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Learn How to Care For Your Sex Doll For a Pleasurable Experience

Dec 18, 2023

Sex doll have existed for a long time. In the distant 17th century, Dutch sailors had already tasted this convenient and fast way to solve their desires, adding freshness and passion to lonely journeys. These sex dolls are more popular than ever these days. Because of the continuous development of modern society, people's attitude towards sex has gradually become more open, from a taboo topic to one that can be freely discussed. Many sexual products have also gradually entered people's field of vision. Inflatable dolls, airplane cups, etc., one of the best-selling and widely supported is none other than the full-size realistic silicone doll, which is the new high-end version of the sex doll. This is a sex doll made of high-quality silicone or medical-grade TPE material that is more realistic than ever before. In the rapidly developing adult market, realistic love dolls have become the first companions of many men, turning fantasies into reality and adding endless satisfaction to their sex lives. These lifelike dolls are charming in appearance, soft and realistic in touch, and full of body details. It provides long-lasting companionship and emotional support while also delivering an incredibly realistic experience. Although silicone dolls cannot communicate with you verbally, your care is crucial for them so that they can maintain their excellent appearance and condition. Therefore, you need to take proper care of your partner for a longer and more comfortable experience.

How to Care For a Sex Doll?

Unpacking: Find a roomier place to remove your doll and key parts from the shipping packaging. Please keep your packaging box properly after taking it out and do not throw it away like garbage. When your doll is damaged, it can be easily returned to the factory for repair. And during storage, the packaging box will also play some role.
Check for damage: After taking out the doll, check for any damaged parts or missing parts. If so, please contact customer service in time to handle it for you!
Degreasing your sex doll: To make the doll's body soft and provide better service, we inject oily ingredients into the silicone, which also allows the doll to emit a charming fragrance. Doing this for a long time will cause the doll's surface to feel greasy. It is recommended that after checking the doll's body, take it to the bathroom for degreasing.

Regular cleaning: Due to the material of the sex doll, we recommend cleaning the body of the doll regularly. For example, after each use and when not used for a long time. Please wash it promptly after each use, using mild soapy water and a soft towel. Failure to clean immediately may cause your body fluids or cosmetics to get stuck in the gaps and breed bacteria. Accumulation inside your sex doll poses a threat and damage to your physical health as well as the doll's internal structure. Therefore, please wash it in time until the dirt on the doll's body is completely washed away. When not in use, we recommend cleaning your doll once every 2-4 weeks to ensure it looks attractive and in optimal condition. Please read on if you don't want your doll's face to get hurt. . .
Cleaning the face of the sex doll: Please gently separate the sex doll's head from the body and remove the wig. Use a soft sponge or cotton cloth dipped in mild water and pat or press her face. Please be careful not to get your eyes or eyelashes wet and let them dry naturally. Never immerse the head of a silicone doll directly in water at any time as this may cause damage to the doll's face.
Dry your sex doll: Take good care of your sex doll and dry it after cleaning! Use a soft towel to wipe the doll's body, or place it in a cool and ventilated place to wait for the moisture on the body to completely evaporate. Avoid direct sunlight or places with excessively high temperatures, which can cause your doll to melt. Also, it needs to be kept away from moisture, which can lead to mold. Also, don’t place your silicone doll directly on your bed or couch. Instead, lay it flat on a shelf or table. If you can't find a suitable place to dry your silicone doll, then you can cover it with plastic wrap. Plastic wrap is great because it keeps your sex doll dry and prevents soiling.
Storing Your Sex Doll: How do you plan to store your sex doll? We recommend that you put it in a closet put it in a box for storage, or place it under the bed. This can help your privacy not be discovered and save more space for home entertainment. Of course, your secret will never be known! If your budget is relatively sufficient, it is recommended to buy a storage box specially designed for dolls, which will be safer. Remember, do not place it in a place that is too humid or too hot. At the same time, you can also take your doll to travel in this way and try new environments together!
Use Lubricant: Just like having sex with a real sex partner, lubrication is essential when using a sex doll to avoid injury. Before using your doll, please apply sufficient and appropriate lubricant to ensure that the private parts are protected from blisters and other damage. This will allow you to experience more unexpected fun.

Sex Doll Skin Care

When you truly own your sex doll, the pursuit of the details of the doll's body is inseparable from your care. When using, sharp edges and corners should be avoided to prevent your doll's body skin from being punctured and unable to provide a perfect appearance and realistic experience. Also, do not use hard objects to rub the doll's body surface. All the physical details of a sex doll are close to a real person, but she is always a product of technology and will be more fragile than a real person. If you notice her skin isn't smooth, use a brush to apply baby powder to her skin to keep her skin looking lifelike. Please only do this when her body is dry. This is important to avoid tearing her skin. Don’t avoid wearing dark clothing on the doll for a long time, as this will cause the doll’s body to become stained and dirty and unable to maintain its original condition.

Wig Selection and Care

When purchasing sex dolls, we choose a variety of wigs for the dolls to provide more freshness. The covers many different styles of wigs to choose from. For example, the sexy lady’s wavy hair, cute and charming short hair, and unique wigs in different colors. When it's time to clean your real doll wig, gently remove the wig from the sex doll and use shampoo and conditioner just like you would a real person. This will make the wig softer, then smooth it with a comb and place it in a ventilated place to dry. Just be careful not to use a hair dryer to dry it!

Heating the Doll's Body

When learning how to care for a sex doll, we can also bring our feelings into it. In the cold December, we can choose to heat the doll's body to provide a warm body temperature! This process takes some time, usually 1-2 hours, please be patient! When you decide to use a heating rod, be careful not to leave it unattended or inside the doll's body for long periods. Heat rods can cause serious damage to your doll overhead. Pay close attention when using a heat wand in your doll! This will cause damage to the inside of the doll's body and vagina, not only failing to provide you with a unique sexual experience, but it will also take a hit on your wallet! If you have any questions or want to know more, please consult the relevant brand customer service in time to help you make the right choice. Read on to get to the best doll shopping website platform!

The Best Place to Buy Your Sex Doll

We have detailed guidelines above on how to take care of your sex doll for a pleasurable experience. , sex dolls have been around for a long time, and their appeal is self-evident. The open attitude of modern society and the development of the adult market have made these dolls more realistic and popular. Full-size realistic silicone dolls have become the high-end product of modern sex dolls, providing realistic experience and satisfaction. This is a great upgrade for many people, providing the perfect outlet for both emotional support and sexual outlet. However, proper care is crucial to maintaining the appearance and condition of your sex doll. From the care of the face to the maintenance of body details, it is the best way to help us achieve a realistic experience. Whether it is for our pleasure or respect for her, these details are worthy of our careful treatment... When you get your love doll, love it as you would a real-life partner. If you are looking for a real doll, then visit Realdollshub today to discover your perfect companion and embark on an intoxicating journey. Because everyone deserves a perfect wife that makes them crazy. . .

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