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Privacy and Security Guaranteed: Key Tips on How to Store Your Sex Doll

Jan 3, 2024

How to Store a Sex Doll?

How to store a sex doll? You can choose to place your partner on the bed in your bedroom, cover it with a thick quilt, and no one will notice that a mysterious beautiful guest is hiding in your bed. A hidden place under the bed or in a closet full of clothes is enough to hide its presence. No one will be bored enough to lie on the floor and look under your bed, let alone stare at your closet. Unless there is a thief with evil intentions, which is very unlikely. If there is, it won't steal your partner, right? After all, it's too eye-catching. Sometimes, a storage room that no one cares about is a good choice. This will save you a lot of space in your home and keep your secrets safe if you have a secure lock. Of course, the doll storage box we have mentioned in many articles will also help you store it correctly. Moreover, the sex doll storage box will be equipped with a lock and wheels, which can accompany you on business trips while ensuring your privacy. No matter when and where you are, we can always provide you with the company you want and some interesting services. If you are looking for such a storage box, please click here! But there are a few small details to pay attention to before storing your doll. For example, stay dry, avoid wearing dark clothes, etc. This may damage your doll, preventing it from maintaining a great look and providing the best possible sex experience.

Sex Toy Diversity and Functionality

When we talk about silicone dolls again, a colorful picture will always appear. With the development of modern technology and changes in ideas, the field of adult products has continued to innovate and upgrade, and sex toys have almost become a topic of chat for people after dinner. This was unthinkable in the distant feudal era! Nowadays, they have become an essential part of our lives. It has brought many choices to many single people, people with mental illness, people with disharmonious married lives, etc. It provides emotional support and psychological comfort, as well as a safe and secret channel for those desires that have nowhere to vent. This is a nice upgrade. Love dolls of different styles and types are also constantly enriching people's sexual lives. Various doll manufacturers have innovated and released many amazing sex dolls. For example, WM Doll, which has always been famous for its high quality, has been firmly at the top of the doll sales list for many years; Zelex Doll, which is popular for its softness and lifelikeness, especially its launch Inspiration and SLE series, which almost no one can surpass; and The Game Lady Doll with ultra-high restoration technology, the world-popular Tifa sex doll, and the 2B sex doll are all made by them. These top sex doll brands have added a lot of life to the market. Although unique silicone dolls continue to flood into the market, problems also arise. When we have our doll, how should we store it correctly? And what should we pay attention to? What are some tips? Read on and you’ll get all the answers to these questions!

What Posture Should Be Adopted When Storing?

Laying flat: When it comes to soft and realistic dolls, lying flat is the best position. Avoid placing it in uneven, hard, or high-temperature places. This can cause your silicone sex doll to have permanent dents in its back, buttocks, etc., preventing it from maintaining its great appearance. Especially love dolls made of soft TPE material. Once damaged, it is difficult to restore the sexy and attractive body curves. No one wants to use the doll only once. So whether it's on your bed, in a storage box, or even on the floor, avoid uneven surfaces. If you don't think this method is necessary, another tip we have is to place a pillow at the waist and sides of the doll's legs. Placing the pillow in this way allows the doll to maintain a natural body curvature when lying down while ensuring that the doll's overall body shape remains in good condition.
Suspension: In fact, this is indeed a good method. Hanging is the best way to store adult sex dolls. Hanging them looks like they're showing off without putting too much pressure on either side. This is ideal if you have a sturdy wardrobe, clothes rack, or other support frame in your home. It should be noted that different brands of dolls have their unique hanging methods. It is best to consult customer service before purchasing to avoid accidental damage. If you don’t have the proper facilities, you may also consider purchasing a pulley hanger. We can learn from many sex doll brand official websites and silicone doll agency websites!
Standing: This is the least recommended posture! We all know that some people will place their beloved dolls against the wall to save space. Moreover, this is very convenient, and you don’t need to move or care about the physical doll at all. But this storage method is not recommended! Because this can cause your partner to suffer irreversible harm. It’s worth reminding that even the high-end dolls you buy, most are not suitable for standing for long periods. This is an unquestionable fact. Manufacturers of many brands emphasize that dolls can only stand for a short period and do not support long-term standing use and storage. Because dolls made of TPE are very soft, when they stand, all the weight is concentrated on the soles of their feet, which can cause the soles of the feet to tear or even expose the metal skeleton of the soles. It can also cause the life-like sex doll to fall over if you store it improperly. Therefore, you should avoid standing the doll for long periods, otherwise, the soles of its feet may be damaged and the doll will become imperfect. To take good care of your dolls, it is best to choose appropriate storage methods to ensure their integrity and durability.
Sitting: This is the same position as the standing position and we do not recommend storing your doll in this position. This is just as damaging to the real doll as the standing position, causing the doll's soles and buttocks to be torn, causing irreversible damage. Therefore, we need to avoid this approach when deciding to store our sex dolls. It is guaranteed that the doll can accompany you for a longer time and provide more unique experiences. After all, no one wants to spend a lot of money to buy a partner that can only be used once. This is not a cheap purchase. Most dolls are priced at over 1,500 US dollars, and some silicone sex doll are even priced at 2,000-3,000 US dollars or even higher. Therefore, to protect your wallet from harm and ensure that you can release your sexual desire anytime and anywhere, we recommend that you remember the popular science knowledge in this article to help you treat your doll correctly and gain long-term companionship and support.

What Should You Pay Attention to Before Storing Your Ex-Sex Doll?

Ensure that the doll's body is dry: Before deciding to use a sex doll, the doll's body needs to be completely dry to avoid moisture remaining in the body, which may cause damage to the doll's body parts. After cleaning the love doll, you can use a soft towel to dry the body or use a heating rod to dry the vagina and anus of the sex doll. You can also place it in a ventilated and cool place until the moisture in the doll's body is completely evaporated. Store it again. Whenever possible, avoid exposing your partner to excessive temperatures, which can cause your doll to melt. Even if you decide to store it, we still recommend cleaning the doll regularly, about once every 2-4 weeks!
Avoid dark clothing: When storing your companion, avoid wearing dark clothing for long periods as this can cause your doll to become stained and dirty. And, it can be difficult to clean, even if you have enough patience and time. It is best to store it naked. Please note that you need to avoid wearing dark clothes for long periods not only during storage, but also during daily use. This is key to keeping your doll looking great!

In Conclusion

How to store sex dolls smartly? Maybe you can hide it quietly under the bed, deep in the closet, or even in the storage room that no one cares about. No matter where you go, a sealed real doll storage box is also a wise choice. It is also equipped with a lock and wheels for easy portability on business trips. However, it’s important to pay attention to the details before storing it properly. However, these sex toys not only represent variety and functionality, but also bring unprecedented options to life, providing emotional support for those who are single, have mental health problems, or have a discordant sexual life. The innovations of top brands have enriched the market, and the dolls with different characteristics are dazzling. At the same time, proper storage becomes an important issue. Adopting the correct posture becomes the key to ensuring that the doll looks great, and laying it flat and hanging are the two best ways. To a certain extent, it can not only extend the life of the love doll but also protect the privacy of the player. To ensure that this special companion remains in perfect condition, it's important to pay attention to the details of storage, from drying to wearing. If you still have any questions, please visit for answers to all your questions.

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