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Sex Doll With Electric Functions? Companion AI Sex Doll Have Arrived!

Jul 4, 2024

What Impact Will the Electric Function have on the Sex Doll Market?

As artificial intelligence and robotics technology mature, humanoid robots and even AI sex dolls have become hot topics! Today, the sex doll market has become very rich and complete, and various dolls have begun to emerge. Love dolls of different styles bring a more comfortable visual sensory experience. Whether it is a way to release sexual desire or for collection, viewing, and other purposes, it is a very good choice. With the development of technology and the continuous innovation of sex doll brands, many electric functions have also been added, providing more realistic and advanced customization options, and bringing users unexpected sex experiences. This has also prompted the sex doll market to be more perfect and inspired more innovative and diversified development. By continuously optimizing materials, high-quality silicone, and TPE materials are used as the main production materials. Each sex doll has unparalleled advantages, such as safety and reliability, soft and realistic, non-toxic and odorless. This not only improves the quality of sex dolls but also provides important guarantees for human health. At the same time, superb technology and continuous progress in design are changing the pattern of the doll market, meeting the unique needs and special preferences of different users. From physical features to personalized functions to smarter electrification options and the integration of AI technology, every step is driving the development of the doll market. Among them, the addition of electrification is undoubtedly the key. It enhances the interactive experience of the doll, making it more realistic, while satisfying consumers' pursuit of technology and convenience. Of course, AI technology also plays a vital role. For those users who are in emotional disputes and loneliness, AI sex dolls not only provide emotional companionship but also bring spiritual comfort, helping more people regain confidence. If you have a deep desire for AI sex dolls and automated functions, please don't miss the wonderful content below. . .

What Electric Functions Do Sex Dolls Have?

Automatic oral sex function: If you have added these functions when buying a sex doll, you must know how shocking the integration of electric functions and AI technology is. The process of using AI sex dolls is quite wonderful, and even more interesting than real people. Moreover, they will not reject any of your ideas and requests. Of course, if you are a first-time sex doll buyer, we also highly recommend that you try it. It simulates the frequency and state of a real person during oral sex. The soft inside of the mouth can completely wrap the penis, and a variety of suction and vibration modes bring a sense of satisfaction. This feeling is simply amazing! Release sexual desire and the secret to instant orgasm. If you prefer the pleasure of oral sex, then don't miss this exciting function when buying a AI sex dolls! It will surprise you and make you want more!
Electric buttocks: The twisting waist and buttocks look more real and vivid, with visual impact. Provide a variety of vibration modes and twisting states, the amplitude of shaking during sex will be more attractive, just like two balls of water balls with full elasticity. This mode not only provides a more comfortable visual sensory experience but also adds more pleasure and passion to the sexual process, helping to release sexual desire. Of course, this also enhances personal pleasure, making sex life more interesting and rich, with a dual enjoyment of vision and experience. More importantly, it can add more fun. Whether you are a first-time user of AI sex dolls or an experienced old user, electric buttocks are an option that cannot be missed, and it is one of the secrets to getting the ultimate experience.
Electric body heating function: The electric body heating function can still maintain a warm body temperature even in the cold winter, which is closer to the temperature of a real person, making you feel incomparably warm and real. Imagine putting some sexy lingerie on your doll, revealing huge breasts and wide buttocks, and a slender waist that can be held in one hand. In the full winter, the warm body temperature and rich vision make you forget the cold immediately and indulge in this gentle place. You can even buy a set of holiday-exclusive lingerie for it before Christmas. On Christmas Eve, the doll will be your gift and start a new journey with you. At the same time, the electric body heating function can also enhance the touch, and you can feel the same touch as a real person while being soft. Every touch you make is like touching the skin of a real person, feeling very comfortable. Whether you gently stroke its delicate and lovely cheeks or hug its seductive and slender waist tightly, the real touch will make you forget that it is just a sex toy, and you will be truly immersed in the interaction with each other, reaching a climax in every intercourse, and thus gaining more sexual pleasure and pleasure.

Electric moaning option: When having sex with a real person, you will always be unconsciously fascinated by the moans and gasps they make, which can not only stimulate sexual desire but also satisfy the desire to conquer. At the same time, it can also enhance self-confidence. This is also suitable for sex dolls. Therefore, many sex doll brands have undergone continuous research and development, and innovation, combining the electric moaning function with AI sex doll. Simulating the state and sound of real people in sexual activities further enhances the sense of reality and brings more unexpected experiences to users. In addition, the sound option allows sex dolls to make different sounds or responses, which increases the fun and diversity of interacting with dolls. It enriches the sexual process, which is a very good option for some users who seek realism. It is worth noting that the electric moaning option can also enhance the auditory experience, making the doll closer to reality again. In the future, sex dolls are expected to incorporate the latest AI technology, through which people can directly communicate with sex dolls. It will no longer be a sex toy, but a real partner that provides emotional support and companionship, helping more people get rid of loneliness and regain confidence in life.


  • Avoid water ingress to the plug. When washing the doll, it is best to cover it with waterproof items, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to the touch or the doll's body
  • Please operate in a standardized manner during use to avoid the doll being too heavy to hurt your eyes.
  • After use, unplug the power supply to stop operation. Do not leave the doll plugged in for a long time without anyone paying attention.
  • Before using these electric functions, make sure the doll is in a stable state to avoid frequent use that may cause the doll to tip over.

Which Sex Doll Brands Have Electric Functions?

Irontech Doll: As the industry's top sex doll brand, it is known for its leading creativity and R&D capabilities. It features many amazing electric features and a variety of AI sex doll.It has many high-quality doll heads and lifelike bodies. It provides many high-quality customization options, not only covering some appearance feature options but also providing the electric options we mentioned above, which brings people more choices and creates more surprising sex experiences. Most of their sex dolls have these features to choose from, and you can find out according to the specific page. Please note that stock sex dolls do not accept these customization features.
Real Lady Doll: It is a new brand under Irontech Dol and is the epitome of surreal Fengyi. It is more high-end, more realistic, and has unsurpassed creativity. While providing these options, there are also different types of dolls to choose from, providing a rich sex experience. No matter how crazy your ideas are or how unique your sexual preferences are, they can be satisfied. More importantly, buying dolls on the official website of the AI sex doll brand is very friendly to privacy and security, and personal information will not be leaked. In addition, there is no need to worry about buying fakes and facing the problem of no after-sales service.
Starpery Doll: This brand offers a variety of realistic heads and bodies, and is popular for its high-quality dolls and extremely cost-effective prices. Many doll lovers have a special liking for them. Its electric function also brings a more comfortable and perfect sex experience. But compared with the previous two brands, Starpery only provides electric moaning function and body heating options. These two are enough for you to get the ultimate sex experience. In general, Starpery Doll has become one of the first choices in the minds of many doll lovers with its reasonable price, high-quality products, and excellent service.
In Summary

The motorized function has had a significant impact on the AI sex dolls market, improving the user experience and promoting market innovation and diversification, making the products in the adult products field richer and smarter. With the advancement of technology, sex dolls not only have a more realistic appearance and material but also add a variety of motorized functions, such as automatic oral sex, electric buttocks, body heating, and electric moaning. These functions enhance interactivity and realism, satisfying consumers' pursuit of technology and convenience. The motorized function improves the quality of sex dolls, making them safer, more reliable, and realistic, and further meets the special needs of users through personalized and intelligent design. No matter how unique your ideas are, you can turn fantasies into reality! Major brands such as Irontech Doll, Real Lady Doll, and Starpery Doll have launched motorized options, providing users with rich choices and more extreme sex experiences.

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