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Beginner's Guide: How Should I Choose My First Sex Doll?

Nov 30, 2023

Whenever we talk about sex dolls, it seems that we have entered a fashion realm. Sex dolls of different styles and styles are dazzling, and you can't help but immerse yourself in this colorful ocean. As we all know, with the upgrading of the adult products field, the doll market has also been seeking innovation and vitality. Nowadays, the manufacturing process of these silicone dolls has become very perfect. After various precision designs and fine production, not only the doll's appearance is lifelike, but also it feels soft and delicate as if touching the softness and warmth of real human skin. Every detail has been carefully crafted, from the outline of the doll's facial features to the texture of the skin, and strives to reach the highest level, so that you can get the most realistic sensory enjoyment when using it. The variety of these silicone doll is also amazing, you can choose different styles, hairstyles, and physical features according to your personal preferences, and you can even customize the doll's body proportions and accessories to create a unique and perfect companion. Whether you are looking for companionship, exploring your passions, or wanting to experience a more real and private emotional interaction, these silicone dolls can meet your needs. Despite this, many people still ask, what is the appropriate position for having sex with a doll? What size doll should I have? What is the difference between silicone material and TPE material? Next, we will answer them for you one by one!

What Positions Can be Used to Have Sex With a Sex Doll?

Spooning: Spooning is a favorite position for many and has multiple advantages during sex. The cozy position feels comfortable and relaxing, perfect for using sex toys or a life-size love doll. Although the depth may be limited, the physical intimacy and free hand stimulation of the clitoris or penis make it a highly satisfying position.
Missionary: This is the most basic and universal position during sex and is loved by many. Although many people think this pose is boring, it's not. When we put a pillow under the sex doll's buttocks or pull the legs up slightly, we can penetrate deeper. If you are new to dolls, I highly recommend giving it a try!
69: Needless to say more about this, after all, it is a very classic posture. I have to say that many of my friends are very obsessed with it. Maybe because both parties can get the same satisfaction at the same time. You and your doll lie on top of each other in 69 positions so each can destroy the other's private areas with your mouth.
Doggy style: This position is not only popular with many men, but many women are also defenseless against attacks in this position. You can go deeper into the doll's flowers and experience more exciting feelings! Simultaneously stimulating other erogenous zones in the passive part, you can also reach out as a passive part or use a sex toy.
These are some common postures for your reference, but everyone’s hobbies are different, so it is of course better to choose what you like! Our advice: be sure to try more!!

What Material Are the Dolls Made of? Is it Harmful?

All dolls are made of high-quality silicone and TPE materials, which are safe, non-toxic, and soft. You can attack the doll as much as you want and suck her pink nipples and clitoris without any discomfort! Guaranteed you get the best intimate experience. But in comparison, TPE is softer, which is why it is widely used in making sex dolls. To learn more about TPE dolls, please click here. . (We don’t recommend using a sex doll if you have a history of silicone allergies.)
How are the doll's head and body connected?

How Are the Doll's Head and Body Connected?

Look for the attachment screws inside the package: Typically, the attachment screws are located at the base of the figure's head and are used to attach to the neck of the figure's body. Sometimes manufacturers put accessories in bags, please check all product accessories carefully. It should be noted that almost all doll heads can be adapted to the same model of M16, and the manufacturer also fully considers the need for head replacement when manufacturing the dolls. Despite this, you still need to refer to the parameters provided by the sex doll brand, and please consult customer service when purchasing so that you can make the right choice.
Align head and body: Before inserting the connector screws, orient to ensure head and body alignment. Make sure the neck of the doll's body fits snugly into the groove at the base of the head.
Insert the connector screw directly: Insert the screw into the bottom hole and turn the adult doll's head clockwise until the screw is firmly in place. Be careful not to overtighten or damage the doll. If it's loose, you can turn it another turn or half a turn to make sure the head is properly connected and fixed.
Check the connection: After confirming that the screws are in place, gently pull the head to ensure that it is firmly connected to the body. If the head wobbles or feels loose, tighten the screws slightly more.

What are Fixed and Removable Vaginas?

