup, as well as their charming body curves, which are unforgettable. I'm glad that this week, they unveiled a new TPE doll - Rose. She looks beautiful and has big breasts. The TPE material is safe, soft, and lifelike. Let us enjoy the pleasure of sex without worrying about adverse consequences and protect human health at any time. Rose's height of 155cm is relatively lightweight, which is very friendly to some men who lack strength! What's more, its price is very cheap, only $1,249. You can easily win it even if you don’t have enough funds! Sadly I don't think there are any new changes to their faces or hairstyles.

EX Doll

EX seems to have been quiet for a while, and we can only keep reminiscing about their past works. This week, new news finally came, which is exciting. Released a full silicone doll called Boa Hancock Sex Doll. With a height of 174cm, a princess-cut hairstyle, a royal face, and a red dress, she looks no different from a queen. Every detail is designed very delicately, and his eyes reveal a calmness and arrogance that defies everything. Huge breasts, tight ass, and alluring body curves give it more appeal, making it hard to refuse. I have to say, EX can make people feel amazing every time, and the passage of time seems to make them stronger!

Starpery Doll

Starpery is as active as ever with the release of three new sex dolls this week. Look at them: Shemale Sex Doll Nieve, height 174cm/5ft7; Asian Sex Doll Natalia, height 165cm/5ft4; Big Boobs Sex Doll Yuan, height 156cm/5ft1. They all adopt the design of silicone head + TPE body, with exquisite face and body, full of realism in details, even the light brown freckles are visible! For those who pursue realism, this is not to be missed! She also has plump and sexy body curves, and the visual effect is full. Yuan's face is slightly different, more like an Asian woman's features. Her facial features, long hair, and body proportions are all small and delicate! Overall these 3 new dolls are very good!

So, that wraps up this week’s news. Said it was a pretty quiet week, but it wasn't. It seems that the arrival of summer cannot stop the progress! Many sex doll brands are currently active, bringing more new choices to the doll market. Every doll is quite beautiful and of high quality! Over the next week, there will be more sex doll news coming. . . Please continue to follow us. If you don't want to miss this interesting news.

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