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Mid-November: Latest Sex Doll & Irontech Doll, Real Lady Promotions Released

Nov 20, 2023

Mid-November is another month full of joy and surprises. The Black Friday shopping week that many people have been looking forward to is finally here! Some look forward to the time to express gratitude, enjoy shopping sprees, and eat delicious turkey; for others, it is a test of willpower and perseverance, nicknamed "Nut-Free November". And for us, it’s a big month full of opportunities, events, and great sales. It may have been a quiet week, with many sex doll brands busy launching their latest campaigns for everyone to choose from. However, even in this moment of relative tranquility, we discovered endless possibilities and exciting opportunities! Whether you're on the hunt for a new real-life love doll or eager to discover a unique gift, we have a range of exciting products and special offers for you to enjoy shopping!

CLM Doll

Does it sound a little strange? That's right! This is our new brand. The pursuit of high-quality dolls exquisite details and realistic feelings makes our eyes shine. In this peaceful moment, CLM Doll released a silicone doll as promised
——Black BBW Sex Doll Oriana, height 159cm/5ft2. She seemed a little uneasy, but that just aroused my desire to conquer. Sexy lips and tanned skin are hard to resist!

Irontech Doll

Meeting our old friends again, they always seem to be sincere and often bring exciting news and exciting new sex dolls. Three new dolls were released this week, namely Asian Sex Doll Oriana, height 162cm/5ft4; Small Boobs Sex Doll Romilly, height 162cm/5ft4; Asian Sex Doll Aurora, height 162cm/5ft4. They are all made of high-quality silicone material, giving the doll a realistic appearance and soft touch. A sweet encounter with them will definitely leave you with an endless aftertaste. We are well aware of Irontech’s strength.

Latest Promotions For Black Friday Week

In addition to having new dolls to get us excited about, there are also super deals waiting for us! Shopping is not just a simple transaction, it is an experience. This Black Friday shopping week, we open our doors and lead you into a wonderful world like never before. It may be a "nut-free November," but in this sea of shopping, we still found a lot of interesting news. Do you need some deals? Want to take away your doll at a more affordable price? Please read on if you are interested!

Irontech Doll, and Real Lady Promotions are Coming

Irontech Doll and Real Lady are about to launch a unique promotion frenzy! This huge discount event is simply crazy! All Irontech Doll full silicone dolls and Real Lady silicone dolls on the website will enjoy an amazing 35% OFF discount! What’s even more surprising is that you will also enjoy an additional 15% OFF and free upgrade options! If you want to have a lifelike doll with a perfect figure at a more affordable price, this is the perfect time! Don’t miss it! But please note that this discount is only limited to Irontech Doll silicone dolls and Real Lady silicone dolls! If you missed it this time, just wait for the next time! Hurry and seize the opportunity to make your dream doll come true! (Note: Event time: November 23, 2023 - January 3, 2024)

So, that wraps up this week’s news! It seems to be a pretty easy week, maybe because everyone is busy launching more affordable activities, or maybe they are preparing for the release of new dolls. All in all, there were still some exciting doll finds and great sales this week, so as always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

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