Fixed Vagina – A fixed or built-in model that accurately replicates a real female vagina and cannot be removed from the sex doll, providing a sensation that is nearly identical to the actual experience. In contrast, a detachable vagina is a pluggable cylinder that is easy to clean and replace. Historically, many sex doll enthusiasts generally prefer built-in vaginas because they provide the same sensations as real women. Although they have some subtle differences, they can all bring a realistic experience!

How to Heat a Sex Doll's Body?

Our sex dolls feature an internal heating system that makes it easy to heat the entire doll body from within. It can keep the doll's body as warm as a real person's and will not feel cold in December. So, how to do it? The doll has a built-in network of electrical wiring, with plugs and sockets located inside the body. Additionally, there is a cord that connects to the doll's body, and the other end plugs into a wall socket, with a small control panel attached to the cord that allows you to set the desired heating temperature. After configuring the temperature, the doll's torso, vagina, and anus will gradually reach the set temperature in about 30 minutes, ready for use.

Do We Sell Individual Sex Doll Heads?

Of course, we have separate doll heads to choose from. You can also choose the body you like and the head you like.

What Styles of Sex Dolls Are There to Choose From?

In addition to the common big-breasted sex dolls, small sex dolls, cosplay sex dolls, etc., we also provide ultra-realistic shemale sex dolls and gay sex dolls. Designed to meet different preferences and needs and provide a richer experience.

Can Sex Dolls Hold Themselves in Standing or Other Positions Like Real People?

Yes, in most cases there is no problem! However, sex dolls cannot fully support their own weight and sometimes require external support.

Can I Put Makeup on My Sex Doll?

Not recommended. Because all sex dolls are made up of professional technicians, they can reproduce the doll's facial features realistically and perfectly. If you wish to add more glamor to your sex doll with cosmetics or want to try out a new look, we recommend opting for mineral products, which may give your doll the desired effect. But be sure to wash it as soon as possible, otherwise, your doll will become dirty.

Are Individual Wigs Available For Sex Dolls?

Yes, hair transplantation is an option for silicone dolls. But we only recommend buying wigs made of soft TPE material.

Can All Sex Dolls Be Customized?

Yes! However, in-stock sex dolls cannot be customized, but their prices are very affordable and can be delivered to you in 2-3 days. It is highly recommended for friends who are in a hurry to buy it!

What Customization Options Are Available?

Generally includes head, frame, eye color, nails, wig/hair transplant, nipple color/areola, breasts - hollow breasts, jelly breasts, solid breasts, vagina - fixed, removable, labia color, standing feet, pubic hair, Articulated fingers, movable jaw, heating, moans, costumes and more. Please be careful when choosing so that your doll doesn't turn out to be what you expected.

How to Use a Sex Doll?

Sex dolls offer a variety of insertion methods, including oral, anal, and vaginal, to suit different needs. Male sex dolls focus on oral and anal penetration. These are designed to ensure maximum user pleasure. You treat a sex doll just like a real partner, almost all positions are applicable, please change according to the real situation!

How do I Clean My Sex Doll?

Before preparing to wash the doll, we first prepare antibacterial soap, talcum powder (baby powder), a light sponge, an absorbent towel, etc. You can choose to give it a nice bath or let it soak in warm bath water. If you choose a shower, be careful to clean gently and avoid soaking your neck or head with moisture (this will help avoid possible problems like rusted neck screws).
Use a gentle sponge and antibacterial soap to gently scrub the doll, cleaning it thoroughly without using too much force, so its skin is cared for and thoroughly cleansed. After the water on the doll's body is completely evaporated, we can apply a layer of talcum powder on her body to keep her in the best condition.

How do I Store My Sex Doll?

Dolls can be stored under the bed or in a closet, but we recommend purchasing a doll storage box, which will ensure your privacy.

How Much Does a Sex Doll Cost?

Prices range from over $1,000 to over $3,000 or more. Please choose the appropriate doll according to your own financial situation. Be careful to identify some prices that are lower than the market price. You may buy fake sex dolls that cannot provide comprehensive protection and overall experience.

Where to Buy Sex Doll?

There are many sex doll websites to choose from, but I think Realdollshub will be your best choice. Our product range is rich and complete, and we have a strong after-sales guarantee. This is also the reason why many sex doll brands choose us.

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