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League of Legends Vi Sex Doll - Funwest Doll - 157cm/5ft2 TPE Vi Sex Doll
FWD048 #029 157-C Sophiemina
US$ 1599 >US$ 1777
Reviews (2)
  • R****r
    ok so i ordered my vi quite a while ago unfortunately it was around the chinese new year so it took a little bit longer than usual to be completed, anyway as soon as the factory reopened things went quickly and smoothly.
    once the doll arrives i noticed that she is heavier than expected, so if you are on the weaker side you maybe should consider another doll with a reduced weight option. her body feels soft to the touch and actually kinda similar to skin, except of course that the doll is way colder. in terms of feeling i have to say that the doll feels pretty nice on the two lower entrances,but again very cold, the mouth is a little bit too small and almost uncomfortable (for me at least). in the pic she wears a t shirt i had lying around.. the vendor sent me a pack with lingerie and some sexy stuff i wanted her tobwear for the pics, but i'm simply to stupid to actually put the lingerie on with all the straps and super thin fabric.
    then i also want to adress the customer service here, everytime i had a question, doesn't matter how stupid it seemed it was promptly answered without making me feel dumb for asking
    30 Days Ago
    Service:Awesome! Electric blankets and heating rods can warm up the doll real quick, recommended! Hope she brings you happiness~ Enjoy!
  • K****n
    Great quality and nice service,recommend!
    30 Days Ago