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ZELEX Inspiration Series Options Updated & New Dolls

Apr 2, 2024

It's our news time again, as various sex doll brands have been active since last week, and we've seen a lot of dolls with different faces. The arrival of summer accelerates their innovation speed, bringing more perfect works before the weather gets hotter. Of course, many surprising promotions provide more economical and affordable options. We still saw a lot of new silicone dolls this week. The much-anticipated WM finally released their work called Barbie, which caused widespread discussion on social platforms and received good responses! ZELEX once again updated their inspiration series on April 2nd - adding Ultra-soft silicone options. The softness is 10% softer than SLE, and the strength is similar to SLE. It sounds like a brand-new breakthrough, allowing us to feel the charm of the doll market first. At the same time, many sex doll brands have also released new dolls. Next, join us to read this week's news.


The ZELEX inspiration series officially released the Ultra-soft silicone option on April 2, adding more rich content to this week's news, and we were able to see the rapidly upgrading doll market. Their Ultra-soft silicone option features their newly formulated silicone, a softer silicone body option. They always surprise and surprise. According to the person in charge of the brand, the upgraded material is 10% softer than SLE, has similar strength to SLE, and is suitable for three skin colors (White, Fair, and Tan). This means you can try using a softer doll for sexual pleasure. It should be noted that this upgrade option is free until May 1, 2024, but will require an additional fee after May 1, 2024. Therefore, you can take advantage of the arrival of summer to give yourself a brand-new doll as a gift and experience the charm of ZELEX’s works first. At the same time, ZELEX has adjusted the base colors of the three skin colors in the inspiration series at once. The base color is the same as the color after coloring, making it look more harmonious.
In addition, they also launched 4 new sex dolls. Among them, I like Big Booty Sex Doll Elara and Blonde Sex Doll Elise very much. My figure looks better and there is some noticeable difference in breast size. Bronze skin looks very sexy and attractive, with a healthy luster. But I think their facial styles are no different from before.

WM Doll

WM unveiled its long-awaited work this week - Bimbo Sex Doll Barbie, which is 158cm/5ft2 tall and made of soft TPE material. It received widespread attention and discussion during the warm-up. Because there is something unique about her face, people have shown great interest in Barbie's appearance and figure. The thick and seductive pink lips are surprising, the makeup is also very alternative, and the impactful visual effect leaves a deep impression on people. What also has a strong visual effect is its body curve. The huge breasts and powerful waist match very well. Even the muscle lines of the legs are very obvious, and the healthy beauty is presented before our eyes.

Starpery Doll

Starpery presents us with two different styles of dolls this week. BBW Sex Doll Ursula, height 161cm/5ft3; Asian Sex Doll Natalia, height 165cm/5ft4, also adopts the design of silicone head + TPE body. They are both attractive, I think Natalia looks cooler, as chic as a biker girl. A leather jacket perfectly shows off her body curves, and her D-cup breasts and tight ass are impossible to ignore. The eyes reveal a strong confidence as if telling us that it dares to dominate the world. Ursula is the same image as the traditional BBW girl in our minds. This is another choice for those who love big breasts.

Aibei Doll

Aibei, which has been silent for a long time, finally received new news this week, which is exciting. Two new sex dolls are unveiled, Milf Sex Doll Agnes and Milf Sex Doll Oanez. Both are 166cm/5ft4 in height and are made of TPE material, providing options for people with special sexual preferences. True to their reputation, they are consistently affordable without compromising on quality or causing serious damage to your wallet. The style is no different from the dolls they have released in the past, with bronzed skin, tight faces, and attractive body curves. Not only do they provide a high-quality product, but they also allow more people to enjoy the pleasure of sex dolls without having to worry about financial stress.

FunWest Doll

FunWest released a new doll this week, and its face looks a bit familiar. A blonde sex doll named Stella, 162cm/5ft3 tall. Small and exquisite, it is more convenient and easier to move and store. A typical blonde style, with a small face highlighting big facial features. To be honest, I like its face very much, it is very close to reality and gives people a sense of intimacy. The breasts also look quite large. The use of TPE material gives the doll soft characteristics and full elasticity, which improves the overall touch. In addition, FunWest has also updated their header options, please check them on the specific page.

Summer Promotions
Starpery Doll

Spring Promotion: (From Apr.1st to Apr. 30th)
1. Free 2nd Head;
2. Free Implanted Synthetic Hair;
3. Free Full Movable Eyes with Veins;
4. Free Gel Breast;
5. Free Realistic Body Painting;
6. Free Gel Butt (for silicone doll);
7. Free Hard Feet (for silicone doll);
8. Free Standing feet & Shrugged Shoulder;

9. Free Articulated Fingers.

WM Doll

1 x FREE Fixed Tongue
1 x FREE Body Makeup
1 x FREE Gel-Filled Breasts
1 x FREE Extra wig (Random)
1 x FREE Standing Feet
1 x FREE Sway-Pivot Adapter

1 x FREE Ball Jointed Hand Skeleton w3.0(140cm+)

1 x Special Discount: Breathing FeatureSucking Vagina 20% OFF

So, that wraps up this week’s news, as we see the sex doll market continue to grow. The addition of many new dolls has injected new vitality and provided richer choices. In particular, ZELEX has been extremely active. It not only officially released the Ultra-soft silicone option, but also launched four new silicone dolls, which look quite good. This is undoubtedly exciting news for consumers who are pursuing a more realistic experience. Meanwhile, two other brands have released their latest summer sales, bringing more affordable options. Next, we will continue to pay attention to market trends and bring you the latest sex doll information.

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