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New DollS Released in August Angel Kiss's New Oral Technology

Aug 28, 2023

August has come to an end, but news about sex dolls never comes to an end. This week, various brands have also released a lot of new sex doll information and photos. Among them, Irontech not only released new dolls but also shot some doll operation videos for everyone to watch and learn. You can now sit back and join us for a week of sex doll news! I wish you a pleasant reading journey!


Irontech has released a new tanned sex doll this week, and the dark skin looks very sexy. Curly hair makes her look exotic, and big buttocks and jiggling boobs are even more attractive, you can grab her hips with both hands and hug her so you can get into her more quickly. If you can't resist exotic dark-skinned girls, then this doll is your best choice. In addition, Irontech also released pictures and videos about sex doll brackets, jelly breast repair videos, and head installation guides, you can click on the link to watch and understand

Fun West Doll

FunWestDoll updated a set of pictures this week, inspired by the character Sakura in the very popular anime "Naruto". Pink hair and fair skin make her look very girly, and her height of 159cm is more playful and cute. An intimate interaction with anime characters must be the voice of many anime nerds. If you are also an anime fan, take it home! In addition, this Sakura sex doll is also very collectible, if you are a figure collector, you will definitely fall in love with her!

Piper Doll

Piper Doll launched two new TPE sex dolls this week, namely the Krystal-Piper doll with big buttocks and the Asian sex doll Amber-Piper doll; Krystal's face is very distinctive, and her blonde hair and blue eyes are very in line with European aesthetics. The most worth mentioning is her soft and elastic big butt, and her hot and sexy body makes you want to be more intimate with her. The Asian sex doll, Amber, did not lose at all. Her eye-catching reddish-brown hair is cool, and her height of 150cm is petite and pleasant. You can pick her up by the waist and enter, which is also a very exciting pose!


ZELEX updated two sets of pictures this week, two sets of full silicone and one set of TPE body with a silicone head, these three sets are mouth-opening versions, which can provide more outlets for your desires and ensure safety. All silicone and TPE materials make your doll softer, and you can experience real-life skin touch during the whole sex process.


WM launched three new sex dolls this week, namely the Asian sex doll Essie with a height of 159cm, the young sex doll Lilita with a height of 164cm, and the slim sex doll Leidy. All sex dolls are made of high-quality silicone or TPE material, both in appearance and touch are very realistic, the slim body curve is exposed, and you can try to have sex with the dolls in different scenes, and you will gain more different sex experiences!


SE launched a new big-breasted sex doll this week, with long brown hair and full of femininity. The design of big breasts can make her more sexy and enchanting, and the slender waist and exquisite makeup are irresistible. Be bold and take her home!

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss has new additions this week: silicone active jaw, heating, suction posters, and video materials, providing you with more sex materials. Silicone movable jaw and heating function can release your libido to the greatest extent, This kind of outlet is more attractive, come on! You can freely and quickly switch more poses to ensure you have more amazing discoveries and feelings!

This week's news has been summed up, and there is still a lot to watch. Each brand has released and upgraded more doll functions on the basis of the original, and also brought you more different choices, look forward to it! See you next week!

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