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The Latest Sex Dolls in June are Hot!

Jun 24, 2024

The hottest month of the year is here, and the strong summer atmosphere is everywhere, and the hot air is sweeping the world. Even in such a hot summer, people still enjoy the warmth of the sun and the passion of summer. In particular, the sex doll market has maintained an excellent state of enthusiasm, and doll manufacturers have released many new sex dolls one after another. They have different styles, unique charm and appeal, injecting infinite vitality and vitality into the market, and bringing users more choices. At the same time, there are some very favorable summer promotions waiting for you! In this passionate summer, let us feel the hot atmosphere of the sex doll market together and find our perfect partner. So, let's browse this week's news with us!


ZELEX is simply a perpetual motion machine! Almost every week, they bring us new work, which excites people. This week, they have launched 5 new sex dolls. They are Asian Sex Doll Dasani, Small Breast Sex Doll Douce, Milf Sex Doll Umber, Big Boobs Sex Doll Umay, and Blonde Sex Doll Unice. They present different styles and body shapes, but they all have irresistible charm. Especially Dasani, she is full of mature woman style, and the green lace sexy lingerie outlines her proud breasts and perfect body curves. The bronze skin exudes a healthy atmosphere, and it is an ideal match for this summer!

Climax Doll

Climax also updated 5 new sex dolls this week, maintaining their usual creative style. Let's take a look at who they are! Huge Tits Sex Doll Rae, Small Breast Sex Doll Hannah, Sex Doll Torso Maggie, Asian Sex Doll Irene, Sex Doll Torso Grace. 5 completely different types of dolls, they look pretty good! In addition to the common life-size dolls, there are also lighter torsos for users to choose from, which are not only more economical and suitable for storage and cleaning but also provide more surprises during sex! Don't hesitate, buy your favorite sex doll now and start an unprecedented passionate journey!

Doll Castle

Doll Castle released 4 new silicone dolls this week. Blonde Sex Doll Maliha, a classic blonde love doll, has more attractive bronze skin, just like the gentle and considerate female neighbor. Milf Sex Doll Moneta and Milf Sex Doll Dorka are used to satisfy people with special fantasies. They have mature charm and sexy curves, which will undoubtedly make people want to stop. Especially the presentation of huge breasts has a strong visual sensory experience. Asian Sex Doll Derin has a distinct oriental temperament. For those who want to experience exotic customs, it is a choice not to be missed!

Aibei Doll

Aibei Doll unveiled 3 new love dolls, each combining the latest design concepts and advanced manufacturing processes. Create lifelike body details and an extreme touch experience. They are Big Boobs Sex Doll Kiara, Big Boobs Sex Doll Kayla, and Blonde Sex Doll Kaia. They all use the design of silicone head + TPE body, with the dual blessing of realism and durability, so that the doll can accompany you for a longer time and get more satisfaction. More importantly, these three dolls are quite affordable, which can lighten the burden on your wallet and allow you to enjoy long-lasting pleasure..

EX Doll

EX released a new sex doll this week - Asian Sex Doll Ellie, 168cm/5ft5. Made of silicone, it has unparalleled realism and durability, and will not cause any harm to human health. At the same time, it is also very cost-effective and is an affordable and friendly choice. Of course, Ellie's charming appearance is also a point that cannot be ignored. The combination of a maid outfit and frameless glasses makes it look seductive, which is very suitable for role-playing games.

Irontech Doll

Irontech launched 4 new silicone dolls this week, namely Small Boobs Sex Doll Tadita, Small Tits Sex Doll Tui, Big Boobs Sex Doll Rita, and Asian Sex Doll Miya. We know that Irontech always surprises people and has unparalleled innovation. The new works this time are also quite exquisite, especially Tui. I think it looks unique, the pitiful facial expression is irresistible. The bronze skin and healthy body shape satisfy more fantasies.

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So that wraps up this week's news! We've seen so many amazing dolls and deals! But don't forget, the excitement is still going on! Stay tuned for more exciting content! See you next week!

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