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2024: New Dolls & Zelex Upgraded Customization Options

Jan 2, 2024

Time flies so fast, and in the blink of an eye, we are in the new year of 2024! Everyone is in a state of excitement. This is a time of joy, blessings, and celebration, and we are delighted to see you all on this day. This week, many sex doll brands are releasing their latest sex dolls and deals to kick off the new year. Among them, Zelex has updated a new customization option map. Compared with the previous ones, this upgrade is very good and rich. It makes people feel bright and worth looking forward to. In addition, the long-dormant Game Lady finally made its appearance, releasing a new game girl character, Ashley in Resident Evil 4. It seems that all doll manufacturers are sincere about the arrival of the new year. Join us next for a look at this week's news! See what interesting discoveries you make. . .

Zelex Doll

ZELEX always surprises people, especially the new Inspiration series of customization options introduced this week, which looks interesting and has good visual effects. Currently, they have updated the brand new option map with up to 30 categories, which is quite rich. It's more fresh and fun than before. All the heads and makeup have been upgraded this time, and each sex doll head can be optionally equipped with a movable chin version. Hair transplantation can be chosen for both hard and soft heads, providing more choices. But what should be noted is that a new price list needs to be implemented, the second head-free activity is canceled, all body shape sets except X165, 167, 170, and 175 are removed, all dark wheat set photos are removed, and the dark wheat skin color option is canceled. , cancel the option of real hair transplantation. In general, Zelex has been divided into three product lines: SLE, Inspiration (X165, 167, 170, 175, up to 30 customizable options), and TPE. It attracted a lot of attention just like when the SLE series was released. It led us to experience the new technology in advance and injected new vitality into the doll market.

In addition, they also launched two new dolls in the SLE series this week - Big Boobs Sex Doll Holly, height 160cm/5ft2; Skinny Sex Doll Hailey, height 171cm/5ft6. It is similar to the face of the same series released before, and the style is also very similar. I think this series is very beautiful and worth buying. However, the prices of this series are a bit more expensive because they are made entirely of silicone material.

Game Lady Doll

The long-dormant Game Lady finally made some noise this week, debuting a new game girl character, Ashley in the remake of Resident Evil 4 (Resident Evil 4). Friends who are familiar with this game should also be familiar with her. She is a deeply rooted character and the dream lover of many players. Its Game Lady once again faithfully restores this character that exists in the virtual world. The lifelike facial features and body details are amazing. The muscle lines on her arms are well done and very beautiful, and she doesn't look like a woman who is lifting weights too much. The yellow costume fits the scene very well and is very attractive. Appears like a gift in the first month of 2024. This realistic and fascinating reappearance of the character gives players anticipation for the gaming experience, making them eager to get involved and experience Ashley sex doll thrilling adventure in Resident Evil 4.Spend this new 2024 with Ashley sex doll!

Starpery Doll

Starpery released a sex doll with an Asian face this week, the 163 G cup Asian sex doll Xue (Asian Sex Doll Xue, Big Boobs Sex Doll Xue, height 163cm/5ft3) uses a TPE material body + silicone head Design, softness, and lifelikeness are synonymous with her. Wearing sexy suspenders and short skirts, the huge sexy breasts displayed let us feel the charm of the doll again. Even though they are the same body, there are some obvious differences in styling. This is attractive to some players who love Asian sex dolls.

SE Doll

SE unveiled two dolls with full personalities this week, Big Boobs Sex Doll Makoto, 157cm/5ft2 tall; Big Breast Sex Doll Hazel, 168cm/5ft6 tall, with obvious western cowboy style. All are made of soft TPE material. I have to say, Makoto's figure is super sexy. Her sexy big breasts and butt became the focus, and her unique facial expression made her look very cold. Whether it's the delicate craftsmanship, stunning details, or hot figure, they all show unparalleled charm. These two models are the first choice for players who love big breasts!

Irontech Doll

Irontech never seems to stop, releasing new dolls every week. This week has been even more active, with nearly five new sex dolls released in one go. They are all silicone 163cm S38 Natural, all silicone 163cm S46 Natural, all silicone 163cm S42 Natural, all silicone 169cm S44 Natural, all silicone 169cm S36 Natural. Maintaining their usual style without much innovation. But still showing exquisite craftsmanship and high quality.

FunWest Doll

FunWest released a very unique doll this week - Elf Sex Doll Kylie, height 159cm/5ft2.The Nidalee sex doll is inspired by the female character in League of Legends. Both its appearance and clothing perfectly reproduce the characteristics of the game. For game fans and collectors, the Nidalee sex doll is a rare choice! The style of the face looks no different from before. The difference is that this time the shape is very unique and eye-catching. More importantly, this doll is very affordable, costing only $1,320. If your budget is tight, this is a perfect choice. It should be noted that this price is not permanent. To welcome the new year, it is currently the lowest retail price! please do not hesitate.

JiuSheng Doll

JiuSheng has been extremely active during this period and seems to be looking forward to the new year. On the occasion of the New Year, a new sex doll, Christmas Sex Doll Lisa, is released, with a height of 160cm/5ft2. This exquisite doll embodies the unique charm of the holiday season, seamlessly transitioning the spirit of Christmas into the New Year. Clothes filled with red and cheerful atmosphere not only embody the festive essence of Christmas but also promise new beginnings, making them a fitting companion for the dawn of the New Year.

Angel Kiss Doll

Angel Kiss introduces us to three new faces. Young Sex Doll Xiana, height 154cm/5fti; Milf Sex Doll Xelat, height 167cm/5ft5; Small Tits Sex Doll Xena, height 165cm/5ft4. Three different styles of sex dolls, but the same thing is that they are all very delicate and cute. Compared with the sex dolls released in the past, it feels like there is not much change, retaining their usual production style.

Aibei Doll

Aibei, which has been silent for a long time, released a new doll this week, Big Boobs Sex Doll Lian. The height of 166cm/5ft4 is a bit Asian, with both charm and temperament. A typical doll with big breasts. Made of TPE material, I think it should be very soft! For those who love sexy figures, this option is not to be missed. A step towards wonderful enjoyment with Lian and let this sexy doll bring you an unprecedented pleasure experience! It's hard for anyone to say no.

WM Doll

WM released two unique sex dolls this week, Big Ass Sex Doll Soleil, height 156cm/5ft1; Skinny Sex Doll Mavie, height 157cm/5ft1. Both dolls look full of personality, especially Mavie, whose red curly hair looks like a hot girl who wants to blow up the street as if she is telling an alternative sense of beauty. Paired with a dark complexion, it shows a charming charm that cannot be ignored. No matter what your views are on sex dolls, the two dolls released by WM will undoubtedly give you a new understanding of aesthetics and innovation.

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This week has been an incredibly active one, full of exciting surprises! Not only did we see new upgrades to Zelex, but we also saw a lot of new silicone dolls. All sex doll brands are welcoming the new year with sincerity and a new attitude. The different styles of dolls are dazzling and difficult to choose. At the same time, many limited-time promotions are waiting for you. It would be a pity to miss these wonderful activities! Come join us now and enjoy this wonderful feast! Please continue to pay attention to us, we will bring you the latest sex doll consultations and promotions!

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