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Ahri Sex Doll - Starpery Doll - 171cm/5ft7 D-cup League of Legends Ahri Sex Doll

Ahri Sex Doll - Starpery Doll - 171cm/5ft7 D-cup League of Legends Ahri Sex DollItem NO.: Starpery 171 + Lia

US$ 2069 US$ 2299
Skin Color
Body Type
Silicone (More durable and realistic)(+US$ 799)
Head Type
Implanted Hair
Real Humen Hair (For hard silicone head only)(+US$ 349)
Wig Style
Eye Color
Eye Type
Fingernail Color
Toenail Color
Areola Color
Breasts Type
Gel-Filled (Softer and more elastic)(+US$ 69)
Labia Color
Vagina Type
Pubic Hair
Paste(+US$ 49)
Foot Type
Standing Feet (Able to stand)(+US$ 49)
Face Freckles
Special Face Realism (Contact customer service)(+US$ 199)
Bikini Sunburn
Yes (Sunbrun painting)(+US$ 99)
Realistic Body Painting
Auto Sucking Vagina
Yes (Auto sucking vagina with moaning. For silicone body with fixed vagina only)(+US$ 159)
Gel Butt
Yes (Softer and kneadable butt)(+US$ 69)
Skeleton Type
EVO (Shrugable shoulder and more adjustable joints)(+US$ 149)
Articulated Fingers
Body Moaning & Dialogue System
Yes (Multi-touch sensing moan and conversation features)(+US$ 149)
Smart Body Heating
Starpery heating 3.0(+US$ 249)
Extra Head (Oral sex is available)
Amy(+US$ 299)
BingBing(+US$ 299)
Charlotte(+US$ 299)
Cynthia(+US$ 299)
DanDan(+US$ 299)
Darianna(+US$ 299)
Elizabeth(+US$ 299)
Eugenia(+US$ 299)
Flora(+US$ 299)
Freya(+US$ 299)
GiGi(+US$ 299)
Hedy(+US$ 299)
Imogen(+US$ 299)
Iris(+US$ 299)
Jameela(+US$ 299)
Jiu Mei(+US$ 299)
Julie(+US$ 299)
Kelly(+US$ 299)
Lia(+US$ 299)
Liao(+US$ 299)
Lubby(+US$ 299)
Mira(+US$ 299)
Misa(+US$ 299)
Natalia(+US$ 299)
Phebe(+US$ 299)
Queen(+US$ 299)
Rong(+US$ 299)
Rozanne(+US$ 299)
Saner(+US$ 299)
Sarah(+US$ 299)
Tiffany(+US$ 299)
Ursula(+US$ 299)
Vanesa(+US$ 299)
Wayne(+US$ 299)
Wushi(+US$ 299)
Yao(+US$ 299)
Zoey(+US$ 299)
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Ahri Sex Doll - Starpery Doll - 171cm/5ft7 D-cup League of Legends Ahri Sex Doll
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  • 【Product Features】
  • Safe medical-grade Silicone materials. Durable, soft, and touch like human skin.
  • Hyper-realistic detailing. Visible Skin spots, skin texture, blood vessels, etc.
  • Upgraded high-quality skeleton with a wider range of motions allows you to explore more poses.
  • 2 holes (vagina, anus) are available, enhance your sexual experience.
  • Rich customization options, satisfy your crazy fantasies.
  • Produced from the industry's top brands. Quality & authentic guarantee.
  • 【Free Gifts】
  • 1 cleaning pump, 1 USB heater, 1 cotton hand, 1 comb, 1 blanket, and 1 random clothes set.
  • 【Delivery】
  • Free shipping for all orders.
  • Photos confirmed by you before delivery.
  • Discreetly packing. Sensitive information protection.
  • Delivered with UPS, DHL, and FedEx.
  • Packages can be tracked with tracking numbers once shipped.
  • Customized dolls will be delivered within 2-3 weeks, in-stock dolls will be delivered within 5-10 days.
  • Exceptions may apply due to holidays, weather, or uncertainties.
  • 【Notice】
  • The model's hairstyle, makeup, clothes, and accessories were designed for photo display. The free clothing is inconsistent with the picture.
  • Please allow if there is a slight difference between the actual product and the picture display due to handmade and the color difference of the monitors.

