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Zelex SLE Sex Doll Head

Zelex SLE Sex Doll HeadItem NO.: Zelex SLE Sex Doll Head

US$ 498
Extra Head (With movable jaw, same skin color as body)
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Zelex SLE Sex Doll Head
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    • Product Name: Zelex SLE Sex Doll Head
    • Item NO.: Zelex SLE Sex Doll Head
    • Weight: 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
    • Category: SEX DOLL HEAD
    • Creation Time: 2024-06-10

    Zelex SLE Head List

    About SLE Series Silicone Dolls

    ZELEX's own silicone factory has developed a unique elastic, strong, non-toxic SLE (Safety Less-vinyl Elastomer) material based on the original silicone material, and launched a new ZELEX SLE Series Sex Doll. This range offers superior safety: non-toxic, fresh, and odorless, while also reducing unwanted oil production. It also has richer details, each exuding deep temptation and mysterious sexiness.

    Richer in Detail

    The Zelex SLE Collection Sex Doll, akin to Madame Tussauds' most seductive sculptures, exudes sensuality with lifelike details. From striking pink nipples to realistic skin textures, blood vessels, and fingerprints, these silicone women are irresistibly hot and authentic.

    Softer Touch

    The SLE Collection Sex Doll redefines comfort, masterfully incorporating the essence of organic silicone materials. This blend not only achieves unmatched realism but also exudes a captivating softness. Its resilience allows it to quickly recover its original form under pressure, potentially extending its durability.

    Gentle Wrapping Feeling

    Zelex SLE Collection Silicone Sex Doll soft tunnels are perpetually juicy and seductive. They offer enhanced wrapping regardless of your size. The unique textures inside will drive you to explore deeper, tightly embracing every inch and delivering explosive pleasure.

    Standard Configuration

    Best of all, the Zelex SLE Collection Doll offers free upgrade options, including soft Gel Breasts & Gel Butt, EXP Skeleton, Realistic Body Painting, Articulated Fingers, Movable Jaw, and more... all on an easy budget Within budget!

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