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Good Work Begins! New Silicone Doll & Starpery Weight Loss Technology

Feb 26, 2024


Haven't seen you for a long time! The Chinese New Year is coming to an end soon, and I will continue to be busy with work. This week, some sex doll brands have released new silicone dolls for everyone to enjoy and purchase. It seems that the joy of the New Year does not conflict with the enthusiasm for work! In particular, Starpery Doll has brought us exciting news, debuting a breakthrough in weight loss technology that has reached a new level! This means that we will be able to see more different dolls this year, which is worth looking forward to! What a great start. Next, join us as we browse this week’s sex doll news, which is sure to dazzle you.

Starpery Doll

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Starpery shared a piece of big news with everyone in advance: after two years of unremitting efforts, Starpery finally achieved a breakthrough in weight loss technology and reached a new level (Weight Loss 4.0), achieving the results achieved over the years. The desire has added new impetus and vitality to the doll market. In the future, we will see more distinctive upgrades. This technology makes the doll not only lighter but also softer! Provides incredible realism! The doll is solid and overall soft, and the softness of the silicone doll is even better than TPE. This means we can pursue softness while enjoying the realism and sophistication of silicone. At the same time, weight loss version 4.0 will be officially launched between March and April, and more detailed videos and instructions will be updated at that time for everyone! Sex doll lovers, please stay tuned. We believe that W.R. 4.0 will be a huge hot spot and bring better products to everyone!

In addition, Starpery also launched two new sex dolls this week. Asian Sex Doll Wushi, 169cm/5ft6 tall, fits the Chinese Spring Festival atmosphere very well, especially the headwear and costumes! A festive feeling came over me. Asian Sex Doll Xue, who is 171cm/5ft7 tall, also has red as the main color, but it looks sexier. It’s perfect as a New Year’s gift.

Aibei Doll

Aibei also unveiled two brand new dolls this week, with no obvious changes and maintaining their consistent style. Blonde Sex Doll Vinny is 157cm/5ft1 tall; Asian Sex Doll Vivian is also 157cm/5ft1 tall. The bronzed skin looks sexy and charming, like a beach bikini beauty who has just finished sunbathing, with a healthy luster. What's more important is that they are very affordable, and you can take them home for only $1,249! The price is acceptable to most people. It’s still worth a try!

New Promotions

FunWest Doll

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Starpery Doll

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So, that wraps up this week’s news! We’re excited to see the new releases and latest campaigns from various sex doll brands at the end of the new year. In particular, Starpery Doll has opened a new door for us, brought new vitality to the doll market, and also given us the most anticipated gift this year. Please continue to follow us and we will continue to bring you the latest sex doll news!

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