    • Product Name: Ahri Sex Doll - Starpery Doll - 171cm/5ft7 D-cup League of Legends Ahri Sex Doll
    • Item NO.: Starpery 171 + Lia
    • Weight: 30 kg = 66.1387 lb = 1058.2189 oz
    • Category: ALL SEX DOLLS
    • Brand: STARPERY DOLL
    • Creation Time: 2022-05-31

    Doll's Profile

    Starpery Doll has released a life-sized Ahri Silicone Sex Doll resembling Ahri, the fox enchantress from the game. Ahri is the most captivating character in your game, a real-life replica of the sexy fox goddess from League of Legends.

    The Ahri Sex Doll is based on the alluring fox Ahri from "League of Legends," using platinum silicone material that is safe, soft, and durable. The silicone doll's overall design is meticulous. From head to toe, it is flawless. Firstly, her features are gentle and serene, with shiny golden hair. The highly realistic body contours are sensual to the touch. Besides her classic red makeup, Ahri's expression always carries a subtle smile, just like a mysterious listener...

    But don't think that her allure is only in her face; her body proportions and features are also highly provocative. Standing at 171cm tall, with a D-cup bust, and weighing 37.3kg, the silicone sculpting technique has created a body with well-proportioned curves. Ahri Real Doll's chest is tender and full, with nipples like two delicious treats waiting for you to taste. Ahri Love Doll round and enticing buttocks are like ripe peaches, emitting an irresistible, charming, and sexy scent. Finally, entering her delicate lips, the wrinkles on them are lifelike, allowing you to experience her mysterious yet sweet tunnel, making you unable to resist.

    Doll Measurement

    Starpery Doll
    Cup Size: D-Cup Bust:
    Feet Size:
    Vaginal Dept:
    Oral Depth:
    Anal Depth:
    Package Size:

    *All dimensions are measured manually, please allow if there is a slight deviation.

    Free Gift Bonanza for You

    What will come with your doll? In addition to the items listed below, Realdollshub has prepared an exclusive hand-pick gift package for you. Because we understand your happiness better than anyone else! All gifts will be delivered with your doll. Get ready for the surprises!

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    Unleash Unlimited Pleasure

    This gorgeous life-size sex doll is made from high-end, medically safe materials, featuring a real human-like appearance and soft touch. It comes with an integrated alloy skeleton and movable joints for a more realistic interaction. Brings you an unprecedented sexual experience and emotional companionship. Support for customization and holds value for photography, display, and collectibles.

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    Infinite Pose Potential

    Built-in flexible humen-like articulate skeletons allow your doll to pose in various difficult poses that even real people cannot easily do. She is highly playable, with over 28 movable joints. Whether missionary style, Doggy Style, or Cowboy, he/she will always satisfy your wildest fantasies!

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    Realistic Appearance & Touch

    Restore reality with real human scale design molds. Exquisite craftsmanship captures the skin texture and visible veins. Smooth skin, soft and elastic breasts, and buttocks provide a fully immersive experience. Indulge in the ultimate visual and tactile pleasure!

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    Diverse Enhancement Choices

    Whether you seek the utmost realism or more thrilling intimate interactions, these diverse upgrade features will never let you down.  Elevate your girlfriend to the next level and bring you a more authentic and perfect experience.

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    Brand Authorized - Genuine Products Only

    Realdollshub is a professional sex doll online shop authorized by industry well-known brands and manufacturers. We pride ourselves on serving many doll lovers and supplying premium sex dolls. No fake, no scams, genuine products only! Check out our authorized certificates and the actual photos of the dolls we've already sold.

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    Top Manufacturer - International Standard Compliance

    Our sex dolls produced by world-leading and well know manufacturers. They are made of medical grade safe and durable materials and have been certified by international standards such as FDA and CE. Provide you with authoritative quality certification support. Just be bold and love!

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    Worldwide Free Shipping & Discreet Packaging

    We provides free shipping worldwide service with no hidden fee. The package will be delivered by FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Your privacy is important to us. All packages are discreetly packaged and no product information leaks. Doll factory photos and videos confirmed with you before shipping. Learn more about our shipping policy.

