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Customized Sex Doll: Get Your Exclusive Companion in One Click!

Feb 28, 2024

Can All Sex Dolls Be Customized?

Sure! Almost all sex dolls are customizable! But be aware that stock sex dolls cannot be customized because they are cheap and ship quickly, reaching you in 2-3 days. It is a very ideal choice for some people who are eager to have it and have a limited budget! Beyond that, you can create your ideal partner entirely based on your needs and preferences. At the same time, customized sex dolls cover different styles and different types of silicone dolls. Whether it is a sexy and charming big-breasted sex doll, an innocent and cute Asian sex doll, a curious alien sex doll, or a fantasy sex doll, they can be reproduced perfectly and realistically into reality. These sex dolls of different styles are generally displayed in the image of girls, mature women, and game characters. It has a realistic vagina, anus, lifelike body textures, an openable mouth, and a movable jaw, providing players with more different choices and experiences having sex with different styles of objects. You can also choose a fixed vagina/removable vagina/movable chin, etc. according to your needs. At the same time, also provides Gay sex dolls and male love dolls that are customized to meet special desires. They are usually shaped like strong men, highlighting muscle lines, tight chests, tall figures, etc. Its targets are mainly women and gay men. In general, almost all sex dolls can be customized, whether you are a man or a woman, you can get the lover of your dreams through customization.

What are the Options for Customizing Sex Dolls?

Body Shape: You can usually decide what body type, height, and breast type you want in a sex doll before deciding to customize your partner. For example, the choice of breasts. In addition to the common large breasts, many doll manufacturers also have small, medium, and large breasts to choose from. (A cup-F cup) The body curves of sex dolls with large breasts tend to be more attractive and sexy, while sex dolls with small breasts look more delicate and petite. The height of these dolls is generally set at around 145 cm-170 cm. If your strength is limited, it is more appropriate to customize a doll of around 150cm.
Skin Tone: Most sex doll brands offer pretty much the same skin tone options. You can choose between a tanned bronze, a fair complexion, and the distinctive blue of an alien sex doll. In addition, there are many skin colors for you to choose from. Please see the specific customization page for details. Once customized it cannot be changed, so you should think carefully before deciding on your partner's skin tone.

Head: There are options such as silicone head/integrated head and body/TPE head. The functions of each head are different. For example, the addition of movable jaws/mouths/functions will increase the functionality and charm of the heads. Choosing the mouth-opening function and the movable jaw function means that you can have another channel to vent your desires and try sex at different angles. For those who like oral sex, this option is very attractive. In addition, you can purchase some additional heads and connect them with the body of the doll you purchased to add freshness and try more different experiences.
Hair: The functionality of hair transplants and wigs will change due to the material they are made of, and we do not recommend the hair transplant option with soft silicone tips. You can choose short hair, long hair, long curly hair, etc. according to your preferences, and there are also many color types. It should be noted that please try to choose hair that matches the skin color to make the doll look more attractive.
Eyes: Almost the same options as hair, try to choose colors that match more harmoniously. Once determined, it cannot be changed.
Nails: Most sex doll nail colors can be customized. Details can be found on the customization page.
Breasts: There are solid breasts/hollow breasts/gel-filled breasts to choose from. Generally speaking, fewer people choose solid ones because their touch is less realistic and the effect may not be as ideal when kneading. Hollow breasts are typically used on sex dolls with breast sizes below a C cup. Hollow breasts, on the other hand, are more squashed and lighter, and are often used as a choice for big-breasted sex dolls and large-breasted sex dolls. It can perfectly simulate the real human state, especially when shaking during sex, it is as exciting and pleasurable as two elastic water balls. Gel-filled breasts use gel implants, which provide the most natural feel and look like a real person, and in most cases are used with high-quality TPE sex dolls, which are also very affordable.
Vagina: fixed vagina/removable vagina. Immobilizing the vagina is a more realistic option, and the lifelike internal structure is almost indistinguishable from reality. Just like having sex with a real person, you can feel the texture inside the vagina and the feeling of being wrapped! Highly recommend you try it. You can easily control how wide it opens by adjusting the leg position, which enhances the overall experience and makes it more natural when you have sex with the doll. But it will be difficult to clean, and you will need to spend a little more time. The detachable vagina becomes very easy to clean. It can be disassembled for cleaning after each use. The inside of the doll's vagina can be wiped with a wet towel. Please choose according to your own needs!

What Materials Are Used in Sex Dolls?

Before you decide to customize your sex doll, you may consider using silicone or TPE materials to make your doll. We have mentioned the materials of sex dolls in many previous articles. We do not recommend trying sex doll materials other than silicone and TPE in case you buy fakes! Generally speaking, silicone dolls are more expensive, but the details are very meticulous. For example, the small pores on the face and the goosebumps on the body are visible, increasing the sense of reality. The lifelike doll gives you an incredibly realistic feeling. Most of them sell for around US$2,000-3,000, which is indeed a considerable investment! So decide carefully before deciding to customize your sex doll. Customized TPE dolls are more economical and affordable, with most priced at around US$1,500, and some are even lower. This is a great option for those on a tight budget. They will be softer than silicone dolls, safe and non-toxic. This means you can attack the doll to your heart's content, whether it's kissing the cheek, lips, or sucking the nipple, etc. without causing any discomfort, so you don't have to worry about it at all!


1. We refuse to customize all kinds of underage sex dolls and prohibit the use of children's sex dolls! If you need a customized sex doll, please first understand whether local laws and policies support your purchase, otherwise, customs clearance will not be possible. This can cause irreversible consequences and immeasurable damage, so be sure to understand your local policies.
2. Do not use sex dolls with the likeness of celebrities or trademarked entities unless you obtain permission. Otherwise, you will accept the consequences of the law, which will also hurt the stores selling sex dolls.
3. Once you choose customization, it cannot be returned or changed. All customization options are individually designed according to your preferences and needs. We cannot change customized products for you, nor can we resell them. Every step when customizing a sex doll needs to be carefully considered. As your partner, I hope you will be extremely cautious until you get the desired effect!

Get Your Dream Lover in One Click

The process of customizing a sex doll is not complicated. You only need to browse and select from the sex doll brand or sex doll website. Just browse - purchase - customize - generate order - pay - make - wait for receipt. The process is very simple. You can usually choose from the official websites of well-known sex doll brands such as WM Doll and ZELEX Doll, as well as the Realdollshub store. On the customization page, select the part you want to customize, such as the head, eyes, etc. There will be prompts at each step to help you take the next action. Of course, most of them are free options, so you don’t have to worry about incurring some additional costs. If there are paid options, they will be marked. At the same time, we also clearly display the details of each customization option in this article to help you make the right decision. Almost all dolls can be customized, no matter what style you want for your significant other. For example, exotic girls, sexy bikini beach beauties, tall and attractive fair-skinned ladies, etc. can all be completed through customization options. Before deciding to customize a sex doll, be sure to understand whether the local morals and laws support your purchase, and firmly refuse to purchase underage sex dolls, etc.! In addition, if your budget is not sufficient, we recommend that you choose an affordable TPE sex doll, which is enough to meet your needs! If you are deciding to customize your dream girl, I hope this article will help you make an informed decision.

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