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A Surprise is Coming: Order Your Christmas Sex Doll in Advance

Dec 20, 2023

In a blink of an eye, it’s the news time of the week. Compared to the calm last week, this week seems to be more lively! There are so many sex doll brands releasing amazing new dolls, it’s so exciting to see! Perhaps the atmosphere of Christmas and the New Year has arrived early, we saw some silicone dolls with obvious holiday styles! To beat the December chill and welcome new fun and joy. So next, let’s take a look at the interesting news and surprises that happened this week!

Angel Kiss Doll

To welcome the annual Christmas, Angel Kiss Doll still released a set of new dolls with obvious holiday styles this week. The red Christmas-inspired costume looks very high-quality. Compared with the sex doll last week, Big Boobs Sex Doll Juno’s skin is darker, but this does not prevent her from being beautiful! Good news for those who love big breasts, who doesn’t want to fall asleep hugging the warm Juno on a cold winter night?

Starpery Doll

Starpery is trying out some new styles this week, with a new dark-skinned doll. 172cm F cup New head Sunniva and 156cm E cup New head Takiyah. It looks full of personality and unique. The makeup and styling have been completely upgraded, making people's eyes bright. The huge breasts and slender waist fit well. In addition, the special white tattoo makeup on Takiyah’s face can be added or removed according to the customer’s preference!

Fanreal Doll

Fanreal launched three new silicone dolls this week, and the styles look very similar. They are Celebrity Look Alike Sex Doll Della, height 173cm/5ft7; Asian Sex Doll Anne, height 155cm/5ft1; Small Breast Sex Doll Mo, height 153cm/5ft. The same thing is that these three new babies are made of silicone material, which is very soft and lifelike, but the price is a bit expensive.

Irontech Doll

As always surprising and exciting, Irontech showed off three new models. 163cm S44 Molly, 163cm S45 Tina, 165cm S43 Sylvia. Compared with the previous two dolls, Sylvia's breasts are large and soft, and her butt is quite attractive. Of course, each has its advantages, so please choose the perfect partner according to your preferences and needs to spend this joyful Christmas with you!

Zelex Doll

It seems that Zelex attaches great importance to their SLE series silicone dolls, and they are still full of sincerity this week, releasing four new SLE series silicone sex dolls. This time they added new elements and special effects to the doll’s makeup. It’s very personal and distinctive, and it’s hard to resist! To be honest, I like this innovation. Seductive, sexy, and hot body curves are synonymous with this series. Trust me, any one of them is worth buying.

Jiusheng Doll

Jiusheng, which has been silent for a long time, has brought great surprises and expectations this week, releasing nearly five new sex dolls. Looks like you won’t feel alone and lonely again this Christmas! Each one is unique in style and full of temptation. However, the heads of Lisa and Yuka are equipped with real oral structures (ROS). The other 3 heads do not have this function, but soft heads are optional for oral sex. Please note that the two body shapes 160e and 168c are made of silicone, and TPE materials are also available!

So that wraps up this week’s news, it’s been a pretty active week compared to previous weeks! A lot of sex doll brands are having a great week, and we're seeing a lot of brand-new dolls and even a lot of innovation. Before Christmas arrives, we look forward to booking your beloved love doll in advance to accompany you through this joyful and interesting holiday. Please continue to follow us to get the latest news on new dolls and promotions.

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