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Christmas Special: Pre-order Your New Sex Doll!

Dec 12, 2023

Nice to meet you all again! There are less than twenty days left before our happy Christmas, and I believe everyone is looking forward to the arrival of this holiday. Before this, our sex doll brand has also continued to release many new sex dolls and limited-time promotions to help everyone spend this holiday happily! Of course, this week, we still carefully prepared a series of exquisite new sex dolls, each of which is full of sincerity. Whether you want to pre-order a special gift for yourself or a loved one, or you want to add some naughty fun and excitement to the holidays, our sex doll series can meet your expectations and needs. So, join us to find out what amazing news is coming this week!

Angel Kiss Doll

Angel Kiss released a very beautiful silicone doll this week. Realistic Asian Sex Doll Diana, 175cm/5ft7 tall, with looming tall and sexy curves. The long, straight black hairstyle makes her look innocent and cute. Wearing a preppy short skirt that perfectly fits her face! For some people who like Asian sex dolls, this is an irresistible choice!

Piper Doll

Piper, which has been silent for a long time, finally got some news this week, launching two new sex dolls. Bunny Girl Sex Doll Jessica, height 150cm/4ft9; Asian Sex Doll Jennie, height 150cm/4ft9. Both are made of full silicone material, soft and lifelike, and they also maintain a consistent style on the face! I highly recommend purchasing these two dolls for those with limited strength!

Aibei Doll

It seems that Aibei is also looking forward to the arrival of Christmas. It has released a very cute Asian sex doll - Clara, height 157cm/5ft1. Her face looks a little childish, but her body is really hot. Many people find this contrast irresistible! It's a good idea to book in advance and take her home with you, as she's truly exquisite and will help you have an unforgettable holiday!

SE Doll

SE released a new sex doll this week - Asian Sex Doll Queena, height 166cm/5ft5. Beautiful dealer who deals cards, if you like thick little breasted dolls, you will like this new body! This is perfect for fans of voluptuous figures and those with more modest breasts. Of course, you can also put her in some other sexy outfits to add to her charm and experience some unique feelings!

EX Doll

EX shared new photos of their Mo avatar on their new 153EVO body. This is her first appearance in the Utopia series, and of course, that's what they emphasized! And she looks good in glasses, a bit like a female teacher. This body design is full of charming fantasy elements, especially the plump and charming thigh lines, which are fascinating. It’s perfect to spend the holidays with her!

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As Christmas continues to approach, this week’s sex doll sex dolls come to an end! It's been a quieter week, but we've seen a lot of new sex dolls as well as some limited-time sales! The holiday expectations are also met in this interesting news, book your new sex doll in advance! Please continue to follow us for the latest information on sex dolls!

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