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    Order Process and Timeline

    Ordering sex dolls at Realdollshub is easy as 123. First, pick the doll you like and various customization options. Second, add it to the shopping cart. Third, fill in the shipping information and pay. After that, you can just wait at home for her arrival. Custom dolls generally take 2-3 weeks to produce and 2 weeks for delivery. Dolls in stock can be delivered to you in only 2-7 working days.

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    Why Choose Us?

    As a mature sex doll seller, Realdollshub is always committed to providing you with the highest quality products and the most attentive service. Whether it's pre-sales inquiries, secure payment, post-sales tracking, or return and privacy policies, we offer comprehensive service guarantees to ensure your satisfaction.

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  • Shipping Worldwide

    We ship to customers from all over the world. But please note that due to strict religious laws, we are unable to ship to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, Brazil, or El Salvador, or middle eastern countries. In addition, we cannot ship dolls shorter than 140cm/4ft6 to countries with strict laws and regulations such as the UK, Australia and Norway. Thank you for your understanding!

    Free Shipping

    RDH guarantees free shipping to all orders with no hidden fees! However, if you live in a very remote area, please contact us in advance to confirm shipping availability and any potential additional fees. 

    Production Time

    Brand Average Production Time
    TPE Sex Doll Brand 1-2 Weeks
    Silicone Sex Doll Brand 2-3 Weeks

    Shipping Period

    Region Shipping Time Carrier Taxes Need
    USA 6-8 Days FedEx No
    USA 5-7 Days UPS Yes
    Canada 5-7 Days
    UPS Yes
    Europe 5-7 Days
    UPS Yes
    Australia 5-7 Days
    UPS Yes
    Asia 3-5 Days SF No

    *The timeline provided above is an estimate only. This may be longer or shorter depending on your location, the doll you choose, the manufacturer of the doll, and whether it's a holiday.

    Custom & Taxes

    We offer free worldwide shipping. But duties and taxes are subject to customs controls and may vary according to the laws of the country we ship to. The buyer is responsible for import taxes, and please contact customer support if you are not sure there are any. For customers in the United States, all charges are included in the displayed price and there are no additional fees.

    Order Process

    Photos and Videos Confirmed Before Shipping

    We will take photos and videos from the factory and send them to you by email for confirmation once your doll is produced. Please check every detail of the doll and make sure everything is exactly as you want! And please reply to the email confirm that everything is good to go. Then, we will arrange for the logistics delivery of your doll after receiving your confirmation immediately. 

    Discreet Packaging

    All dolls are delivered in 100% discreet packaging. There will be only order numbers and warning labels for fragile items on the outside of the box, so your courier will handle it with care. No product information will be visible on the outside of the box.

    Shipping Method & Tracking

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    *Learn more about our Shipping & Return Policy.

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Customer Reviews

30 Days Ago
I finally received my doll, and I must say she exceeded my expectations. Her hands and feet are smaller than I had imagined, but I believe that adds to her overall charm as a cute girl. The softness and elasticity of her chest are remarkable, providing a truly lifelike touch! I appreciate the small gift that was included; I really like it. The only downside was the slightly longer shipping time.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The doll's lifelike features, especially the realistic texture and feel, make her a delightful companion. Despite the minor inconvenience of a longer shipping duration, the doll's quality and attention to detail make it well worth the wait. I highly recommend this doll to anyone seeking a truly authentic silicone companion.
Service:We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. There was a delay in delivery due to an error in unpacking the goods upon arrival. Thank you for your understanding, and we will continue to strive to improve our service.
30 Days Ago
Well, to be honest, I've been playing League of Legends for 6 years and my dream has finally come true! I love her boobs and I will never have enough! Seraphine, Evelynn, or other characters are definitely worth a try! Thanks for the lingeries and others gifts! I can play with that all day. Now, All I want to do is explore some new positions with her lol!
Service:So tempting! Appreciate your photography skills. Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit!
30 Days Ago
Dope! r u sure this is not a real human being? Damn!!
Service:Thanks for your endorsement! We only supply high-end silicone dolls, which are super realistic.