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Regain Tenderness and Beauty: Pro Tips on How to Repair a Silicone Sex Doll

Dec 22, 2023

We may inevitably be careless when using physical dolls because the skin of physical dolls is as fragile as human skin. If care is not taken, the physical doll may be damaged. When our physical doll is broken or damaged in a small area, how should we repair it? If it is a small area of damage, we can prepare TPE adhesive, repair props, etc., clean the damaged surface to avoid leaving stains and affecting the appearance, then apply an even layer on the two cutouts glue, and finally apply it on the surface Apply a thin layer of glue, which will dry in half an hour. If the area is too large, we recommend that you contact professional brand customer service!

Silicone sex doll are known to be very lifelike and soft, especially the feel on the skin and the special experience they provide during sex. High-quality silicone material and upgraded medical-grade TPE material, full of realism! Moreover, these two materials also have many benefits, such as safety, softness, and durability. This not only allows many players to feel unprecedented pleasure but also eliminates the risk of infectious diseases. This is one of the important reasons why sex dolls are so popular. However, despite this, this is significantly different from real humans and more fragile. Under normal circumstances, the lifespan of physical dolls is very long, if you take good care of them. Of course, this is also the key to extending its life, loving your doll like a real-life companion. As long as you avoid handling it violently and keep it clean after each use, it can provide you with a long time of companionship. There are bound to be some bumps and bruises when using a sex doll, and we understand that this is an unavoidable outcome. Therefore, many people will ask, what should I do if my beautiful doll is damaged? Can my injured partner regain his attractive appearance? Don’t worry, of course you can! Help your battered doll play with you again with this expert guide. Teach you some tips on repairing sex dolls so you can easily face emergencies. Read on if you are looking for tips on how to repair a silicone sex doll. . .

What Should I Do Before Repairing a Silicone Sex Doll?

Clean your sex doll: Before your sex doll becomes damaged and you decide to repair it, keep its body clean. Please do this whether you have a problem while in storage or while using it. Please remove any remaining secretions, hair, clothing, and anything that is not a damaged part of the doll's body. Use mild soapy water and a soft towel to clean the surface. Be careful not to be too violent with your partner, or he will face a bigger blow. This can make your repair more complicated. You can also use a shower head to rinse your doll but be careful not to let moisture enter the body from the head of the sex doll, which may damage the internal parts of the doll's body.
Keep your sex doll dry: After cleaning, wipe off any damaged skin with a clean towel/cloth and dry away any remaining moisture thoroughly. You can also place your doll in a cool, ventilated place and wait for it to dry completely. Please be careful not to place your sex doll in a place where the temperature is too high or exposed to direct sunlight. This will cause your doll to melt, causing irreparable damage and causing your wallet to take an unprecedented hit! So, remember these tips to make sure your sex doll stays with you for a long time. Every step is intuitively important and the key to extending the life of your sex doll.

Tools Needed to Repair Silicone Sex Doll

Hair dryer: Generally, there is a hair dryer in the house because it is a very common household appliance, although boys do not often have it. And it helps restore indentations on TPE doll skin. A hairdryer is not expensive, but a silicone doll is not. Therefore, we often recommend keeping a hair dryer at home, which can play a vital role whether it is repairing sex dolls or for personal use.
TPE glue: The hair dryer method deals with dents and sagging. TPE glue is used to prevent damage caused by the tearing of dolls. In addition to TPE glue, long holder tools are also required, such as wooden sticks, chopsticks, or any other wooden tools. In many cases, TPE glue is irreplaceable and can be used when repairing sex dolls. Trust me, even buying a few at home isn’t a bad thing.
White towel: Physical dolls have relatively high requirements for towels. Generally, microfiber white towels are recommended because TPE is a relatively soft material, and ordinary large-grained towels are too rough and will cause the doll's skin to "pee" when wiped. Furthermore, the porous nature of TPE makes it very easy to stain. , choosing white prevents the dye used in the production of towels from contaminating the doll.

How to Repair a Silicone Sex Doll Key Steps

  • First, take a clean towel and wet it a little with water, remember not to use hot water; then, cover the dents on the doll's skin with the towel, and use a hair dryer to heat the surface covered by the towel. If you do it right, after a few repetitions, you will see the dent begin to slowly disappear. This requires you to be patient, after all, this is a delicate job. To help your silicone doll regain its beauty and play with you again.
  • It is usually recommended to thoroughly clean the area to be repaired before repairing. Please note that you need to wear gloves to avoid leaving your fingerprints on the surface of the doll's body. Then use a tool to scrape and pick out the dirt in the tear. This can ensure that other particles or grease will not be adsorbed on other parts of the doll. Therefore, you are required to be extra careful. Use a long stick to evenly apply glue to the torn area, and slowly squeeze the wound together to connect it. It takes about 2-5 minutes to hold the glue. You can also take longer depending on the specific situation. This will ensure that the glue does its job and that your silicone doll will not leave any wounds. After the wound is almost closed, use a towel to wipe off the squeezed-out glue. Before it dries completely, use rubbing alcohol to remove the excess glue remaining on the skin. After that, just make sure there is no tension in the torn part and let it dry for 24 hours...
  • If you don’t have a hair dryer or TPE glue at home, we recommend that you use a towel to help it regain a new life. This is a good method, especially for the doll's knees and arms. Before deciding to use it, please wet the towel with boiling water; then carefully cover the dent with the towel and pat it gently with your bare hands or with the help of a tool. When the water cools, it needs to be re-wetted and tapped repeatedly to remove the indentation. This may sound laborious and troublesome, but it's also a crucial step in regaining your sex doll's beauty. When you have limited materials at home, we highly recommend you try this method, please note that it is best to use white towels, otherwise your partner will get dirty!
  • In addition, when your love doll suffers a greater blow than you imagined, we recommend consulting the brand’s customer service or mailing the sex doll to the manufacturer for repair. Do not operate the doll blindly, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to your life-like  love doll. I believe you don’t want to accept this fact either.

What Can Be Done to Damage Your Doll?

Violence during use: You must know that the physical doll is not a real person and is a fragile existence. Therefore, when we use a sex doll, we should take care of it as we would a real human being. When moving, please try to be careful and avoid collision with sharp and hard objects. Not only can this cause damage to the sex doll's skin, it can also cause irreversible damage to the sex doll's internal body. It can no longer provide you with great looks and the best sex experience. . .
Storage after use: To ensure that the sex doll can accompany you for a long time, it needs to be cleaned in time after use. Clean the dirt on the body surface and private parts. Use mild water and soft towels during this process to avoid damaging the details of the doll's body surface. Please keep the doll's body dry before storing it to avoid mold. At the same time, it should also be kept away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. It is best to store it under the bed, in a wardrobe, or in a storage room. Please be careful not to wear dark clothes on your doll for a long time, as this will cause your doll's body to be stained and affect the user experience. It will also save you a lot of complicated repair work! We recommend that you use a sex doll storage box to ensure your privacy.

In Conclusion

Silicone sex doll are popular for their realistic texture and unique experience, but they also require careful care and maintenance. This article explains key ways to maintain your real doll, including cleaning, drying, and professional restoration steps. With gentle cleaning and professional restoration techniques, your sex doll can regain its delicate beauty despite damage. The article also warns about behaviors that may lead to injury and provides storage suggestions to extend the life of sex dolls. Maintaining a sex doll is not only the maintenance of its beauty but also the continuation of caring for a lasting partner. When your love doll has caused damage, hopefully, this article will help you restore her beautiful appearance. Of course, if you still have some questions, please visit Realdollshub to consult customer service to answer your questions and provide you with the best solutions and professional guides!

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