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Customize Your Dream Wife, Key Steps on How to Buy a Sex Doll

Dec 15, 2023

When sex dolls are no longer taboo, we can view them more freely and take them home. In the past, we rarely heard about them, and it was difficult to buy them through some formal channels. But with the advent of the era of technology and artificial intelligence, this situation is being overturned. Nowadays, we can discover the existence of love dolls through various channels, and we can even get a glimpse of the dolls on some popular social platforms. It can be seen that when it comes to silicone dolls again, they can be seen everywhere just like eating and drinking. People no longer talk about sexual perversion, and are even more willing to display these charming and attractive existences. It is popular not only because it can bring emotional support and companionship to lonely people, but also because it can bring rich and unique experiences. Before the 21st century, we might often hear about the existence of "inflatable dolls" as adult toys. Of course, this was also a beautiful product of that era, bringing fantasy experiences to many people. And now, with the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, real-life dolls with warmth are joining. Prompt the entire industry to change its look and provide more intelligent, realistic, perfect, warm, and emotional companions. Many people choose to buy love dolls to accompany themselves, for example, people who have been single for a long time, people with mental illness, and people with social difficulties. This is a very good choice for most people. When you decide to buy a sex doll, I think it's a big decision. Therefore, clarifying the purchasing steps is a process that cannot be ignored! Read on to customize the wife of your dreams and learn the key steps to buying a real doll. . .

Choose Your Doll’s Body Shape and Weight

For newbies, it is difficult to buy it for the first time. Faced with a wide variety of dolls with different styles, even if you are not a novice, it is difficult to buy the one that suits you best. Therefore, when you consider buying a sex doll, choosing the shape and weight of the doll is also an essential part. Please don’t ignore your friends!
Body shape: Everyone has different needs and preferences, and the sex doll market covers sex dolls of different body shapes. For example, BBW sex dolls, petite sex dolls, chubby sex dolls, big butt sex dolls, curvy sex dolls, mini sex dolls, etc. These sex dolls in various body shapes cater to a wide variety of personal preferences and aesthetic needs. BBW sex dolls have gained many enthusiastic fans with their plump curves and huge soft breasts, providing the perfect choice for customers who pursue plump charm. This is indeed a very attractive existence! Petite sex dolls are very delicate and cute, and their graceful proportions attract the attention of people who love small and exquisite bodies; for people who like round bodies, chubby sex dolls and big-butt sex dolls perfectly meet this requirement, with soft and lifelike touch, providing Unparalleled sexual experience; the curvy sex doll with graceful figure and elegant lines exudes charming temptation, which is indeed difficult to resist! Of course, both plump dolls and petite dolls can exist on the market with their unique appeal and become a hot choice! No matter which body shape you prefer, you can find the ideal sex doll to satisfy your desires and preferences in this diverse market full of choices.
Weight: The weight of sex dolls is generally below 30kg, 30kg-39kg, 40kg-49kg, and above 50kg. When we decide to buy, please choose according to your strength! Although some cute sex dolls are marketed as petite, moving or lifting such a sex doll can be a challenge for your body. Because silicone doll are always unconscious and cannot follow your movements to perform some sexual activities autonomously, this is required when using them. If you use too much force, it may cause irreversible damage and cause harm to your health. Such as spinal injuries, etc., and this may also cause damage to the doll's body parts. For first-time buyers, it may be ideal to choose a sex doll that weighs between 30-35 kg. According to the latest data, owners who purchase dolls within this range can have a more pleasant experience, making it easier to move and use, store, and clean. In addition, it should be noted that some brands currently offer weight reduction options. If you need more detailed information, please check the customization options of each brand, or consult the relevant customer service to help you make a more informed decision and enjoy your realistic doll. The pleasant feeling it brings.

Trustworthy Sex Doll Website

Simply put, we are the best. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with many top sex doll brands, such as WM, Irontech, Zelex, Game Lady, Starpery, etc. This is no stranger to sex doll enthusiasts. Many popular sex dolls are produced by these silicone doll manufacturers, such as the popular video game character 2B sex doll, Tifa sex doll, etc. It provides a more comfortable channel for game fans to realize their fantasy. Secondly, the sex dolls purchased on Realdollshub are guaranteed to be genuine officially certified, and authorized by the brand. The question of whether you will buy a fake will no longer bother you. It is 100% authentic, bringing you a comfortable and realistic experience. In addition, there is the most complete service system and after-sales service to ensure that your partner will not be discovered by anyone and will arrive at you safely. We understand that our customers' privacy is inviolable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will provide the most perfect solution!

What Are the Customization Options?

In short, customizing your sex doll to your needs and preferences. A series of advanced options, such as eye color, body skin color, hair color, breast type, vagina selection, movable jaw, body heating function, voice function, hair transplant/wig, etc., add to the charm of the doll while providing a more incredible experience. Generally speaking, most real doll can be customized, but stock dolls are generally not suitable. However, there are some irresistible advantages of inventory dolls. The shipping time is very fast, and it only takes 2-3 days to arrive at your side. If you are very urgent, I recommend choosing the stock baby. They are very affordable, so you can consider them when you are on a tight budget.

Determine Your Budget

Low income: You can choose the appearance, body shape, and breasts of the doll according to your personal budget range. Please note: Generally speaking, the price of larger breasts will be slightly more expensive. Mini sex dolls and torso dolls made of TPE are lightweight and more economical. The price is around US$1,000.
Moderate income: It is recommended that you choose a full-size TPE sex doll or a doll with a silicone head + TPE body! The price is around $1500-2000 USD. This is an option not to be missed for those who want a realistic experience and have a larger budget. The vast majority of players will choose this way.
High income: You can choose silicone head + hair transplant + TPE (silicone looks like a real person, while expensive TPE feels like a real person) body or full body silicone + hair transplant with full-size materials. The price is around US$2,000-3,000, or even higher. When you don't have to consider the price, please choose what you love!

What Should I Pay Attention to When Placing an Order?

Is it legal in your area: Before you decide to buy, please read your local policies and laws. Is it legal to buy a sex doll? Or clear specifications banning love doll!

Place an order: Confirm whether your information is correct. If there is any error, please modify it and confirm the order again.

Payment Method:

Debit/Credit Card: You can pay directly with a debit or credit card without any service fee. This is the fastest and easiest way to pay.

PayPal balance: PayPal can conduct transactions in 203 countries and 26 currencies. It is by far the most widely used, safest, and most secure online payment method in the world.
Installment payment/planned payment: We currently support PayPal "Pay Later". This is also a good decision if you're in a bit of a bind.

In Conclusion

With the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence, the existence of sex dolls is no longer taboo but is more widely accepted and appreciated. There are several factors to consider when purchasing a sex doll, starting with choosing the size and weight of the doll. Different body shapes include plump, petite, chubby, big butt, curvy, etc., meeting the aesthetic needs of different people. At the same time, weight is also one of the considerations. You need to choose a suitable weight range according to your strength to avoid possible physical injuries during use. And the best website to buy sex dolls to help us get a more perfect and realistic dream wife. Comprehensive guidance and advice are provided from choosing the essentials, customizing options, determining your budget, where to buy, and how to pay. We hope you will make an informed decision through this article! Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with local policies and laws when deciding to purchase a real doll.

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