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How to Improve the Experience of Using Love Dolls?

Apr 8, 2024

Demand for Love Dolls Continues to Rise

In recent years, the demand for love dolls has continued to rise, and more and more countries allow the purchase and use of love dolls. According to data, in 2020, U.S. sex toy sales reached US$7.1 billion, accounting for 28.92% of the global sex toy market, becoming the largest market in the industry, and is expected to continue to grow. It is expected that by 2026, sex toy sales in the North American market will reach a staggering US$12.9064 billion. Among them, love dolls account for the largest proportion, far exceeding the proportion of other sex toys, such as airplane cups and sexy underwear. Its lifelike appearance and soft touch attract consumers to buy, and some personalization and intelligence are also crucial. Not only can it enhance the overall experience, but it can also make the love doll more lifelike, which is a very friendly choice for those who pursue details and realism. Quite a few people are already using this method to solve their sexual needs, and many users say that this new safe and free lifestyle brings more fun and pleasure, sometimes even more pleasure than real humans. So far, many countries have implemented the practice of allowing the purchase of sex dolls, and they are legal as long as they meet the standards. However, there are still many prohibitive requirements. For example, Australia, Norway, and the United Kingdom have imposed height restrictions on physical dolls. Any products that may trigger pedophilia are not allowed to be sold. This is a requirement in many countries. Even these small-sized dolls need to have some obvious adult features, and we need to pay special attention to whether they are controversial. Many sex doll brands will not take risks, and of course, doll lovers need to pay attention to this. Using a sex doll can help us achieve more sexual pleasure, but there are many ways to enhance the overall experience. For example, the customization function can adjust the appearance and characteristics of the doll according to personal preferences, thereby increasing the sense of intimacy with the doll, and so on. Read on if you want to have more fun.

How to Improve the Experience of Using Love Dolls?

Purchasing a sex doll is an important decision, and many people have many concerns before purchasing. But we think it's worth a try and a "great value for money" experience. This is a friendly option for many singles, people with autism, and people who have lost their significant other. Improving the overall experience of sex dolls is also a question that many people will think about, which can allow us to obtain more sexual pleasure. It is more than just buying a product, it is an investment in the quality of your life and happiness. Can bring emotional satisfaction, especially in times of loneliness or need of comfort. We can find more satisfaction in the following ways:

Customize its Appearance

Almost all sex doll brands offer customizable options, including eye color, nail color, skin tone, areola color, breast size, etc. Use these options to enhance your doll's physical appeal and increase its visual impact. It’s also the first step to catering to your preferences and needs, and many of them are free. It should be noted that stock sex dolls generally do not accept customization because they are all ready-made. Generally speaking, they ship faster than custom-made sex dolls and can reach you in 2 to 3 days. Please refer to each brand's product page for details. At the same time, there are more advanced and intelligent options. For example, breast type, vaginal size and type, oral sex head, automatic oral suction, body heating function, etc. This not only makes the doll more lifelike but is also the secret to quickly improving the experience.

Choose a Hairstyle that Suits it

Choosing the right hairstyle for your love doll is also key to enhancing your charm. Long curly hair will give her a more sexy temperament; short hair will make her look playful and cute; and when she mentions long and straight black hair, she will unconsciously reveal a gentle and watery face. It's a good idea to keep changing a few details, and the easiest way to do this is to change your love doll's hairstyle to give her a new look without burning a hole in your wallet. Try more different styles of wigs to add more freshness by playing different roles. Of course, you can use curling irons, and straighteners, try hair dye, or even buy a brand-new wig to give your silicone companion a whole new look! In addition, there is a very important point. Hair transplantation and wigs can be chosen for hard silicone heads, while wigs are the best choice for soft silicone heads.

Dress it in Sexy Clothes

We know that when you seek stimulation with your partner in reality, you first think of buying sexy lingerie and sex toys or role-playing. The same applies to love dolls. We can enhance the overall atmosphere and inject more freshness and excitement into our sex life by purchasing sexy underwear, sexy pajamas, role-play underwear, festival atmosphere clothing, etc. Imagine you are done with your work for the day. You will feel an irresistible attraction when you come home from work and see someone who is well-dressed and wearing a sexy lingerie waiting for your caress on the balcony or in the bathroom. No one can resist sexy lingerie, and the vacuum skirt is the most exciting! Read on to discover the importance of skeletons in enhancing the overall experience.

Sex Doll Skeleton Selection

The internal skeleton is very important for sex dolls! It can flexibly switch between various positions during sex, which helps to improve the realism and practicality of real dolls. As the doll market continues to upgrade and innovate, we can see increasingly intelligent products, providing more high-quality choices. Especially in recent years, great improvements have been mentioned. Many sex doll brands have innovated and released many amazing creations. Among them, the changes in the sex doll skeleton bring the experience to a new level. The EVO Skeleton is a great advancement in the field. The EVO skeleton is an upgraded version of the standard skeleton. The biggest difference between sex dolls with EVO skeletons and those with standard skeletons is that they can shrug their shoulders to achieve a more human-like posture. It simulates the relaxed or tense state of people in their natural state, conveying more expressions and bringing a more realistic sensory experience. In addition, the flexibility of the joints in the EVO skeleton cannot be ignored, allowing us to use more sexual positions, even if they are a little exaggerated and large-scale, effortlessly. This is important during intimate moments, making it easier to fulfill wild fantasies and bring more sexual pleasure. However, not all sex dolls support the EVO skeleton. Please refer to the details page of each brand to learn more.

Preparation Before Use

When deciding to have sex with a sex doll, there are some preparations we can make to help us gain more sexual pleasure. For example, aromatherapy, ambient lighting, lubricants, perfumes, etc. can enhance the overall atmosphere. This also helps us relax our minds, and having sex in a relaxed and comfortable environment can promote the release of sexual desire. Among them, lubricant is essential, no matter what situation you decide to have sex with your doll. Lubricant can help us enter the doll's body smoothly and quickly, without causing vaginal breakage due to dryness. Of course, in addition to creating a romantic atmosphere, we can also enhance the interactive experience with sex dolls in some other ways. For example, you can choose soft and comfortable bedding to make the whole process more comfortable and pleasant; you can heat the doll's vagina or mouth to make it more realistic and warm; you can prepare some soft music or erotic videos to increase the fun and excitement. Overall, having sex with a doll is no different than having sex with a real person, you can treat your partner like a real woman and they both work great.

Improve the Love Doll Experience in Many Aspects

How to improve the experience of using love dolls? This can be accomplished in many ways. As demand for love dolls continues to rise, options such as customization, appearance, hairstyle, and clothing are key to increasing the doll's physical appeal, and most of them are free. Through some personalized appearance designs and intelligent functions, love dolls can be more realistic and charming, which is the secret to improving the overall experience. In addition, choosing a suitable internal frame can also realize more sexual fantasies, such as the EVO frame, which brings more flexible postures and realistic feelings. Support us to use large and crazy postures and enjoy this feeling of freedom and boldness. In preparation before use, methods such as creating a romantic atmosphere and using lubricants can also enhance the interactive experience with the doll, making the whole process more comfortable and enjoyable. In general, improving the experience of using a love doll requires comprehensive consideration in terms of appearance, internal structure, and environment to meet the individual needs of users and enhance the overall sensory experience.

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