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The Latest Silicone Sex Dolls in May & Summer Activities

May 11, 2024

One-third of May has passed, and summer in China has officially arrived, and the warm summer atmosphere permeates the entire city. As the climate heats up, the sex doll market is also showing a vitality, finally ending the quiet time in the past. This week, many doll manufacturers have released their new creations. It's a completely different scene than the last few weeks and we're delighted to have such a busy week ahead. In addition, there are many limited-time summer promotions online, bringing a lot of discounts. So, let’s enter our news time together.

EX Doll

It has been two weeks since EX last launched a new product, and this week they brought a new product, a cosplay sex doll named Bertha. With a height of 174cm, she looks a bit like a queen overall, gorgeous, tall and confident. The huge breasts are undoubtedly the most striking feature, and they are full of attraction. For those who like big breasts, this is absolutely irresistible! In addition, Bertha's vagina is also designed to be lifelike. To be honest, I think it is almost the same as reality!

Irontech Doll

Irontech released 9 new silicone dolls this week. It seems that summer has indeed arrived and has become so active and enthusiastic. They are Small Breast Sex Doll Vivian, height 169cm/5ft6, made of silicone material, so its face looks very delicate and real. Milf Sex Doll Ennis, Blonde Sex Doll Elzie, Asian Sex Doll Eydis, Blonde Sex Doll Etude, and Hot Blonde Sex Doll Eilwen are all 159cm/5ft2 in height and adopt a silicone head + TPE body design. There are also 3 new body TPE 162cm (with skin texture) and a new silicone head type S50 Veronica. This means we can replace these dolls with new heads at any time, making them the perfect choice for adding freshness to your sex life.

Fanreal Doll

Fanreal has released 2 Best Blonde Sex Doll and Japanese Sex Doll Anne named Maria. Does Maria look familiar? We won’t say much about who it looks like. The delicate and compact face also has a hint of sweetness. The height of 155cm/5ft1 is very suitable for some men who are not strong enough. It is quite convenient and easy to move and store. They are also designed with silicone material and have a lifelike appearance and feel. It also offers long-lasting durability. Being able to provide you with companionship for a long time, I think this is definitely a good value for money deal.

Doll Castle

As a brand that prefers designing alien sex dolls, it is famous for its extraordinary innovation. Although they have been quiet for a long time, this week brought us an unexpected surprise. Two models, Big Butt Sex Doll Stella and Big Ass Sex Doll Kali, were unveiled, with the option of movable chin, adding additional channels for sexual release. But this time the style is obviously more towards realistic women. Bronze skin is very sexy and exudes a healthy atmosphere, which is perfect for the arrival of summer.

Zelex Doll

Zelex released 4 new sex dolls this week, namely Milf Sex Doll Kiera, Big Ass Sex Doll Kira, Blonde Sex Doll Kiara, and Tall Sex Doll Kaia. Kaia seems to have added the option of moving the chin. I have to say that they are really a fighter among sex doll brands, with new news coming almost every week. I hope they can maintain this active status and bring more fresh choices. This update still comes from their inspiration and SLE, two popular series. Both the appearance and texture are as excellent as ever. I think the style of the face still hasn’t changed much, it’s the same as the previous dolls they released.

Game Lady Doll

It’s the Tifa sex doll that we are familiar with again. After Game Lady’s continuous research and development and upgrades, this time it appears with richer options! The new emoticon of the open mouth version has received more attention. Before this, many players were looking forward to Tifa. A pair of purple cosplay lingerie is very eye-catching. It is sexy with a hint of playfulness, and looks very much like a stubborn little hare. The movable chin adds interest, great news for those who prefer oral sex! This upgrade makes Tifa sex dolls more realistic and diverse, making them a new favorite among players. Whether it's collection or interaction, it can bring a whole new experience.

SE Doll

SE released two new dolls this week, Asian Sex Doll Regina and Asian Sex Doll Hazel, both 163cm/5ft4 in height and made of TPE material. Two different styles of dolls, both full of charm. Regina looks like an American high school girl. Her energetic appearance and fashion sense immediately attracted the attention of many people. Hazel shows a gentle and pleasant temperament, which makes people feel as if getting along with her will make life warmer. Moreover, the prices of these two new babies are very cheap, which is very friendly to people who are not so financially well-off.

Aibei Doll

Aibei seems to have been quiet for a long time, with no new news coming from them for a long time, and in May we finally saw a new doll online. A brand new Big Boobs Sex Doll Eloise, quite beautiful. Black skin is as charming and unique as black pearls. With a height of 148cm, it is very petite and delicate, making it lighter and easier to store when interacting closely with it! In addition, its price is also very affordable. If your budget is tight, I believe this one can surprise you!

Angel Kiss Doll

Angel Kiss Doll launched three new silicone dolls this week, namely Asian Sex Doll Sunniva, height 172cm/5ft8; Japanese Sex Doll Tavia, height 162cm/5ft3; Blonde Sex Doll Thistle, height 164cm/5ft4. They all have different styles but are all unique. Maintaining their consistent style, especially Thistle. She is a real European and American style girl. Her tall and exquisite figure and plump and attractive curves make people unable to take their eyes away. Whether you love the mystery of Asia or the sexiness of Europe and America, you can find satisfaction here.

Summer Promotions
Game Lady Doll

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Irontech Doll

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1 x FREE Soft Head
1 x FREE ROS Head
1 x FREE Realistic Body Makeup
Silicone Head + TPE Body:
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So, that wraps up this week’s news! Many sex doll brands that have been dormant for a long time have become active. What a wonderful month of May! A lot of new dolls are online and limited-time promotions bring us into the hot summer with these surprises. It not only enriches summer life, but also brings more fun and excitement to people. Whether you are single or a couple, you can find the sex toys that suit you this season to make your life more exciting. Qing, please continue to pay attention to us, we will bring more surprising sex doll news next week.

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