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WM Launches S-TPE Material to Lead the Doll Market Trend

Jan 12, 2024

It's been another relatively quiet week, with many sex doll brands keeping quiet. However, many doll manufacturers have released some new sex dolls and some new news. WM, in particular, debuted its new STPE material, a brand-new material used to make dolls. Compared with previous TPE materials, it has many advantages. For example, features such as being more resistant to stress and more realistic have injected new vitality into the sex doll market and provided players with an unprecedented experience. And EX Doll also brought us some surprises! Next, let’s take a look at the upgrades of WM and EX and the new silicone dolls brought this week to start the prologue of the Year of the Dragon.

WM Doll

I am very happy that in the second week of 2024, we received a surprise from WM Doll - a brand-new STPE material. According to the person in charge of the brand, this is a new material called "super TPE". Compared with previous TPE materials, this upgrade is even more amazing. Not only has the doll's realism been significantly improved, but its softness has also reached a new level. It brings an unprecedented experience to players, allowing them to experience the charm of S-TPE materials in advance. As we all know, WM has always been famous for its leading creativity, advanced functions, and realistic dolls, and has been well received and welcomed by the industry and doll lovers. So, what are the advantages of this STPE material? Compared with traditional doll materials, in what aspects have new upgrades been made?

More flexible and elastic: According to the person in charge of WM, they conducted a pressure test in which a 15kg dumbbell was placed on the buttocks of an STPE doll for 3 days. Surprisingly, even with such a long time Despite the huge pressure, the butt remained in its original shape and was not deformed at all. Dolls made of traditional TPE materials cannot bear the weight. This is enough to prove the excellent quality and durability of STPE. Choose S-TPE and enjoy the perfect blend of touch and rebound!

More realistic and softer: This material upgrade has significantly improved the appearance and texture of the sex doll. The sturdy and lifelike appearance is close to that of silicone dolls, and may even be on par with silicone dolls in the future. By introducing body painting technology previously only available on silicone, your experience becomes more realistic and engaging. In addition, dolls made of STPE have no visible molding seams, making both body details and neck connections smoother and more realistic.

Stronger pressure resistance and easy maintenance: STPE material has full pressure resistance and tear resistance. According to relevant data, this is at least 8 times that of traditional TPE materials. Don’t worry that the doll will be a very fragile existence, it will bring players a new and lasting feeling. At the same time, it is easy to maintain. We know that traditional TPE materials need to be used with great care and are troublesome to maintain. But the arrival of STPE materials will change this status quo, and its recyclable and easy-repair characteristics will enhance your overall experience!

In addition to this, they also released a new doll that looks adorable. The clothes are also very suitable and full of energy!For those who like small breasts, this is a very good choice!

EX Doll

This week, EX, which had been dormant for a long time, finally ushered in a revolution and entered our field of vision with the new SEVO body. Compared with the previous ones, the upgraded body is softer and more lifelike, almost indistinguishable from real humans. Exuding irresistible attraction, this is a great start to the Year of the Dragon. This change of EX not only improves the appearance but also achieves a qualitative leap in texture, bringing different visual effects and a new experience. These two new bodies are very tempting and provide players with more satisfaction. Not only that, the new SEVO body also brings a richer interactive experience, which is indeed hard to resist. We are very happy to receive a surprise gift from EX this week, and we hope that we will have the opportunity to receive a gift like today again in the future!

Zelex Doll

Following the last change, Zelex has added new partners to the SLE series this week - Asian Sex Doll Jade, height 171cm/5ft6; Big Tits Sex Doll Juliana, height 166cm/5ft4; Tall Sex Doll Jovie, height 171cm /5ft6; Best Blonde Sex Doll Jenna, height 166cm/5ft4. They maintained the consistent style of this series without making any major changes. But this series has been selling well because they are beautiful. It has full realism and softness, which is a good option for those who pursue realistic details.

Game Lady Doll

Game Lady also released a new set of pictures cosplaying the game character 2B, which looks as charming as ever. New adjustments have been made to many details and appearances to make the overall effect even better. Compared with the previous ones, this time it is more perfect and more visually impactful. Game Lady is always able to accurately capture the essence of game characters, and she is worthy of the hearts of many players! This time, she wore a more revealing outfit that emphasized her round cleavage and butt. There is no doubt that this sexy body is about to usher in a new bestseller. It should be noted that many dolls are now sold at the lowest retail price, which is much more affordable than usual. It is recommended that you seize the time and act to buy your ideal companion now!
So that wraps up this week’s news, it’s been an unusually quiet week indeed. We understand, maybe you are basking in the joy of the New Year! Only two sex doll brands remain consistently active. But WM’s news this week is very attractive! This is a good start. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest sex doll news!

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