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Zelex Doll Launches All-New EXP Skeleton: More Realistic and Lifelike

Apr 28, 2023


  1. The Characteristics of an EXP Skeleton
  2. The Role of More Realistic Dolls in Daily Life
  3. Things to Note and Maintenance Suggestions for Using the New Framework

As we all know, Zelex Doll is one of the highest quality silicone dolls on TDF, with their unique model-inspired designs and professional techniques making them a top brand in the industry.

However, most doll enthusiasts may not know that Zelex Sex Doll has recently released a new type of frame called EXP. The EXP frame is a next-generation frame developed based on the EVO frame, and Zelex Real Doll is currently the only brand offering this new type of frame. The EXP frame reproduces every detail of the human body, making traditional doll frames seem worlds apart in comparison. Dolls using the EXP frame are so lifelike that it's hard for many people not to have inappropriate thoughts. Who wouldn't want to have a supermodel girlfriend with 99% similarity to a real woman?

zelex doll

The Characteristics of an EXP Skeleton

  1. Increase in shoulder flexibility. During the process of enjoying perfect SEX with the Zelex girl before falling asleep after a hard day's work, you will experience expressions that you have never seen before, such as creating a shy pose for her as she lies naked on the bed.
  2. zelex doll
  3. The characteristics of the EXP skeleton include increased flexibility in the shoulders, as well as improvements in the double-jointed elbow and ball-shaped wrist joints, which allow the arms of the Zelex doll to move more freely, making it a coveted feature among athletes and dancer.
  4. zelex doll
  5. The EXP skeleton also features increased flexibility in the waist. The Zelex doll has been redesigned from the EVO skeleton to provide more stable support and easier twisting movements, helping to develop her flexibility and allowing for more exploration of her sensuality.
  6. zelex doll
  7. The EXP skeleton also includes a ball-jointed neck, which bridgesthe Zelex doll's head and body. According to data, after twisting the joint 10,000 times, its flexibility only decreases by less than 10%. There's no need to worry about it becoming loose over time.
zelex doll

That is correct. The ball-jointed neck of the EXP skeleton is designed to provide a stable and flexible connection between the head and body of the Zelex doll. It has been tested and shown to maintain flexibility even after being twisted 10,000 times, with a decrease of less than 10%. This ensures that the joint remains secure and does not become loose over time, providing a high level of durability and longevity to the doll, like 2B sex doll, Aurora sex doll, Lena sex doll and Amanda sex doll.

zelex doll

The Role of More Realistic Dolls in Daily Life

While the EXP skeleton of the Zelex doll certainly enhances the sexual experience, it also offers a range of possibilities beyond intimacy.

The doll can be used for cosplay, anime conventions, and posing in various beautiful positions, making it a great way to meet new people with similar interests. The doll can also be a companion for those who may feel lonely or need emotional support, providing comfort and companionship. With the EXP skeleton's improved flexibility and stability, the Zelex doll offers a more realistic and versatile experience that can be enjoyed in a variety of contexts.

Things to Note and Maintenance Suggestions for Using the New Framework

When using the new EXP skeleton of the Zelex doll, it's important to handle the joints carefully, as they are highly flexible. If the joints are initially stiff upon receiving the doll, do not force them to move. Applying excessive force to the joints can cause them to break or become damaged. It's important to follow proper usage instructions to ensure the longevity of the doll.

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the care and maintenance of your Zelex doll, you can seek assistance from Realdolls hub are highly knowledgeable and passionate about helping customers with any issues related to their sex dolls. Taking proper care of your doll will ensure that it remains in good condition and provides a pleasurable and realistic experience for years to come.

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