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Open Mouth Tifa Sex Doll - Final Fantasy - Game Lady Doll - Realistic Tifa Lockhart Silicone Sex Doll

Open Mouth Tifa Sex Doll - Final Fantasy - Game Lady Doll - Realistic Tifa Lockhart Silicone Sex DollItem NO.: Tifa Lady No.11_1+167A+Fair

US$ 2799 US$ 3110
Skin Color
Body Type
Head Type
Soft Silicone Head (Oral sex is avaliable)(+US$ 69)
Implanted Eyebrow & Eyelash
Implanted Hair
Synthetic Hair (For regular silicone head only)(+US$ 249)
Nail Color
Breasts Type
Areola Color
Areola Size
Labia Color
Implanted Pubic Hair
Light(+US$ 69)
Heavy(+US$ 69)
Vagina Type
Gel Butt
Realistic Body Painting
Hard Hand
Foot Type
Standing (Screws on the bottom of the feet)(+US$ 69)
Skeleton Type
Articulated Fingers
Yes(+US$ 199)
Flight Case
Yes (Good choice to storage your doll)(+US$ 899)
Extra Head
Tifa Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Tifa Silicone Head (Final Fantasy NT)(+US$ 749)
Soft Tifa Silicone Head (Oral sex is available with movable jaw)(+US$ 749)
Aerith Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Soft Aerith Silicone Head (Oral sex is available with movable jaw)(+US$ 749)
Ciri Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Soft Ciri Silicone Head (Oral sex is available with movable jaw)(+US$ 749)
Ellie Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Mama Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Lockne Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Ada Wong Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Lara Croft Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Jill Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Yuna Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Quiet Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Yennefer Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Lucyna Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Violet Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
Rei Ayanami Silicone Head(+US$ 749)
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Open Mouth Tifa Sex Doll - Final Fantasy - Game Lady Doll - Realistic Tifa Lockhart Silicone Sex Doll
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  • 【Realistic Appearance & Feel】
  • This full silicone doll is made with wax figure-level manufacturing technology, aimed to provide you with the ultimate visual feast. The lifelike skin texture, pores, and even veins are clearly visible. The silky skin of a young girl combined with sensual breasts and buttocks, not only feels as soft as a marshmallow with full elasticity but also brings you the incredible pleasure that is never enough!
  • 【Multiple Independent Channels】
  • In addition to the vagina and anus, she also comes with a 5.1 inches soft and complete oral passage that can be opened and closed freely by her movable jaw. Each channel is covered with different-sized particles, protrusions, and twists, making each entry and exit feel endlessly satisfying. The vaginal channel is 6.9 inches long, allowing you to go deeper, while the anal channel, at 6.3 inches long, is more compact. And don't worry if you're too big, because the channel is soft and stretchy, always accommodating your everything.
  • 【Rich Customization Options】
  • Whether it's height, body shape, hairstyle, eye color, or functions like heating and moaning, you can always customize your dream partner according to your preferences. Every customized doll is unique and belongs only to you.
  • 【Safe & Easy to Maintain】
  • This sex doll is made from medical-grade, environmentally friendly, high-quality silicone. Kiss? You can do anything you want with her! Just simply rinse it with water after use. We will also provide you with a channel cleaner for easy maintenance. After cleaning, dry it off and sprinkle body powder on the surface, keeping it dry.
  • 【Free Shipping & Discreet Packing】
  • Free shipping to all orders worldwide! No sensitive labels or text outer packaging to protect your privacy.


  • Game Lady Doll is a supernova in the sex doll market which specialize in the most popular and classic game characters cosplay realistic full silicone sex dolls. Game Lady Doll's design is inspired by the sexy and cute female characters in many famous video games. Such as the amazing female characters Tifa and Aerith in the very classic 3D game masterpiece "Final Fantasy VII Remake". From the appearance of the dolls, there are no other brands that can achieve such a high degree of reduction of the video game characters. In terms of details, whether it is the doll's skin texture, smooth touch, blood vessels, or the private parts detailing, it is just the same as the real person! Game Lady brings the video game characters to the real world, making the "unattainable dream" for computer game fans and doll lovers come true! Realdollshub is the authorized vendors for Game Lady Doll on the market. As shown in the picture above, we sold a plenty of Genuine Game Lady Sex Dolls. If you are also a video game fan and you are looking for a super realistic and highly restored cosplay sex doll, then you must not miss this!

    Tifa silicone sex doll is the most advanced adult toy or life-size figure collectible. It is made of medical-grade, safe, and non-toxic silicone. In addition to the real human touch, there is also a multi-joint metal skeleton in the body, which can perform your various favorite sexual positions! Whether it's the missionary position, doggy style, anal sex, or hand job, she can always meet all your wild needs!

    Of course, you can also customize your own Tifa X doll, whether it is height, body shape, hairstyle, eye color, or heating, moaning, and other functions, you can customize your exclusive dream lover according to your hobbies; each custom doll is unique, and she always and only belongs to you.

    This Tifa silicone doll was created by wax figure-level technology. The skin texture is so realistic that you can see the pores, goosebumps, and even veins just like a real person! Especially the intimate areas have been designed with a mold of a real person, making every detail of Tifa's silicone doll worth savoring. She is definitely one of your indispensable collections!

    The Tifa has young girl-like silky smooth skin, soft breasts, and a sexy butt. Accurate body data highly restore the characteristics of the female character Tifa in the original game [Final Fantasy VII Remake], bringing her sexy charm to your bed or collection cabinet! The use of advanced gel-filling technology in the Tifa real doll makes it feel soft and bouncy like a marshmallow, providing you with incredible pleasure that never gets enough!

    The Tifa silicone doll has life-like labia and anus, each with an individually designed channel. Each channel is divided into several different cavities with particles of different sizes, protrusions, and threads. You will find that you will orgasm constantly and never get enough every time you go in and out! The 6.9-inch long vaginal channel allows you to go deeper, 6.3 The inch-long anal passage is more compact. And don't worry about your size being too large because the passage is soft and malleable, it always contains all of you. If you are an oral sex lover, a soft silicone head is recommended. Or a doll with movable jaws. The 5.1-inch soft and complete mouth structure can bring your brother the ultimate experience! At this moment, you will totally complete the conquest of her...

    The above chart shows the body measurement and specific data of this silicone doll. If you want to dress her up well, then this table can help you out. But please note that all data are measured manually, please allow if there is a slight deviation.

    The daily cleaning and maintenance of silicone dolls is actually not complicated, just rinse them with clean water after each use. (Be careful to avoid the electronic part if there is any) After washing, please dry it with clean towels or wait for it to dry naturally. Then, apply talcum powder on its body surface and keep it dry; we will also give you an extra channel cleaner so that you can clean it easily. Click here to learn more about sex doll care and maintenance.

    We provide free shipping service for all orders, no matter which country or region you are in, as long as it is allowed, we will provide you with the fastest, safest and most private express service. And there are no traces of sensitive labels/texts on the outer packaging of all goods to protect your privacy. For more details please refer to our Shipping & Return policy.

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