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Gamelady Introduces Two New Sex Doll Heads: Open Mouth Laura and Open Mouth Ada

Aug 28, 2023

Gamelady is proud to present two stunning new heads this week: (Open Mouth Lara Croft and Open Mouth Ida King) kits and posters! It was originally inspired by the hot and sexy female characters in the popular video games "Tomb Raider" and "Resident Evil". Gamelady truly brings fantasy into reality by restoring the female characters in the game to a high degree. It is a dream that many men cannot refuse to have an intimate interaction with the female game characters they love. This is simply fantastic! Gamelady's mouth-opening version of Laura and mouth-opening version of Ida is undoubtedly a new level, with its exquisite and realistic details and high-quality materials, it constantly breaks through the boundaries of realism in its creation. Provides more safe outlets for your libido. And they are also very collectible, if you are a game fan or figure collector, don't miss them!

Open Mouth Laura

 Gamelady's new mouth-opening version of Lara Croft is more vivid than before, perfectly replicating the characters in the game. Made of medical-grade high-quality silicone, you can lick and suck on her nipples as much as you want...and the touch feeling like a real person and the tender skin like a baby will bring you an unparalleled physiological experience And desire to release the mouth. The mouth-opening version is designed to try more sexual ways with her, such as oral sex, etc. Bring it on! Explore more crazy poses with Laura.

Mouth Version Of Ada

Ada has the appearance of a royal sister, her white complexion makes her charm obvious, and her short hair can highlight the charm of her facial features. Ada also has soft huge boobs and an ass for incredible pleasure. It's a perfect choice whether you take her to bed or keep it in your handicraft cabinet. In addition, you can also customize the exclusive eyeball color, areola color, etc. for your doll according to your own preferences. Do not hesitate! Now you can take home the heroine of your dreams!

Take Your Female Character Home With One Click!

Gamelady always has amazing creativity and can always bring more different surprises! Or good at showing the various charms of dolls. If you also love sex dolls, you can place an order with one click, looking forward to your arrival!

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