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Reviews (2)
  • P****l
    This is a relatively large purchase I made recently, so I decided to write a review, hoping to help you who are about to buy it.
    Quality: I upgraded her to a full silicone body. The whole doll is in perfect condition, just like the photos and videos they sent me, no damage or blemishes. As you can see, the body detailing is really realistic! You can even see her blood vessels, the texture of her skin, and the little spots. The doll's head is delicate! But when I combed her hair after installing it, I found a small amount of hair loss. After communication, they told me that this is a common problem in the industry, so when combing the hair of an implanted hair doll, you should grasp the upper hair with one hand, and then comb the lower hair with the other to avoid hair loss.

    Feeling: The touch of Gel-filled breast is so real, I guess it is no different from a real girl. I rub it vigorously but it is still in perfect condition. But the doll is kind of heavy, maybe it is too tall. If you are not strong enough, it is recommended to choose a shorter doll and easier to store.

    Service: The customer service team is very enthusiastic and responds to online messages and emails in time. I received a production completion confirmation letter with photos and videos of the doll taken by the factory almost two weeks after I placed the order. After confirming, you can reply to the email and let them ship your doll asap. Shipping time took one to two weeks. Generally speaking, it does not exceed one month from the day I placed the order to receiving the doll which is pretty acceptable.

    Summary: The doll is very realistic and of good quality, it should be genuine. The seller is easy to communicate with. And thank you for the lingerie gift pack, it is gonna be more fun with it, thank you!
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Thank you very much for your review and recognition! This will definitely help a lot of people who are ready to buy dolls, thank you!
  • S****i
    Seraphine is one of my favorite characters of LOL. Although I don't think the doll I received is 100% the same with the character in the game. But it's acceptable. But the doll are so real, just like a real humen being, such as the skin texture and blood vessels wow! Hope they will launch more cosplay dolls with different characters, looking forward to it!
    30 Days Ago