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Top 10 Sex Doll Brands List in 2023

Nov 2, 2023

Do you know the top sex doll brands? The countdown to 2023 has entered an intense stage, and we have seen many different styles of silicone dolls this year. Among them, we've got a wide selection of sexy female sex dolls, gaming role-play dolls that turn fantasies into reality, and male sex dolls that cater to specific fetishes and interests. The wide range of dolls offers an irresistible experience for many, providing long-lasting, comfortable intimacy. The reason why the sex doll industry is so popular is inseparable from the innovation of major sex doll brands. In order to let doll lovers see more fresh toys, it can be said that they have taken great pains! As for the body details and realism of the dolls, all the doll manufacturers have gone above and beyond, allowing us to see their true strength. As our old friends will have heard, we saw a lot of amazing sex dolls this past Halloween week! The styles are different, but both their overall appearance and body details are amazing, especially the makeup on the face and the matching of clothing. Are they very suitable for the festival? Not only that, but many sex doll brands have also upgraded and created softer doll materials designed to provide a more realistic and fantastic intimate experience. It has shown unprecedented vitality and led the doll industry into a new era.The following rankings are based on relevant data in recent years! Next, come with us to take a look at the top sex doll brands in 2023 and learn about their excellence and masterpieces!

TOP1: WM Doll

A sex doll brand that has 100% confidence in the doll's body and head has released several exciting dolls in 2023 alone. For example, BBW Sex Doll Lisa's sexy body curves are undisguised. The use of TPE material makes Lisa's soft big breasts and buttocks as elastic as jelly. WM always walks among various high-quality silicone dolls and TPE dolls, with incredible heads and various bodies, bringing a more realistic and perfect experience. WM's dolls are all made with superb craftsmanship and detail, as they are carefully made and handled by experts! Exquisite cosmetics and a realistic touch make the real-life doll more delicate and lifelike. But I think it would be better if they released more styles of dolls because they are not very active at the moment! I'm really looking forward to them releasing more silicone dolls.

TOP2: Game Lady Doll

As we all know, this is a brand that is very good at restoring game characters. Among them, the "NieR Automata" 2b sex doll and the "Final Fantasy" Tifa sex doll have received support and love from many fans! Even now, many people are willing to pay for them. Countless times, video game characters have been brought into the real world through sex dolls, making the "unattainable dreams" of computer game fans and sex doll lovers come true. More importantly, Game Lady overall quality is top-notch, What you see is what you get. From the soft skin texture to the delicate touch, real blood vessels, and intricate private areas, countless fans have been pleasantly surprised. Game Lady is definitely a top sex doll brand not to be missed!


Do you still remember the SLE series silicone dolls just released by ZELEX? According to the person in charge of the brand, this is a doll material called "super soft silicone" independently developed by them. Compared with traditional silicone dolls, the softness of the SLE series silicone dolls has entered a new level... ZELEX's "Beauty Makeup Series" all use real-life scan modeling, which not only provides incredible facial makeup effects and body details but also pushes the intimate experience into a new world. There is also a doll with an open mouth! It has received critical acclaim since its release, and can even provide a more amazing sexual experience than a real person. Of course, it’s not just the mouth-opening doll series, many of ZELEX’s dolls are very good.

TOP4: Starpery Doll

Starpery is one of the most popular sex doll brands! Not only do they have a nice name, but they also have a touching brand vision - to make sex robots serve and take care of people. As early as 2019, they released the ultra-realistic TPE3.0, which excited many doll lovers. Therefore, their strength has always been recognized. In addition, the owners of these silicone dolls often share their true experiences on social media. We can see from this that Starpery is also very experienced in handling details! You can see obvious veins, capillaries on the arms, and body spots on the doll's body, so detailed that the sunburn marks on the doll when wearing a bikini are clearly visible.

TOP5: lrontech Doll

All Irontech sex dolls are fully configurable as they all come equipped with M16 ministry and body connections, a huge leap forward! The dolls they release all have such beautiful features and appeal compared to other sex dolls out there that it's hard to say no to them! Especially Irontech’s male sex dolls. They released nearly eight male sex dolls before Halloween. The workmanship and details are almost perfect but the styles are very different. Whether it is a dark-skinned sexy doll or a male doll with a teenage face, we have them all, good news for gay compatriots! Moreover, Irontech has created straight bone paths for sex dolls, and all dolls have dynamic muscles or joints. Be able to lift them quickly and try out different sex positions! This sounds like a very exciting option.

TOP6: Funwest Doll

If you are a fan of video games like League of Legends, then you must not miss Funwest, the top sex doll brand. This is the best place to bring game characters into reality. We have written some articles specifically describing the benefits of these League of Legends sex dolls, if you are interested you can click here! What's more, they are very good at portraying the surreal shemale sex dolls and are famous for it. It's made from high-quality silicone and medical-grade TPE, so you can kiss her lips or her juicy pussy as much as you want! If you have some crazy fantasies and desires that are nowhere to be released, then Funwest shemale sex dolls are the best place for you, and you will experience unparalleled realistic feelings.

TOP7: SE Doll

SE is one of the famous realistic sex doll brands, and they have a very top-notch and excellent team. Therefore, there is nothing to say in terms of details and quality, and we also provide high-quality silicone dolls and TPE dolls in various styles. Among them, the most popular is the elf sex doll among fantasy sex dolls, which provides a super-sensory experience with great visual impact! Not only that, they also have a perfect grasp of the reality of the body. The pink color of the areola and the gully of the vagina are full of realism, almost no different from real people. And, all SE sex dolls feature oral and lube-free vaginal options for the ultimate sex experience!

TOP8: Piper Doll

This is a sex doll brand famous for its Japanese love dolls, releasing many anime-style dolls. Specializing in stimulating sexual desire with exaggerated faces, they sure do it! It’s not difficult to tell from Bunny Girl Sex Doll Jessica’s face and body design. Although she is only 150cm tall, she has proud and tall breasts. The contrast is very attractive. Piper also provides many rich customization options to meet different needs and preferences. In addition, they will also offer some innovative options - a unique seamless neck design, which is more realistic and perfect, providing a more realistic experience. If you are obsessed with anime sex dolls, then Piper will definitely surprise you.

TOP9: Angel Kiss Doll

Angel Kiss is a new sex doll brand designed by the well-known WM doll factory. For now, the Angel Kiss series is limited, but their dolls are unique! Because there’s something very special about them – they offer the highest quality life-sized silicone sex dolls at an affordable price. Both the overall body and the body details are perfect, providing an unparalleled real feeling. Moreover, their dolls all have beautiful and exquisite facial details, which those who are detail-loving, must not miss it! While you marvel at her perfect details, you will also feel incredible at the surprising experience she brings!

TOP10: Rokebijin Doll

RokebijinThis is a brand that focuses on providing high-quality anime sex dolls. Their doll designs are so exquisite and cute that people want to touch them unconsciously! It can reproduce characters from various popular anime and use high-quality materials to give the doll a more realistic touch. Its cute anime and role-play style dolls have always been popular among the public. If you are an anime fan, this is undoubtedly an excellent choice for you. It is suitable for intimate interaction or viewing the dolls as collectible items. This will accompany you through countless pleasant hours and make the dolls a part of your life Bar.

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